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Strategic Online Marketing Plan Template


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Strategic Online Marketing Plan Template

  1. 1. Strategic Online Marketing Plan A business template from Copyright 2010, Heardable, Inc. 1-888-520-0034
  2. 2. Customer is at the center Objectives Goals Strategies Tactics 2
  3. 3. Strategic online marketing plan Today's date Objectives Goals Strategies Tactics
  4. 4. Become a business success story Build an effective online brand Grow customer base 100k website visits /mo 200 paid customers /mo Heardable Score >580 1,000 inbound links 10k Twitter followers Optimize website Embrace publishing Launch paid advertising ID pitfalls & opportunities Hire SEO consultant Multivariate testing Usability testing Optimize for mobile Hire social media mngr 20+ blog posts each mo Syndicate w/ RSS & API YouTube/FB channels SEM buys on Google Affiliate program Social search campaigns Test mobile ads Subscribe to Heardable Implement tracking code Daily data briefings Performance based bonuses Strategic online marketing plan (sample) 11/1/10 Objectives Goals Strategies Tactics
  5. 5. Our Services & Expertise 1. Online marketing strategy 2. Brand story, value proposition & positioning 3. Brand performance analysis & optimization 4. Competitive assessments 5. Social networking & social search 6. Seminars & workshops 7. Industry reports & analysis 5
  6. 6. Our Team Our CEO, Jon Samsel, was the founder and managing director of and has 20 years experience working as a senior online marketing executive for top brands like Bank of America, Countrywide, and Ford. Our Director, John Sharp, previously raised $125M in equity investment. He started Deal,, and is the former CEO of Authentium, a software-as-a-service company Our marketing strategist, Gunther Sonnenfeld, is a brand consultant and social technologist with 15 years of Fortune 500 and global non- profit experience, including brands such as Skype, Toyota and Adobe. 6
  7. 7. measure your brand effectiveness online 1-888-520-0034 | 15456 Ventura Blvd., Suite 201, Los Angeles, CA 91403 7