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Hormonal Weight Loss Supplements: End to Your Weight Loss Battles?


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Can't lose weight? The problem may be your hormones. So, can hormonal weight loss supplements help? The truth about hormone health and weight loss.

Hormonal Weight Loss Supplements: End to Your Weight Loss Battles?

  1. 1. Hormonal Weight Loss Supplements The Key to Finally Winning the Weight Loss War?
  2. 2. Can't Lose Weight? • For some, diet and exercise just don’t seem work • If they do, the results do not last • Many people regain most of the lost weight within 1 year or less
  3. 3. What’s Missing? • Most weight loss programs commonly overlook one critical aspect, our hormones. • In this presentation we shall look at two hormones that have an important influence on fat storage in the body.
  4. 4. Hormonal weight loss supplements, including those for insulin or leptin, do not supply hormones directly. This should only be done under medical supervision. So, what do they actually do?
  5. 5. Hormonal weight loss supplements may help to boost your body’s own hormone producing capabilities, therefore maintaining or restoring natural balance.
  6. 6. Managing this can help make fat loss easier
  7. 7. Better still, it might help keep the weight off once lost, potentially ending the frustrating roller coaster weight-loss-weight-gain ride.
  8. 8. Insulin and Fat Loss • Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. • There is more to insulin and your health than just diabetes. • It plays an important role in weight management as well as muscle building and recovery from exercise.
  9. 9. Insulin Resistance • Due to years of eating processed carbs, our bodies are not able to effectively process carbs. • This condition is known as insulin resistance. • It can lead to fat storage as well as type 2 diabetes.
  10. 10. Insulin Sensitivity • Improving insulin sensitivity may help lower insulin resistance and therefore increase fat burning. • Many health experts advice exercise and change of diet for this. • For someone already struggling with weight, this may not be a very good option.
  11. 11. While a healthy diet and exercise are still a good thing and encouraged you may need a little extra help.
  12. 12. Insulin sensitivity supplements may aid in improving insulin sensitivity, which can help reduce resistance. When your body is sensitive to insulin, it produces less, which makes it easier to burn fat.
  13. 13. The result is potentially improved fat burning and weight loss success
  14. 14. However, there is another important hormone that has a bearing to body weight.
  15. 15. Leptin: The Obesity Hormone • Leptin is a hormone that plays an important role in appetite, hunger and metabolism. • This, along with another hormone known as ghrelin, has been linked to obesity and difficulty in losing weight.
  16. 16. Leptin is what tells your brain when your body is full. It can also make it extremely difficult you to lose weight when on a diet. How?
  17. 17. • When you go on a diet, your leptin levels fall. Your body can interpret this as starvation, thus try to hold on to fat. • Also, similar to insulin resistance, leptin resistance is a condition in which the body does not respond properly to leptin. It has been linked to many cases of obesity.
  18. 18. Leptin Supplements Leptin supplements should address both body leptin levels as well as leptin resistance.
  19. 19. For more information visit: Hormonal Weight Loss Supplements