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Personal Finance Basics - A Wake-Up Call

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Personal Finance Basics - A Wake-Up Call

  1. 1. Financial Wake-Up Call!!!> “Based on the Fin-Q results, only 1 out of 10 Filipino respondents is consciouslysaving up for retirement. The rest have some savings but don’t know if it will beenough. Others have no idea at all how much they need or have not startedplanning,” said Agustin Davalos, Citibank Philippines’ retail bank director.“If they lost their jobs tomorrow, or suddenly fall ill and cannot work, theirsavings would last only for nine weeks (about two months) before they run out ofmoney,” Davalos said. <Source:Philippine Daily Inquirer (2008-01-17) – Filipinos-have-low-financial-IQ-says-bank