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Best Spinal Treatment in Victoria - Healthy Spine and Care


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Healthy Spine and Care provides mobile physiology therapists, specialists and exercise physiologists in Victoria.If you have got a sports injury, do not worry, our sports physiotherapists have excellence and experience in treating injuries for all athletes of all age-groups. visit:

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Best Spinal Treatment in Victoria - Healthy Spine and Care

  1. 1. Are You Getting The Best Treatment For Your Back Pain? Best Back Pain and Spinal Physiotherapy Treatment in Melbourne, Victoria
  2. 2. We specialize in helping people overcome acute and chronic back pain. We help ease your pain and make sure your recovery is successful. We love treating backs and know we can help. What We Do?
  3. 3. Why Are We Here?  To present to you the latest thinking on back pain  To update you on the best evidence for the treatments available  To share with you what our physiotherapy service can offer  To give you a better understanding on how to help yourself  We work closely with you to prevent the problem coming back. Get started today and take back control!
  4. 4. Our Experienced Physiotherapist Will Diagnose Your Problem And Develop A Treatment Plan Contact us today to discuss your needs
  5. 5. Contact Us Today To Find Out More Or To Book An Appointment! Address: 427 Hampton Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3188 Phone: +61 401862632 Email: OR Web: