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Stomach Soothing
                                                                                        Complex: For cent...
Gentle Sleep
                  Complex: As an alterna-
                  tive to prescription or
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Shaklee Whats New Volume28 Issue9


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Shaklee What\'s New Newsletter September 2009

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Shaklee Whats New Volume28 Issue9

  1. 1. Volume 28 NURTURING HEALTH AND NATURE THROUGH SHAKLEE Issue 9 Shaklee’s Herbs Herbs are classified as plants valued History of Herbs system when antibiotics and unfamiliar foods threaten it. Having a for flavor, scent, or other qualities, and Cultures throughout the world have balance of healthy they have been used for thousands of years used herbs for various purposes, and bacteria has been shown for culinary, medicinal, and spiritual especially for their healing properties. There to boost the purposes. Although commonly thought to are hundreds of references to the use of body’s natural be leaves or stems, any portion of the plant herbs throughout history. Hippocrates, for defensive may be considered an “herb,” including example, may have prescribed willow tree capabilities, as leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, resin, root leaves to ward off fever. Salicin, used for its well as long-term bark, inner bark, berries, and other plant anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving colon health. parts. It is believed that some herbs have properties, was originally extracted from the #20639 healing and disease-reversing properties. white willow tree and today is synthetically produced to become the staple over-the- Alfalfa Complex: Alfalfa roots grow Herbs used for medicinal or healing counter drug known as aspirin. The use of deep into the ground and reach minerals purposes contain phytochemicals that medicinal herbs has also been quoted in that are unreachable to most other plants, affect the body in different ways, alleviat- ancient texts such as the Bible. making alfalfa known among the health ing a pain or an ailment. The phytochemi- community as the “father of all foods.” cals (beta-carotene is a common example) Shaklee Alfalfa Complex contains trace found in herbs are chemicals that occur Shaklee Herbs & Botanical continued on naturally in plants and may affect health. page 2 Products Optiflora Prebiotic: Shaklee’s Optiflora Prebiotic formula feeds the friendly bacteria to promote colon health. Optiflora Prebiotic is the first step in an unique two-part system that provides “food” for the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. The pleasant-tasting powder provides insulin, FOS, dietary fiber, and gamma tocopherol (a nutrient associ- ated with colon health). #20638 Optifloura Probiotic: Optifloura Probiotic Complex contains a triple-layer encapsulation that guarantees delivery of half a billion live, beneficial bacteria directly to the small intestines. The capsules include acidophilus and bifidus which help to balance the digestive
  2. 2. Stomach Soothing Complex: For centuries, the and hot flashes. Also included in herbs peppermint, ginger, the complex are soy isoflavones and anise, and fennel have been flaxseed lignans, which are used to calm upset stom- continued from page 1 currently being studied for their achs. Shaklee’s Stomach amounts of a heart, bone, and breast health Soothing Complex includes wide range of properties. The complex also all four blends to help even nutrients that have contains other beneficial herbs, the queasiest of motion been known for including Dong Quai Extract, Red sickness victims. The complex soothes the centuries for their Clover Extract, and Licorice stomach by using gentle, natural herbs to healing properties. Extract. #20645 eliminate queasiness and nausea. #20601 #20153 EZ-Gest: This crowd-pleasing formula Defend & Resist Complex: Defend & Glucose Regulation uses five different plant-based enzymes Resist Complex gives you the protection Complex: By regulating to optimize digestion of all the foods you you need with four clinically glucose levels and retaining love to eat, but avoid for everyone else’s proven immune-supporting normal blood sugar levels, sake, including dairy products, ingredients: echinacea, larch you can have more energy, gas-inducing vegetables, tree, black elderberry, and fewer food cravings, and better proteins, starchy carbohydrates, zinc. Each herb helps overall health. Shaklee’s Glucose and fats. Other digestive aids support, enhance, and Regulation Complex use animal-based enzymes, but promote a healthy immune contains a diverse set Shaklee EZ-Gest uses multi- response from the first tickle of nutrients to action, plant-based enzymes so to the last “a-choo!” #20613 naturally support you’re less bloated and gassy, and regulate Stress Relief and your body has an easier glucose metabo- Complex: This unique blend of herbs time digesting and absorbing lism. A key ingredient contains four natural the nutrients in your food. #20633 in the complex, Alpha ingredients to help reduce lipoic acid, helps cells Garlic Complex : Studies have shown the effects of stress to be more responsive that garlic helps to promote naturally without making to insulin so they are cardiovascular health by helping you feel drowsy. Some of able to get the energy maintain normal blood pressure the ingredients included they need. Vanadium, and cholesterol levels when are: L-theanine which chromium, magnesium and zinc used in conjunction with a aids in relaxation without help to balance blood sugar, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. drowsiness, and ashwa- preventing energy swings. Shaklee’s Garlic Complex also gandha to enhance the #20649 includes the beneficial herbs body‘s ability to adapt to rosemary and spearmint, which stress. The formula does not include Menopause Balance have antioxidant properties. Kava, which the FDA has Complex: This formula #20084 warned can damage the contains Black Cohosh liver. #20603 Extract, an herb which Herb-Lax: Shaklee‘s Herb-Lax is a has been clinically gentle, fast-acting and natural MoodLift Complex: proven to help relieve hot formula that helps encourage Shaklee‘s MoodLift flashes. The complex the body‘s natural cleans- Complex is comprised also includes phytoestro- ing process. The key of a unique blend of gens, compounds ingredient in Herb-Lax, complementary herbs, found in plants that senna leaf, has been used including St. John’s help ease meno- for thousands of years as a Wort, inositol, pausal natural laxative. Other Eleutherococcus senticosus, and green symptoms such herbs such as fennel, oats. The formula helps support feelings anise, and licorice root of well-being in as little as four to six complement the senna weeks. #20625 leaf in helping the body‘s Gentle Sleep Complex: As an alternative digestive process. to prescription or powerful sleep aids, #20144 continued on page 4
  3. 3. Gentle Sleep Complex: As an alterna- tive to prescription or Bacopa monnieri and vinpocetine, two powerful sleep aids, clinically proven ingredients that provide Shaklee‘s Gentle Sleep dietary support to enhance memory and Complex contains a cognitive function that have been used by reliever for complementary blend of cultures all over the world. In addition, overworked herbs that help to calm Memory Optimizer contains polygala, an joints. and promote restful herb traditionally used in China for brain Shaklee‘s Pain sleep. The blend includes health. The complementary blend of herbs Relief Complex valerian, chamomile and and natural compounds can help increase combines the passion flower, which for your ability to learn new information, pain-relieving centuries have been used to improve memory function properties of safely assist sleep. and stay sharp!#20675 Boswellia #20603 serrata Mental Acuity Plus: CorEnergy: Traditional with safflower extract to help Gingko biloba has been Chinese remedies you relieve discomfort caused found to improve including cordyceps by overexertion and promote alertness and awareness, (mushrooms), ginseng, comfortable joint movement after as well as mental clarity. and green tea are used in this exercise. #20667 Shaklee’s Mental Acuity energy-boosting formula to help you resist Plus includes ginkgo, Liver DTX Complex: fatigue, replenish energy and help encour- bilberry, hawthorn, and B Shaklee‘s Liver DTX age more efficient oxygen utilization. The vitamins to not only Complex delivers an natural formula is not a quick fix or a enhance memory and mental clarity, but unique blend of stressful stimulant, but uses herbs also to help lower homocystine levels for botanical herbs to and antioxidant phytonutri- cardiovascular health #20637 promote comprehen- ents to help you replenish and increase your energy sive liver health. The Joint Health Complex: levels naturally. #20632 liver is one of the Between your joints is a largest and most special material that is very Memory Optimizer: The important organs in the unique; it is more resilient, Shaklee exclusive formula body, processing the has less friction, and is a found in Memory toxins the body creates better shock absorber than Optimizer combines and consumes. Included in any other substance. This this formula are milk thistle seed special substance is known extract, dandelion and tumeric, all as cartilage. Scientists aren’t of which are known to help sure why cartilage breaks flush out toxins, down over time, but they do ward off free know how to support its natural renewal radicals, process. A study recently published in the and Journal of the American Medical Associa- support tion found that glucosamine (an amino liver sugar) aids in the formation and renewal of regen- cartilage. Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex eration. includes 1,500 mg of glucosamine to #20616 protect your cartilage against further damage while repairing previous damage. #20668 continued on Pain Relief Complex: For thousands of page 4 years, an herb known as Boswellia serrata has been used in India as a pain
  4. 4. continued from page 3 Carrot extract. A 30-day supply of Vivix delivers the equivalent amount of resvera- Herbs in trol found in 3,000 glasses of wine. In addition, the ingredi- Shaklee Products: ents found in Vivix are 10 times more powerful in slowing a key mechanism of aging than resveratrol alone. Shaklee Fiber Plan: Americans often #21000 Ginseng: energy, stress overlook their fiber intake, eating only half management of the recommended amount. A diet high Ginger: nausea, motion in fiber helps lower and maintain choles- terol levels. Shaklee Fiber Plan contains a sickness, lowering cholesterol proprietary blend of four natural, soluble Bilberry: vision improvement, fibers including psyllium seed husk, which digestion attaches to cholesterol and prevents its absorption. #20307 Black Cohosh: menopaussal symptoms Saw Palmetto Echinacea: colds and �lu, boosts immune system Complex: Shaklee‘s Flax seed: Omega 3 fatty acids, heart strength Saw Palmetto Com- plex includes a natural Garlic: antioxidant, heart disease blend of the finest Green tea: lower cholesterol, promote weight loss, �ight cancer standardized saw Milk thistle: strengthens liver, antioxidant palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed oil, and Saw Palmetto: enlarged prostate enriched sources of Senna: natural laxative beta-sitosterols, which Camomile calming, sleep have been found to support prostate health. #20607 Vivix: Shaklee’s newest breakthrough product aids in the fight against cellular aging. This revolutionary formula contains a powerful blend of resveratrol and herbs such as Elderberry extract and Purple What’s New! produced by What’s New. Newsletters may be ordered by calling toll free: (866) 987-0638 Fax: (707) 987-0638 Email: donna@whatsnewnewsletter.com or from the FRONTRUNNERS. (800) 237-5199 Email: info@thefrontrunners.com www.TheFrontrunners.com Electronic versions may be ordered at: http://www.WhatsNewNewsletter.com Note: This is not official company literature. It is from publicly available sources and is intended for your personal information. • Shaklee’s Herbs IN THIS ISSUE: RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED