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Mobilizing the International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges


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This plenary session took place during the Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit 2016. The recently released Okanagan Charter was developed by stakeholders from 45 countries to confront increasingly complex issues about health, well-being, sustainability of people and the planet. It outlines the unique role of higher education, an action framework and key principles for action. The purpose of the Charter is to guide and inspire action; generate dialogue and research; accelerate action on, off and between campuses; and mobilize international, cross-sector action for the integration of health in all policies and practices.

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Mobilizing the International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges

  1. 1. New International Charter
  2. 2.  Guide and inspire action  Generate dialogue and research  Accelerate action on, off and between campuses  Mobilize international, cross-sector action Purpose of the Charter
  3. 3. 1. Embed health into all aspects of campus culture, across administration, operations and academic mandates 2. Lead health promotion action and collaboration locally and globally Two Calls to Action
  4. 4. Call to Action #1: 1.1 Embed health in all campus policies 1.2 Create supportive campus environments 1.3 Generate thriving communities and a culture of well-being 1.4 Support personal development 1.5 Create or re-orient campus services Action Framework
  5. 5.  How have you used the new International Charter on your campus to date?  What successes or challenges have you faced or observed? Discussion
  6. 6. Next Steps:  Applying the call to action in practice on campuses  “Signing on” / “commitment” / “ratification” by post-secondary institutions  Endorsement by community organizations, government and associations Activation and Mobilization
  7. 7. Are you interested in joining a national committee to facilitate mobilization of the Charter? Write down your name and email address or leave your business card on the table by the podium