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Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project


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This session took place during plenary at the 2016 Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit in Vancouver, BC. The session explored, "What is culture? How do we raise consciousness of culture? How do we identify cultures around substance use in the campus context? In what ways does culture influence individual attitudes toward and patterns of substance use? How do we shift collective thinking and common practices in regard to substance use? Members of the CCSU community within HM|HC related with project support personnel about the journey of wrestling with such questions, issues that have been present, challenges that have been faced, approaches and processes that have been followed and lessons learned.

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Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project

  1. 1. What have we been learning? Additional names or info Changing the Culture of Substance Use on Campus
  2. 2. The CCSU project
  3. 3. CCSU is about learning together
  4. 4. CCSU is about supporting each other
  5. 5. CCSU is about relationships
  6. 6.  An HM|HC project funded by BC’s Ministry of Health, 2012ff.  Overall funding to CARBC & CMHA-BC  Intended to build local and collective capacity province-wide to collaboratively address substance use on campus in appropriate ways through sustainable mechanisms The CCSU project in short
  7. 7.  A community of practice with 11 campuses formally involved  Specific funds allocated responsively to campus CoPs after joint consultation and determination of needs and opportunities  For more, check the website The CCSU project in short
  8. 8. A focus on culture
  9. 9. The goal of a cultural approach is  Not primarily about selling individuals on any particular behavioural pattern (social marketing),  Nor primarily about controlling individual behaviour (policy and regulation),  But about building functional community in which all members have a voice and in which all members can pursue happy, healthy lives.
  10. 10. What have our campus colleagues found distinctive, different than expected,  when coming into, and  while working within the project? What is CCSU about?
  11. 11. What does a cultural approach to substance use look for, and what sorts of things might it go about doing in addressing substance use on campus? What does the approach look like?
  12. 12. What have been the greatest challenges and encouragements  in being part of CCSU, and  in pursuing a CCSU initiative on your campus? How has it gone so far?
  13. 13. What questions do you want to ask us,  about the project and,  about its endeavor? Summit participants
  14. 14. Questions?