Natural Cleansing Diet-detox your body


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Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if you're interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out:

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Natural Cleansing Diet-detox your body

  1. 1. ==== ====Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if youre interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out: ====Having a healthy cleansing diet once in a while is important for out bodies to eliminate toxins andharmful substances that we get from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the pollutants fromour environment. These toxins often lead us to sluggishness or lack of energy, frequentheadaches, digestive problems, body aches and pain as well as allergies.With a healthy cleansing diet, we can restore vigor, health and energy to our bodies and of course,it helps build our immune system too. To be able to perform a healthy cleansing, you have toeliminate the sources of toxins and then flush the existing toxins in your body. With this, thus youhave to understand where these toxins come from.Toxins most often come from the food we eat. These days when everything seems to be fast-paced, and we prefer convenience, we usually opt for processed foods and fast foods. Even themeat and dairy products we buy at big supermarkets may even come from birds and animals thathave been injected with hormones or chemicals to boost their growth processes, and thus, takingthem in our bodies as we eat them.In a healthy cleansing diet, it is important to avoid these sources of toxins and switch to fiber-richvegetables and fruits for a couple of days to a week. You dont have to starve though. Althoughyou may avoid meat, dairy products, fast foods and processed foods and drinks, you dont have togo into starvation, as this can also be dangerous and deadly, of course.It is important to choose organically grown vegetables and fruits too as these are free fromchemicals, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. If you cannot find organic vegetables in your area,you can use those in the supermarkets but make sure you clean them very thoroughly beforeeating them, especially that vegetables used for your cleansing diet are often raw or only lightlysteamed.Among the common grains, vegetables and fruits that are good for your cleansing diet includesapples, especially if eaten with the skin on, raspberries, blackberries, prunes, papayas, pears, figs,cherries, apricots and strawberries. These fruits are rich in fiber which act as natural cleansers ofthe body especially the intestines.The green and leafy vegetables are also great for cleansing, although during your cleansingprocess, it is important to have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. When it comes tovegetables, variety is a key. Lemon juice and honey in warm water is also great to take duringmornings to help you move your bowels.Although you will be avoiding a few foods in your diet, you dont have to starve yourself. Eat when
  2. 2. you are hungry.It is important that when you intend to do your cleansing, you have to do it gradually. Give yourselftime to adjust. After your cleansing, go back to your normal diet gradually as well.A healthy cleansing diet is more like being a vegetarian for three days or so. Others would make itinto a week though. By being a vegetarian for a couple of days or so, you can be able to helpyour body eliminate those toxins and regain back a fresher, healthier body. If you can add regularexercise with it, the better your cleansing would be.Carolyn Anderson is an advocate of healthy living. For a guide to help you with your healthycleansing diet, check out Genie Cleanse Diet. Also check out Eat Weight Off, a fat loss guide tohelp you get back to shape.Article Source: ====Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if youre interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out: ====