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Healthy Cleansing Diet - Foods That Help Detoxify Your Body


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Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if you're interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out:

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Healthy Cleansing Diet - Foods That Help Detoxify Your Body

  1. 1. ==== ====Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if youre interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out: ====By eating certain foods, you can create a natural cleansing diet. Cleansing your body has manybenefits including better health, more energy, possible weight loss, better sleep at night, happiermoods, and a clearer mind, which is a less stressed mind.Eating junk and processed foods, and too much food inhibits digestion. Digestion affectsmetabolism - if your digestion is poor, so is your metabolism. This creates an environment in whichwaste can build up. By eating a naturally cleansing diet, you keep your bodys processes strongand create an environment that will digest food, assimilate nutrients and efficiently eliminatewaste.Start your morning with a slightly warm glass of water with fresh lemon or lime squeezed into it. Ifyou can create the time, sit for about 5 minutes. This fresh lemon juice helps to stimulate yourlymphatic system because it is anti-septic, can stimulate the liver, and dissolve uric acid. Also,when added to warm water, it can stimulate the bowels.For breakfast, have 2 pieces of fresh, organic fruit. Fruit is a natural detoxifier and full of freshvitamin water that we call juice. Many fruits are high in vitamin C, one of the most powerfulantioxidants.If you prefer protein in the morning, wait about 10 minutes after your fruit and have one or twohigh-Omega 3 eggs (organic if possible). Protein helps to strengthen your liver for detoxificationand fat burning. The Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that when taken regularly, assists thebodys detoxification process, helps brain function and assists in weight loss. Add tomatoes and asmall amount of spinach to turn your meal in to a cleansing, fat burning breakfast.Keep your diet naturally cleansing by having fresh, green salad with a light, non-dairy dressing forlunch. Your digestive enzymes are at their highest now, so by eating a salad you will stimulate iteven more. By eating this salad every day, your body will create the strong enzymes every dayresulting in stronger digestion. By keeping your digestion strong, your body will naturally cleansewaste as it continues to break down old buildup after food is digested.Turn your lunch into a fat burning, cleansing lunch by adding a low-fat protein source such as leanchicken, turkey, fish, or beef. For vegetarians, add sprouts, beans or nuts. Be sure the portion isno more than the size of your palm to ensure your body is able to digest it all.Keep your energy up with a cleansing snack later in the afternoon. Now is a good time to haveyogurt (no sugar). Be sure to check the label for the good bacteria - it may be labeled as live activecultures. These good bacteria strengthen digestion and strengthen the immune system.
  2. 2. For dinner, have steamed veggies with a small portion of lean protein. By eating light your bodywill be able to digest all the food easily. This leaves room for your natural cleansing processes tokeep working through the evening while not leaving undigested food from overeating.Start your whole body cleanse now and learn how to cleanse for complete health.Article Source: ====Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if youre interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out: ====