Health Care Sales Training: Sample Coursework


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Check out Chapters 1 & 2 of our Overview of the Medical Landscape course to get a sample of the quality of information and instruction offered by <a>Cardiac & Technical Sales Training Institute</a>.

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Health Care Sales Training: Sample Coursework

  1. 1. An■Overview■of■the■Medical landscape INT 100
  2. 2. Introduction W elcome to the Cardiac & Technology Sales Training Institute. This module, An Overview of the Medical Landscape (INT 100), provides an introduction into the world of Healthcare. In order to sell products and services effectively into this market, you need to have a firm understanding of who the key players are and who your eventual customers will be. You will need to be familiar with the system in which they operate and also be aware of what external forces are shaping the marketplace and driving policy that will affect the way you will sell both now and into the future. In the pages that follow you will learn all about your most influential future customers; physicians and other healthcare providers (HCP). You will become familiar with the training necessary to become a physician, the rigors of the process and the situations that influence their thinking and behavior. You will learn about how physicians work and the differences in their specialties, practice settings and employment models. You will also learn how information technology (IT) is changing the landscape of American medicine and how new and existing laws are shaping its delivery. This module was designed in such a way as to provide you with both factual information that you can have as reference material and also with a template format that you can use to build powerful profiles of your customers in the future. At the end of each section there will be highlighted review topics that can be discussed with your instructor during each scheduled teleconference. There will also be sample questions to augment your review and understanding of the material. As you study keep in mind that people prefer buy from those they know, like and trust and that the relationships you develop with your customers now will lay the foundation for your success with that customer and that account far into the future. Selling is a relationship- oriented profession and successful sales representatives know that relationships grow from shared experiences. The best way to build a relationship with your customers is to learn about them so you can understand and appreciate what they do, how they do it and why they do it. Knowledge is power and knowing these things will bring you closer to your customers and to your own success. It’s time to enter the exciting world of sales. Enjoy!2
  3. 3. Chapter 1Physician Training Contents ■■Becoming a Physician ■■ Day in the Life of A Your Customer ■■Other Personnel You May Encounter
  4. 4. Becoming a Physician T he process of becoming a stethoscope or perhaps wearing overtly (words, actions, reputation, prestige and respect throughout physician is rigorous and scrubs and the image is set for life. etc.). the world. challenging. Depending on what type of physician a person Images can have a powerful effect Often a person’s image mirrors While many people seek financial chooses to be the process can on both children and adults. In their behavior. Successful sales reward as a means toward take more than ten years from the sales profession the image people learn to recognize these professional satisfaction, many do start to finish. It is therefore you present to your customers parallels and form powerful mental not and it is valuable as a sales safe to say that physicians are will be a key factor in how your databases of their customers. professional to know one from highly motivated, self-directed relationship evolves. Images are Remember, the more you know another. You may wonder why and goal-oriented people. These created through both word and about your customers, the easier this is so. The answer is this, there qualities are essential for their action and reinforced over time. it is to develop messages that are times when you will be selling success throughout their lives. Images can be both subtle and resonate with them. products and services that, when As you will learn, self-directed obvious. Successful sales people compared to your competition, insure that the image they present Tradition is another key reason why are either much higher or much and goal-oriented people exhibit is professional and they work a person becomes a physician. lower priced. Believe it or not, the very definable characteristics. tirelessly to maintain it. Sales is a The medical field is steeped in cost of your products or services Recognizing these and other relationship-oriented profession. tradition that many characteristics in your customers That is why a good reputation is find fascinating, will better enable you to craft critical for success. compelling and winning sales messages in the attractive. They often future. Successful sales people are wish to be a part of The desire to become a physician also able to interpret the images something greater often begins in childhood. presented by others and use that than themselves or be Children may think that being a information in their relationship a part of profession doctor is cool as there are many building. As you study this material that offers more than role models on television and in try and think of different people monetary rewards. the media for them to relate to. you know and how their images Many come from Many times one or both parents differ from one another. Think families with a long was a physician as well. This can of images that people present line of physicians Images can have a powerful have a big influence on deciding that make you feel comfortable and they want to be effect on both children on a future career choice. Growing and those that drive you away. included. Pride in their and adults. In the sales Remember too that images may profession is another up with a family member in the profession the image you be invoked subtly (body language, reason people enter field is often the first exposure that present to your customers future physicians have with their mannerisms, clothing, hair cut, medicine. Being a will be a key factor in how profession. They see their mom tattoos, jewelry, etc.) or more physician still carries your relationship evolves. and/or dad with a white coat and with it a fair amount of6 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 7
  5. 5. can have profound impressions on form of predictive analytics that a good college. Then they must do working, driven, detail-oriented your customers and significantly teaches the practitioner to look well there in order to land a seat in and self-starters. Terms like, affect their decision to purchase beyond the fact that someone HAS medical school. Once in medical control freak, gung-ho, hot shot, from you or not. purchased something to instead school the competition continues or other labels are often used to understand WHY the purchase because the higher achieving describe them by their Some people will only buy the best, took place. As a sales person, students get selected for the better colleagues and peers. The sometimes even if they really can’t once you understand why a residencies and fellowship slots. sales benefit in dealing The sales benefit afford to do so because they like person purchases something you And then after all the training has with very competitive in dealing with the aura that they feel is generated very competitive can then leverage that information been completed, the competition customers is that specific customers is that around them because of it. The to predict future behavior. moves to the community setting messages can be tailored specific messages Spend a lot so folks think you have where physicians must compete to this personality type. can be tailored to a lot mentality is not as unusual as Successful sales people look to with their peers for patients and this personality type. you may think. And being able to develop strong relationships with staff positions with employers The entry requirements for recognize these buyers from more their customers. One of the ways such as hospitals and clinics. medical school are difficult. cost-conscious consumers is a this happens is by recognizing the Generally a bachelor’s degree is vital skill to develop. things that cause your customers A competitive nature is inherent expected but some schools will pain and then crafting solutions in all physicians and in successful accept students without a formal Because of the changes in to alleviate that pain. Professional sales people too. For many undergraduate degree if they have healthcare nowadays, many dissatisfaction is a clear source physicians that characteristic has met all of the other requirements. physicians are experiencing of pain for many physicians these been elevated to the highest level There is generally no specific major professional dissatisfaction days. Think about things in your and it permeates many of their to better prepare a student for for a variety of reasons. own life that caused you to have decisions in life, including behavior medical school because, as noted Reimbursements are down, professional dissatisfaction. Then and purchasing decisions. As above, everyone must complete independence and autonomy think of what it would take to a sales person recognizing that certain core classes to even apply. are threatened, family time alleviate that discomfort. Learning competitiveness drives behavior Medical schools look to have is decreasing. In situations to understand your customer’s is essential. Think about those a well diversified student body like this, many physicians still pain is essential for sales success. you know that you would consider so most undergraduate majors cling to tradition and pride as Throughout your sales career you to be highly competitive people are given equal consideration. Pyrametrics means of personal support and will be reminded of this frequently. (including yourself). Can you Extracurricular activities like A form of predictive encouragement. Understanding identify similar behavior patterns sports, clubs, additional MCAT analytics that teaches the emotions and what drives people Once someone decides to become in each of them? It is a good bet languages, volunteer work and practitioner to look beyond to do what they do is a key element a physician the road to completion The Medical College that you can. research are all looked favorably the fact that someone HAS Acceptance Test (MCAT) is for sales success. is difficult. Competition begins in the acceptance process as are purchased something to required prior to applying in high school and it continues Competitive people like to know signs of leadership potential. instead understand WHY to medical school. It tests One of the key elements of throughout a physician’s career. what others are doing. They follow the purchase took place. general knowledge in this training course that will It is generally accepted that a the news, industry statistics, All students are required to take certain topics as well as introduced as you go along is the student must do well in high performance indicators and other the Medical College Acceptance writing and comprehension. specific sales methodology called, school so they can secure a spot in metrics. They are often hard Test (MCAT) prior to applying to PYRAMETRICS. Pyrametrics is a8 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 9
  6. 6. medical school. This exam can Following graduation the newly they are generally referred to as gastroenterology, hematology, be a significant source of stress minted physicians then must specialists. neurology, ophthalmology, for the aspiring student as it is continue their training in whatever oncology, pathology, psychiatry, often heavily weighted in specialty they have Today’s physicians are generally radiology, radiation oncology and the application process. Residency chosen. This next classified as either primary care surgery. Within the specialty ranks The MCAT tests general step is called a or specialists. You may also hear some physicians continue with A specific period of knowledge in certain topics residency. In the about sub-specialists too. Primary additional training to focus a one training following as well as writing and medical school past graduates care includes family practice, specific area. They are considered comprehension. where physicians get were required to internal medicine, pediatrics sub-specialists. An example is specific training in the do a formalized and sometimes obstetrics an electrophysiologist. They are The medical school field of their choice. internship however, gynecology (OB-GYN). cardiologists who have studied curriculum is four years. with the exception Specialists include allergy and further and work specifically with The first two years include of some military immunology, cardiology, critical heart rhythm problems. There are primarily classroom-based type programs, internship now simply care, dermatology, emergency other examples too. education. Students go to classes, refers to the first year of a medicine, endocrinology, listen to lectures, take notes and residency. have tests. In the final two years Typical Track to Becoming a Physician students rotate through supervised Residency programs can be from clerkships where they function as three to seven years (or longer) members of the clinical teams, depending on the field of study. Undergraduate Education taking call, working with patients, Residencies are generally very (4 Years) assisting with procedures, etc. demanding as it is during these Many have likened this part of the years that the physician actually Medical School Obtain Doctor of Medicine (MD) or  curriculum to an apprenticeship. learns the skills necessary to (4 Years) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) function. Hours can be long (often Primary Care Physician Medical schools are separated 100/week) and the workload Family Medicine into two specific types; allopathic grueling. Many television shows Internal Medicine Residency General Surgery and osteopathic. Upon graduation and movies have depicted the (3-7 Years) Neurology Specialist Physician Emergency Medicine allopathic schools grant the degree lives of physicians during these Cardiology Pediatrics of Doctor of Medicine or “MD”. years. Surgical Specialties Psychiatry GI Opthamology Osteopathic schools grant the Fellowship Programs Hematology/Oncology Radiology degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Following residency some Pulmonology (Optional; 1+ years) Ob-Gyn Fellowship Allergy Medicine or “DO”. In today’s physicians go on to additional Rheumatology A specific period of training practice environment there is very training as specialists. These Radiation Oncology Genetics following residency where little distinction among the degree programs are called fellowships. Further Training Sub-Specialist physicians get additional types. As a sales professional Fellowships are one or more years (Optional) Physician training in a specific field you will encounter both types in long depending on the type. Once of interest (cardiology, throughout your career. a physician completes a fellowship gastroenterology, etc.).10 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 11
  7. 7. For sales people it is important to know the types of physicians that you will be calling on for several reasons #1 There are unique psychiatry, pediatrics and internal charge) physician. Eventually as you can leverage to craft winning personality types medicine. the resident acquires enough skill messages. specific to the #2 to be more independent they are specialties. Surgery is very a procedurally There are very defined given more freedom. But that based field and as such attracts feelings toward sales freedom takes time to acquire as This is clearly true because as people in medicine. a very specific individual type. patients can be quite sick and with any career field, certain types Many people refer to the Surgical the procedures challenging and of people gravitate to As a sales professional calling on Mindset as away to complicated to master. Many certain types of work. customers in the healthcare sector describe the surgical times decisions need to be made Medicine is no different. Surgical Mindset it is necessary to realize that there personality. There quickly and residents need to be It is often convenient and A term used to describe are very defined feelings toward are many different adept at quick decision making. generally accurate to the personality type of a your profession. Physicians, in types of surgeons Furthermore, surgery is generally characterize physicians surgeon. general, seem to be quite polarized (with neurological, not a “touchy feely” specialty. as either patient focused on the issues of sales people; they cardiothoracic and orthopedic as Expectations are high and as or procedure focused. This either love you or have no desire the most recognizable) in practice the stakes are high as well, the differentiation is not to suggest that to associate with you at all. today so making sweeping tolerance for error is quite low. all physicians are not interested generalities about their collective Residents develop a thick skin You may wonder why that is. in patients, because they clearly personalities is unwise. However, quickly or they generally do not Physicians can be quite idealistic, are. But some areas of medicine there are clearly personality types succeed. This type of perspective especially the younger, less are more heavily involved with that are drawn to the field and is often carried forward into experienced ones. All through procedures than others. Physicians with each personality type there the clinics and evident in their training the focus is on patient care who enjoy more involved, lengthy are consistent characteristics that relationships with sales people. If (where it clearly should be) and and traditional relationships with as sales people it is essential to a physician has little time to spend there is little if any attention paid patients choose one route where recognize. with one of their trainees, they are to the business side of medicine. others who enjoy more hands-on, certainly not going to have a lot of As a result many physicians, (and tactile process choose another. All residencies and fellowships are time to spend with you. you should focus on learning Specialties that are heavily difficult to begin with but surgical which ones), will display a procedure based include surgery, training is especially so. Hours Other specialties have their outward disdain for money, profit cardiology, gastroenterology, are very long and the pressures of own unique characteristics and or the financial necessities of a radiology, emergency medicine, learning surgical techniques are as a you spend time with your successful medical practice. They ophthalmology and radiation great. Much training time is spent customers you will learn to identify will instead extol the virtues of oncology. Less procedurally based in the operating room watching those specific characteristics that patient care above all else. fields include family practice, and assisting the attending (in12 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 13
  8. 8. However as you gain experience The Pharmaceutical industry to be equal parts advisor, These conferences can be quite you will learn very quickly that itself has come under significant entrepreneur and psychologist. brutal and contentious with the most of this attitude is a facade; scrutiny over the years and as a Training yourself to recognize presenting physician forced to #3 a physician’s own sales pitch as it result many physicians look upon then categorize your defend their actions against intense were. It does not take long being it with a jaundiced eye. There customers based scrutiny. This process begins in around physicians to see that their is the perception by some that on their personality medical school and continues financial desires are quite well Big Pharma gouges the public type, ideals and feelings toward throughout a physician’s career. In developed. Furthermore, many with high drug prices, exorbitant your industry is a necessary skill addition to fostering better patient are now learning that medicine is a executive compensation and for success. care, the frequent meetings business just like all others and this less that forthright business (and the atmosphere in general) Physicians are very independent revelation is very unsettling. As this practice. While there are certainly instills in most physicians a very minded. new reality takes hold, you as sales examples of suspicious behavior strong sense of personal pride, professionals may see a warming in any industry, pharmaceutical commitment and reinforcement Physicians by nature and training to your services; especially if you companies provide tremendous of their own actions. It therefore are quite independent minded, can offer solutions to many of benefits to patients all over the becomes quite difficult in many often resisting anyone looking their growing financial worries. world as their products are a cases to get physicians to do to drive their behavior or change necessary part of any physician’s things they don’t want to do. their minds. Why is this, you might The sales profession too has had armamentarium. Pharmaceutical ask? it’s share of controversy. Many companies too recognize these If you, as sales professional, people cannot see characterizations approach physicians with the Physician training demands or appreciate the occur and are trying obvious and overt desire to To many people sales that they not only formulate difference between very hard to dispel change their behavior, chances is simply a suspicious appropriate treatment plans but a slick, used-car business and they are not any misperceptions. are you will not be successful. also be prepared to defend them salesman and a receptive. The only antidote They are also Understanding this against, what can be, very vocal professional sales to this type of perception subjected to very attribute of physician If you, as sales professional, opposition in some cases. A advisor that works is through a sustained, behavior and why is approach physicians with the stringent regulations recurring part of any physician’s with their clients to dedicated and unwavering it the way it is, will obvious and overt desire to on how they can training is the M M Conference. commitment to being change their behavior, chances provide top-quality market and sell their better prepare you for professional at all times. M M stands for morbidity are you will not be successful. solutions. To many products. success in the future. mortality. It is at these conferences people sales is where physicians present to their simply a suspicious business and In the end, you as a sales peers difficult cases where their they are not receptive. The only professional will learn to recognize patient outcomes may have been antidote to this type of perception certain characteristics in your less than optimal for whatever is through a sustained, dedicated customers and craft messages reason. and unwavering commitment to accordingly. Sales is a unique field being professional at all times. in that it requires its participants14 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 15
  9. 9. A Day in the Life of Your Customer If you are going to be calling on the day and so your best chance is not unusual for representatives Clearly it is not illegal for a nurse physicians and other healthcare for an encounter is to schedule to wait fifteen to thirty minutes for to give you a copy of a physician’s Knowing when and at which hospital your customers professionals then it is very something beforehand; usually someone to provide a signature. schedule. And the fact that are working will take some important that you understand ten to fifteen minutes either at the Also, because they are never someone is doing that for you effort and persistence but their day. Remember, the key beginning or the end of the day. sure about the circumstances of means that you have reached a expending the energy to do to being a successful sales This can normally be accomplished the encounter, crafting effective high level of customer intimacy it will be beneficial. professional is developing long- though their personal nurse or the messages beforehand can be with that individual. That is clearly term relationships with your practice’s administrative assistant. problematic. a positive. However, there is a risk customers. In most cases those associated with this activity too. relationships will take time to Many pharmaceutical sales Physicians also spend a great If the physician disapproves of foster; they will grow from small, people make their customer deal of time in the hospital. Some their schedule being handed out frequent and beneficial encounters contacts informally though physicians limit their participation to non-medical people (and many over an extended period of time. chance encounters with to one hospital while most others do) knowing that you have it may A fundamental part of developing will work at several. Knowing negatively impact your standing Sample Closet these relationships is planning when and at which hospital your and also affect the person who what you will do at each encounter. The designated space in a physician’s office customers are working will take gave it to you. Therefore, in these Knowing when, where and for how where pharmaceutical samples are kept. some effort and persistence but situations the onus is for you to Most pharmaceutical sales representative expending the energy to do it will long each encounter is likely to always use common sense and engage with physicians there. take place will better prepare you be beneficial. In most cases a default to the most professional for success. physician’s schedule is published; behavior possible. physicians at the sample closet. however it may take some major A physician’s day (and night) can Most pharmaceutical companies effort on your part to get a copy. It Physicians spend time in the be very erratic. Generally though provide free samples of their is in times like these where having hospital for a variety of reasons; you will be meeting your physician products to physician’s offices as a good relationship with the nurses patient visits, performing customers in either the clinic or both a patient service and as a and staff is beneficial as they will and interpreting studies and making Rounds the hospital. The clinic is where means to promote what they sell. be able to provide these kind of administrative duties. Seeing The time when physicians visit their you probably have seen your own Each time samples are dropped perks to you. In other cases too patients in the hospital is called, individual patients in a hospital. physicians the most. This is the off at the office a provider must someone may give you a copy of Making Rounds. This is a term you This generally occurs in the early office setting where patients go for sign for the products. It is during the schedule and then ask you, will hear frequently and therefore morning and late in the day. their routine appointments, simple the quest for signatures that many “Please don’t tell the doc where you should be familiar with it. procedures and follow ups. pharmaceutical sales people you got this.” Situations like this Many specialists spend their actually see their customers. illustrate one of the many possible days doing procedures. These Clinic hours are variable but ethical dilemmas you could find procedures can be relatively generally run from 7 am until 5 This type of encounter is fine once yourself in as a sales person. simple (like a minor biopsy), or or 6 PM. The physician may be and a while but can also be quite quite complicated, (like an open in and out at different times of inefficient and time consuming. It heart surgery). Physicians will16 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 17
  10. 10. rarely, if ever, see representatives uncommon for the physician to cases their approval is necessary healthcare team however, and during these times unless your get paged every fifteen to twenty for most purchases that you in many cases they will play specific job is to sell or support the minutes, they also may be dealing will be responsible for. Nurses, an important role in the sales equipment they are using for the with emergencies and forced to medical assistants, therapists, process. As you move through study. In cases like that, you may travel between several hospitals. technologists and administrative this manual you will learn about all accompany the physician into the Consequently the following personnel are all a part of the the different people that you might procedure suite or operating room morning can be very hard. encounter as you ply your trade in and be there the entire time. this industry. Because the nature of illness Call is another activity that is that it often strikes without physicians, depending on their warning, physicians too have to Summary specialty, may do a lot of also and be prepared for abrupt changes It is important for sales people to understand the inner workings and Call their call schedule can have in their schedule and be receptive idiosyncrasies of the healthcare profession. Like most industries, healthcare an impact on your ability to to it. Therefore, if their day is in (Being on call) - the time is complex and challenging but with time and dedication the field can be interact with them. Being On constant flux, so too may your that physician is available mastered. It is also important to know how customers spend their days to accept new patients. Call means that a physician is appointment be with them. because unlike other industries, your clients may keep very unusual hours. available to receive patients. Understand then that whatever Sales success is built upon relationships and relations arise because people These patients may come meetings or planned activities that know, like and trust you. Taking the time to learn about your customers is from the emergency room, from you have are subject to change valuable for several reasons: their clinic or as referrals from at any moment and be prepared other physicians in the hospital for it. Scheduling time during a ■■ It demonstrates respect. or the community at large. While physician’s call schedule means ■■ It saves time. many physicians grumble about that your meeting is tentative ■■ It builds your confidence. this part of their job, it is also a at best and you should plan ■■ It affords you the knowledge to craft relevant messages primary means of obtaining new accordingly. Having a contingency that will resonate well. patients. plan for what to do if your customer is unavailable is important for Sales success is also about effective time management. Knowing as Call time is usually blocked on a success. You should not let much as you can about your customers will enable you to both prepare for physician’s schedule and may valuable sales time be wasted. engagements and maximize your time. There are only so many hours in the encompass and entire week, just day for you to connect with your customers. Always try and get the most the weekend or specific days and Other Personnel You May from every encounter. nights. Regardless of the timing, Encounter Call is generally very erratic, can As you work through this course you will be introduced to the SALEs Process be quite busy and usually very Physicians are certainly not the of Strategic Selling. The four parts of the SALEs Process are: SURVEY, demanding. When Call lasts only type of healthcare provider ALIGN, LEVERAGE EXTEND. What you have learned here will form the all through the night it is not that you will meet but in most basis of your understanding of the first part, SURVEY. Good luck.18 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 19
  11. 11. Terminology Review Call - (Being on call) - the time that physician is available to accept new patients. Pyram etrics - the innovative form of predictive analytics developed by Health Comm Strategies and taught at the Cardiac Technology Sales Training Institute, Cli n ic - (The physician is in the clinic) - refers to the office within a private practice which analyzes the reasons why purchases are made and then applies that setting. information to predict Hfuture behavior. Consu ltation - a formalized appointment with a physician, usually a specialist, to Relationsh ip - the nature of the bond established between the sales representative render an opinion on a particular part of the patient’s overall care. and the customer. Fellowsh ip - a specific period of training following residency where physicians get Residency - a specific period of training following medical school where physicians additional training in a specific field of interest (cardiology, gastroenterology, etc.). get specific training in the field of their choice. Goal-Ori ented - a specific type of personality characteristic where the individual Rou n ds - (making rounds) - the time when physicians visit their individual patients focuses significant effort on the thorough completion of tasks and chores. in a hospital. This generally occurs in the early morning and late in the day. H ealthcare - the specific industry that includes both the care and wellness of SALEs Process - the four-part strategic selling process developed by Health patients and the supporting infrastructure of products and services. Comm Strategies and taught at the Cardiac Technology Sales Training Institute, with stands for Survey, Align, Leverage Extend. H ealthcare Provider (HCP) - see Provider. Sample Closet - the designated space in a physician’s office where pharmaceutical I n formation Tech nology (IT) - the industry, including all products and samples are kept. Most pharmaceutical sales representative engage with physicians services, that deals with the acquisition, manipulation, storage and dissemination there. of information. Self-di rected - a specific type of personality characteristic where the individual I n pati ent - patients that are currently admitted to a hospital. functions without need for supervision or external encouragement/reinforcement. Office - (physician’s office) - see Clinic, where physicians see their routine patients Specialist - a type of physician who has completed extensive training in a certain for standard, non-emergent procedures, tests and/or consultations. area of the medical field (cardiology, neurology, etc.) Physician - (doctor) - normally the senior member of the healthcare team. A Strateg ic Selli ng - a type of sales behavior that focuses on solving customer graduate of medical school. problems versus simply offering products or services. Primary Care - a classification of physician type that generally includes, internal Su b-specialist - a type of physician that has completed specific training beyond that medicine, family practice, pediatrics and occasionally OB-GYN. of a specialist to focus exclusively on a select part of a specialty (electrophysiologist, surgical oncologist, etc.) Provider - a member of the healthcare team. Anyone who renders medical services to a patient. Most commonly considered to be a physician but could also be a nurse practitioner, nurse, physician’s assistant, etc.20 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 21
  12. 12. Review Questions You are a new pharmaceutical sales representative spending As you are leaving a physician’s office, you see one of your #1 #3 your first day making calls with your district manager. As you competitors removing a posted Call Sheet from a bulletin board drive down the street you pass a building with a large sign that near the break room. He sees you walking by, smiles and says, reads, ACME Cardiology Associates, Inc. Your manager looks “Jackpot. These are like gold. Do you want me to make you a over at you and says, “My neighbor is a cardiologist. How long copy?” You reply: do you think she had to go to school for that?” Although you have not called on any cardiologists you are able to respond: A) “Sure. There’s the machine. I’ll keep watch while you burn me off a copy.” A) “I’m sure once she graduated from medical school she was a cardiologist.” B) “Absolutely. I’ve been trying to meet these guys for weeks now.” B) “ Like other primary care physicians I’m sure she completed a residency C) “Yes. My manager expects us to have these.” in cardiology.” D) “No. Thank you, but I don’t have permission to have that yet.” C) “Can’t say for sure. There are several kinds of cardiologists including You are visiting a physician in her office when her pager #4 sub-specialists. You’d have to be more specific.” suddenly goes off. She looks down at the display and frowns. You sell information technology services and are calling on the “Sorry”, she says, “I’m on call now and it looks like we’ll have #2 administrator of a large medical practice. After introductions to reschedule.” In a situation like this a successful sale person are made your customer says to you, “OK Phil, what are you would: selling me today?” As an expert strategic salesman you respond in the following manner: A) Relax knowing that you have a tentative, back-up call arranged with another customer in 15 minutes. A) “Mr. Jones, we have several service options that may be beneficial to you. Here, let’s work through our latest catalogue.” B) Head to the pool and relax for the rest of the day. All the while thinking, “Hey, I tried”. B) “Mr. Jones, before we discuss specific services, can I ask you a few questions about your operation here?” C) Grumble miserably and wonder why these doctors are so darn rude. C) “I sent you a data sheet last week, Mr. Jones. Did you have a chance to D) Write off this account as unmanageable. review our services?” D) “I have just what you need right here.” 4) A 3) D 2) B 1) C Answers:22 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 23
  13. 13. Chapter 2The physician Practice(Clinic) Environment Contents ■■Office Structure■ Organization ■■ efining a Practice■ D Type ■■Practice Structure ■■Practice Locations ■■Covered Hospitals ■■Other Practitioners■ Staff ■■Staff Biographies■ Information ■■Understanding Management The■ Practice Administrator ■■On-site Testing■ Ancillary Services ■■Social Media
  14. 14. The Physician Practice (Clinic) Environment T he business of patient care customers in this setting can Other types, such as hospitalists; important to understand these is performed in two primary be also, particularly if you are physicians specializing in adult differences because accessibility, As a sales representative it is important to understand locations; the hospital and not familiar with the lay out as it medicine, and intensivists; those composition and purchasingInpatients these differences because the physician’s office. Patients is easy to feel intimidated in this who work primarily in the intensive decisions will vary accordingly. As accessibility, compositionPatients that are currently admitted being cared for in the hospital environment. care units, will be exclusively in with most businesses access to and purchasing decisionsand being seen in the hospital. are referred to as inpatients while the hospital also. The remainder the “back office” is restricted and will vary accordingly those being seen in the office As we discussed in the previous of physicians generally see therefore your first task as a salesOutpatients are referred to as outpatients section, physicians come in many outpatients in addition to their representative is to gain access. or clinic patients. shapes and sizes with the types work in the hospital. In subsequent Obviously you won’t be successfulA patient being seen in a clinic or Clinic is a term used Clinic of patients that they see and the sections we will define the different if you can get in the door.facility outside of a hospital. interchangeably with a kind of work they do a function of specialty types and what they Refers to the physician office. In the office within a their area of expertise. Depending do. Regardless of the specialty Unlike other office types pages that follow you private practice on their specialty some physicians however, most physician offices however, physician practices deal will be introduced to setting. will spend more time in the hospital are set up in a similar fashion. If specifically with confidential health the world of outpatient and less in the office (clinic) and you are to be calling on healthcare information and as such are strictly medicine. As a healthcare sales vice versa. customers, this is the place to regulated and tightly controlled. representative, it is almost a Radiologists, start. Legal issues in medicine will be Depending on their for example, covered in a separate section certainty that you will find yourself specialty some work almost but as a sales representative, in this environment at some Office Structure and physicians will point in your career. Successfully exclusively in the moment you enter the office, spend more time Organization navigating this particular space the hospital you must always keep in mind in the hospital and or in satellite Physicians the rules governing patient Solo-Practitioner is a skill that, like any other, takes less in the office imaging may be solo- Solo-Practitioner confidentiality. Patient time to acquire. (clinic) and vice A standard of behavior that versa. centers that practitioners confidentiality means that A physician practice setting mandates confidential patient By this time in your life you have resemble (in business where one provider works alone. you are required to keep in data or other information will most likely been to a physician’s the imaging alone) or as confidence any information not be shared except through office for one reason or another. departments of hospitals. members of a group (working that you may obtain during authorized channels and in You may have gone for routine Pathologists, physicians that with partners). Either way most your time in the office. Failure accordance with specific laws. check ups, as a follow up to a test concentrate on diagnosing physician practices are small to do could have very grave or procedure or to accompany a disease through the uses of businesses and organized similarly. consequences for you and others. family member or friend. Visiting specific laboratory tests, and As a sales representative it is Consider the following example: a physician is a very common emergency room physicians are activity. It is also a safe bet that similar, they rarely practice outside Group visiting your physician’s office of a hospital setting. A physician practice business model was unsettling, stressful or even in which two or more physicians work downright scary. Calling on together for the same establishment.26 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 27
  15. 15. (An illustrative story - set this off somehow on the next spread so it looks cool) Once upon a time there was a sales representative who was calling on a physician’s office where he had been doing business for many years. While walking through the waiting room he encountered a friend that he had not seen for some time. After a brief conversation the sales representative asked the office receptionist if she would take a picture of him and his buddy with his cell phone camera. She did so and then later that day the sales representative posted the picture on a social media site. Unbeknownst to the sales representative, another patient, whose image was caught in the background of the photograph saw the picture on the social media site also. Fearful that her association with this particular physician would endanger her standing at work she initiated legal action against both the physician’s office and the sales representative. In time the image was removed from the social media site but not before a financial settlement was reached with the office and the sales representative was fired.28 An Overview of the Medical Landscape Chapter 1: Placeholder Title 29