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Money is in business. If you engage in business, you have the opportunity to create great wealth as compared to an ordinary employee with a fixed salary. To an ordinary individual who lacks the expertise and money, owning a business may remain a dream come true. However, there is still hope for an ordinary individual to become a successful businessman or even a millionaire. Just be open minded to the business concept that we will present to you.

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  1. 1. Marketing Plan/Business Opportunity Presentation
  2. 2. Introduction Legal Documents Awards of Excellence How to join AIM Global What's inside the Global Package Marketing Plan: Ways to Earn Retail Sales Profit (RSP) Direct Referral Bonus (DRB) Matching Sales Bonus (MSB) Unilevel Sales Bonus (USB) Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission) Royalty Income Maximizing Income Potential How to start Your AIM Global Business Contents "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 Disclaimer: The information presented here is our team's effort that conforms with what AIM Global and speakers have provided us and is not in any way replace any official company presentations. All the descriptions and statements represent the company's products, marketing plan and services. AIM Global reserves the right to make further improvements and changes as it may deem appropriate.
  3. 3. Source:
  4. 4. Good morning! Thank you very much for visiting us. What you will encounter here is a very great opportunity. An opportunity to make an impact in your life and others too. Why is this great and how will it change your life? It teaches everyone how to do a great business because money is in business. Its time-tested and proven business concept can help you in your financial needs and wants. It also provides great benefits to everyone like a lifetime global business, high quality products with discounts, fast payout, travel incentives, etc. What’s great is that your effort of building or doing this business will not be wasted because your beneficiary can inherit it and continue to enjoy the benefits and earnings that you worked for in case something happens to you. Please go ahead to learn more about the business concept that AIM Global offers and how it will help you achieve your dreams.
  5. 5. Do you want to improve or make a change in your life? What’s your present status? What are your needs and wants in life? Were you able to achieve your dreams? Are you successful in your chosen field? Are you in good health? Do you have enough savings? How long will it last? Do you want to have a business but you don't have enough capital? Do you want to start a business so that when your body is unable to work or when your work contract ends, you will have a source of income? As an employee, how many years have you been working? Were you able to provide all your needs and that of your family like food, clothes, education, allowance, etc.?
  6. 6. As a medical practitioner or salesperson, may be you need effective health products that you can offer to your clients. If you are a business owner, vendor or self-employed, may be you want a business tie-up to increase your revenue and income. If you are an organization or group, you may need funds to support your advocacies. If you are well and have enough income, maybe you need more to increase your asset or extra money to help other people improve their lives or make something different in your life as a philanthropy. As a student or unemployed, you can help your parents by doing this business. What we offer you may be a solution to what you need or what you are looking for. Those who learned and did this business out earn their present income. This might be the avenue that will lead you to more success in your life. Please be open minded and look at what we offer you. What are your solutions if your present salary not enough to meet your needs and your family's increasing needs? If you have been working for 10, 15 or more years and still hardly meet your wants and needs or if you are tired of being hard up in life with your present income or situation, don’t you think it's time to look for an alternative source of income?
  7. 7. WHO WE ARE Allow us to present to you the business about Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global, creating wave globally and changing lives! -A multibillion dollar and award-winning direct selling and network marketing company doing business globally and improving lives of many people -Established in March 2006, SEC Registered (Securities and Exchange Commission) #CS200515546. We just celebrated our 8th year anniversary last May 16-18, 2014. -Top 1,072 company in the Philippines based on BIR ranking, surpassing other companies who established years ahead of us. -Proud member of MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association), CHIP (Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines), PCCI (Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry), PMA (Philippine Marketing Association), and PHILEXPORT (Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc) -Products approved by BFAD, USFDA, HALAL Muslim/Islam Dietary Law, KOSHER Jewish Dietary Law, HSA of Singapore, NAFDAC of Nigeria, Brunei Ministry of Health, KFDA of Korea, etc. Many testified that they got well and stay healthy using our products.
  8. 8. - Partnered with topnotch manufacturers in the world (Nature’s Way USA, DSM Netherlands, AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. Japan) to provide high quality products. - Main office temporarily located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines with over 100 business centers globally while our 20-storey corporate building on a 2,000 sqm lot is under construction as well as our own manufacturing plant. - With accredited business centers overseas like Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Nigeria, Ghana, Hawaii, UAE, Kuwait and established presence in South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Canada, Thailand, India, Saipan, USA, Switzerland, Ireland and more countries for global expansion - Created more than 1,000 millionaires all over the world with over 1,000,000 members worldwide to date and became the number ONE network marketing company in the Philippines after 8 years of existence and still going strong on it’s 9th year, surpassing competitors who established years ahead - Generated over 165 million USD or over 7 billion pesos gross sales - Gave over a billion peso compensation to its business partners/distributors globally What a tremendous success!
  9. 9. Our 20-Storey Corporate Center soon to rise
  10. 10. Founders of AIM GlobalFounders of AIM Global Dr. Edward "Ed" Cabantog President and CEO, Medical Doctor by profession Mr. Raymond "John" Asperin VP Marketing, PT by profession Engr. Francis Miguel VP for Finance, Engineer by profession. Although they have different backgrounds, they shared one commonality and that is “Health is wealth.” This is the reason why they established Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global. With their proven integrity and years of experience in the marketing industry, AIM Global becomes the undisputed company today.
  11. 11. Legalities
  12. 12. 2014 Awards 2013 Awards Previous Awards
  13. 13. Award Winning Company! 2013 Gold Seal Quality Awardee Dr. Ed Cabantog is 2013 Asian Business Leader Awardee of the year MLMIA 2013 Award Dr. Ed Cabantog is one of the 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 Asian Star Brand (Philippines) “Most Outstanding Food Supplement” Asian Business & Marketing Quality Awards "Most Outstanding Food Supplement“ Global Awards for Marketing Excellence "Most Outstanding Wellness Technology" Philippine Marketing Excellence Award “Most Outstanding Premium Herbal Capsule" Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards “Outstanding Global Marketing Company" Consumer's Choice Awardee Asia's Most Outstanding MLM Direct Sales Company Asia's Most Outstanding Nutraceutical Food Supplement Legal Company AIM Global has proper and legitimate business registrations like SEC, FDA, BIR, etc. It is recognized locally and internationally being a proud member of prestigious associations and also recognized by health departments of countries where it has business centers. With this alone, its legality is beyond question, local and international organizations or associations will not accept an illegal or scam company to be a member, marketing award giving bodies will not honor or give merits or awards to an illegal or spam company and above all, a president, vice president and other heads of one's country will not greet and congratulate an illegal company. No doubt, AIM Global is indeed doing business legally and reaping its success.
  14. 14. AIM Global shared its success and blessings. It has a foundation, ALIVE Foundation, dedicated to support charities and victims of calamities by conducting medical missions, relief goods operation and other outreach programs that could help alleviate lives. A Company with a HEART!
  15. 15. Alive Foundation Outreach Programs such as medical mission and relief goods operation to victims of calamites U$ 20,000.00 Donation from Nature’s Way to AIM Global Alive Foundation during our 7th year anniversary
  16. 16. Our Partners WORKING TOGETHER TO SERVE YOU MANUFACTURER SPRINGVILLE, UTAH U.S.A. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR ALL OVER THE WORLD MANUFACTURER Netherland MANUFACTURER Japan Allow us to introduce to you our partners. This partnership with leading manufacturers allows AIM Global to provide everyone with high quality great products that could benefit ones health. Again, people want to stay fit, healthy and live longer to enjoy whatever success and comfort they have earned in life after years of working. Find out how you can be protected from any type of disease and also some solutions to financial problems. Please see an overview of our products.
  17. 17. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY We took pride in doing this business on these premises: AIM Global provides stability, real- time on-time compensation or income (daily or weekly), proven and time-tested marketing plan, innovative, effective and high quality products and a lifetime business that can be transferred to our beneficiary like an inheritance.
  18. 18. Typical scenario when you are at the right age is to find for a job to sustain your needs and your family. How many years have you been working? Is your present salary enough to buy your needs, pay bills, and achieve your goals? What if your salary is not enough? Loan? Debt? Is this not another problem? Solution creating a new problem on how to pay. It becomes a vicious cycle. Find out how our marketing plan can help you earn the money that you needed to achieve your dreams.
  19. 19. Why we encourage you to have your own business? Everyone needs money. If you have money, you can buy your needs like foods, clothes, shelter, etc. You can pay your bills, send your children to school, provide their needs, go to places you want, etc. Money is in business. If you engage in business, you have the opportunity to create great wealth as compared to an ordinary employee with a fixed salary. How many years are you in your present job? Are you earning well or still hard up in achieving your needs or dreams and that of your family? Maybe your salary just slips on your hands and nothing is left for savings for future use or in times of emergencies. In every difficult situation, there is always a solution. AIM Global can help you solve your financial needs and wants by providing you a business with a proven and time-tested marketing concept. Those who did business the AIM Global way, after more or less a year, are now earning 100 times or more than what they received from their previous employer. Some are earning Php 50,000; Php 100,000 or more per week or per month which is far from their previous salary when they were employed, only earning Php 8,000 to Php 20,000 per month. Some were able to buy their own cars, buy their own house in cash, visit places, etc. They were able to achieve those in less than a year or more depending on how fast they did the business. What’s great is that, their earning increases month after month. If you are employed and your take home pay after all deductions is Php 10,000.00, it will take you at least 9 years to earn your first million if you continuously work. Here, at AIM Global, when you do the business, you can have your first million in less than a year, 1 or 2 years. Those who did this business 5 or 7 years ago are now top earners and continued to earn while they are asleep. Their life is different now. Some are earning half a million a month, have 2 or more cars, big houses, etc. You too can achieve what you desire in life through AIM Global in short time. The key here is join, focus and do the business.
  20. 20. Some ways to start your own business You can start your own traditional business from scratch. You need to consider the following: Careful planning, time, study, brainstorming to determine the right business based on your skills, prepare business plan, look for the best location, register to make it legal, do market research and survey, may be need importing and exporting, manufacturing, etc. depending on the nature of the business that you want to put up. In addition, you need to have excellent products and services to entice customers. Above all, you need enough capitalization and cash flow to keep your business alive and a feasible marketing plan. AIM Global had done all these for you. It has proven and time-tested business and marketing plan in place, it partnered with leading manufacturers to provide excellent products, it will do the importing of these products, it will do the warehousing, logistics, secretarial, accounting, etc. What you will do is to partner as a distributor and you can start your own business. Again, no worries on warehousing, secretarial work, importing, registrations, accounting, etc. AIM Global had done and will do all these for you. AIM Global is indeed a pro-distributor and always committed to help everyone who desires to do his/her own business.
  21. 21. Another way to start your own business is through franchising. You may opt to buy a franchise but most successful franchisers require you to pay exorbitant franchise fees from hundred thousands to millions. Example, McDonald’s requires about 35 million pesos investment as a franchisee. You cannot get your return of investment (ROI) immediately, maybe it will take you some months to years before you have your full ROI and start earning Php 24,000.00 per day. With AIM Global, you can start your own business with just Php 7,980.00 and have your own lifetime business with a potential daily income of Php 24,000.00 or more. What’s great is that, AIM Global puts value to your money plus great benefits, so nothing to lose. You can also start your own business with a small capital but expect the return to be small too or worse, you don’t even get your money’s worth. In addition, you need to have a superior or unique product that is needed by everyone in order to have repeat orders to keep your business grow. To an ordinary individual who lacks the expertise and money, owning a business may remain a dream come true. However, there is still hope to become a successful businessman or even a millionaire with just a small capital. Just be open minded to the business concept that we will present to you. You can do this business either as part time, online or offline at the comfort of your home using your cellphone or computer. If you happened to come across this presentation, may be it’s God will. You might need our products for your health or someone you know need our products or may be you want an income for you and your family. Please be open minded and see what our marketing plan offers you.
  22. 22. HOW TO START YOUR AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS First, you need a sponsor, the one who invited or introduced AIM Global products or business to you. If you happen to come across this presentation with no sponsor, I would be glad to assist you. You can reach me here: Mobile No: +63 999 191 2678 Email: Visit and add me at: Next, like in any business, you need a capital; however, with AIM Global, you get your money’s worth when you purchase the AIM Global Package. You can start with 1 account (1 Head), 3 accounts (3 Heads) or 7 accounts (7 Heads). The Global Package price and contents vary depending on the country where you stay. Please contact me or your sponsor for your global package. Please see also what’s included in the global package. When you avail the global package, you will become an independent distributor. Go over the products, marketing plan and attend or watch video trainings to enhance your knowledge so you can share the business to others. It’s like franchising yourself to others to do the business. As your group grows, your earning increases. Find out how you will do business the AIM Global way and how to earn in this business. What’s great is that no quota and no annual fees. One-time small investment with a chance to earn millions. Go Power with AIM!
  23. 23. Global Package – Your Key to Your Business Again, the content and price of the global package vary per country with business centers. What’s presented here is for the Philippines. If you are located outside the Philippines, please ask your sponsor about your country's global package. With only Php 7,980.00, you can start your own business as an independent distributor. You can choose from the 8 global packages.
  24. 24. What's inside the Global Package? Again, price and contents vary per country. For foreign nationals, please contact me for you Global Package. The global package presented here is for the Philippines & OFWs worth Php 7,980.00. What will you get in exchange of this amount? 1.PRODUCTS: You will get around Php 6,100.00 to Php 7,800.00 worth of health products. You can sell or use some. It would be best to use some because you can sell better if you tested it, you may be a model to your customers. There are a lot of testimonies about the effectiveness of our products. With this alone, you will get around 76% to 98% of your money. 2.BUSINESS KIT: You will have your start-up business kit with your marketing tools (folder & CD). Free video presentations are also available online. Your tool to succeed in your business. It also includes registration forms like ATM application form for ATM card for your income. 3.WEBPAGE: You will have your own webpage or online Distributor Tracking Center (DTC) which acts as your secretary, accountant and inventory. It will show you your group sales, your personal sales and of course your income. This is your own account in AIM Global’s computer system that monitors anytime/anywhere all your group’s successful sales transactions. 4.TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7. Enjoy the following great benefits when you buy this package which give more value to your money. With the benefits alone, you will get more than your money’s worth. 1.LIFETIME PRODUCT DISCOUNTS: You will get 25% up to 50% lifetime product discount on your product reorders which serves as your profit if you retail or your discount if you use the products. You will also enjoy great discount from CardioPulse Test to monitor your heart’s status and it vessels.
  25. 25. 2. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE for your protection while doing your business, up to Php 200,000.00; Medical Reimbursement up to Php 10,000.00; Php 50,000.00 unprovoked murder and assault; and Php 10,000.00 burial assistance. 3. FREE MEDICAL CHECKUP including complete physical examination (CPE), chest x-ray, CBC, urinalysis, dental and eye screening. This will cost you more than Php 2,000.00 but given free to new distributors. Enjoy also great discounts offered by affiliated clinics and hospitals on special diagnostic procedures or minor operations. 4. TRANSFERABLE SCHOLARSHIP CERTIFICATE with 10% to 100% discount on tuition fees in over 500 schools nationwide and 1 in Singapore (may be a gift to your love ones for them to finish a course). With this alone, you get more than your money’s worth. This certificate is not for one semester only but covers the entire course until you finish your chosen field of study, maybe a 2-year, 4-year or 5-year course. Imagine how much is your discount in the entire duration of the course. You can save Php 20,000 up to Php 120,000 or more depending on the course and school chosen. 5. LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE GLOBAL BUSINESS: Your beneficiary can inherit your business if something happens to you so your effort of building it will not be wasted. Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your OWN GLOBAL BUSINESS with six (6) major ways to earn through the AIM Global International Expansion Program. Your market is global if you have friends in other countries. FAST PAYOUT: Enjoy daily payout of your earnings if you are in the Philippines (through BDO) and weekly for International payouts (through ChinaTrust). TRAVEL INCENTIVES: Yearly Tour to Hongkong, Philippines, Asian Cruise, European Tour and US Tour to qualified distributors. A chance to have multiple US entry Visa. With all these, you have nothing to lose because you get more than the price of the package. With the scholarship certificate alone, it is more than enough especially if your child or the one using it gets a 4- or 5-year course. On top of all these, you will have a healthy body using our products and wealthy sharing the business. Some asked, “Are the benefits convertible to cash?” NO. These are benefits given to you FREE to use and enjoy them except the personal accident insurance if something happens to you, your beneficiary can claim it in cash. All these benefits, you will get for a low price of Php 7,980.00 only.
  26. 26. Products 200,000 Personal Accident Insurance 10,000 Medical Reimbursement / 10,000 Burial Assistance 50, 000 Unprovoked Murder Assault Discount of 25% on all products Scholarship Program ATM Card Free Web Page Business Kit Free Medical Checkup/ Laboratories GLOBAL PACKAGE P7,980.00 VALUE FOR MONEY!!! Again, with You’ll get:
  27. 27. How are you going to earn with AIM Global
  28. 28. Marketing Plan (Ways To Earn):ays To Earn): Retail Sales Profit (RSP)1 For instance: • 1 Blister box of C 24/7 Natura – Ceuticals1 Blister box of C 24/7 Natura – Ceuticals P 1,200 - SRPP 1,200 - SRP - P 900 - ( 25% Discount)- P 900 - ( 25% Discount) P 300P 300 - (Profit)- (Profit) • WHITE LIGHT Sublingual GlutathioneWHITE LIGHT Sublingual Glutathione P 1,900 - P 1,425 =P 1,900 - P 1,425 = P 475P 475 (Profit)(Profit) (SRP) (25%)(SRP) (25%) NO QUOTA! Of all marketing companies out there, we chose Alliance in Motion Global because of its great product and marketing plan. There are 6 major ways on how to earn. 1. Retailing or Direct Selling. Enjoy at least 25% outright profit up to 50% to all the products that you sell. Some people like selling, some prefer reffering or do both. What is great about this is that it has no quota to maintain. In addition, each product has its corresponding points (Repeat Binary Points, Commisional Points and Positional Points) which offer additional income for you.
  29. 29. Product Content DP: 25% Off SRP (Php) Profit Global Package Products + more 7,980.00 (Income) C24/7 30 V-Caps/blister box 900.00 1,200.00 300.00 Complete photo-energizer 30 V-Caps/blister box 844.00 1,125.00 281.00 RestorLyf Longevity Formula 30 V-Caps /box 1,125.00 1,500.00 375.00 Choleduz Omega Supreme 30 Softgels 600.00 800.00 200.00 Slim & Trim 30 V-Caps 844.00 1,125.00 281.00 Whitelight Glutathione 50 mL 1,425.00 1,900.00 475.00 Perfect White 30 Tablets 1,100.00 1,500.00 400.00 Liven Coffee Stevia (Sugar Free) Coffee 20 Sachets 20 Sachets 260.00 280.00 350.00 370.00 90.00 90.00 MyChoco 20 Sachets 300.00 400.00 100.00 Vida Cardio-Ceutical 10 Sachets 585.00 780.00 195.00 Herbal Toothpaste 100 mL Tube 130.00 175.00 45.00 Feminine Wash Masculine Wash 200 mL 200 mL 220.00 220.00 300.00 300.00 80.00 80.00 Lumina8 Bar Soap 135 grams 120.00 170.00 50.00 If in a month, you have regular customers of 10 people who buys C24/7, you have an additional income of Php 3,000.00 plus income from other products. The more customers, the greater income.
  30. 30. 2. Direct Referral Bonus: When you join Alliance in Motion Global, you will get a slot and a distribution tracking center on your webpage. For every package you sell, you will receive Php 500.000. For example, person A joined you under your organization, once he/she registered, you will earn Php 500.00. The same goes if person B joined your organization, you will again have another Php 500.00. This bonus is unlimited. No matter how many transactions you get, you will earn Php 500.00 for every package sold or registered direct referral.
  31. 31. In Dollars
  32. 32. YOU A B Marketing Support = PHP1,500.00 Matching Sales Bonus3
  33. 33. 3. Binary system or matching sales bonus. From the root word “bi” which means 2, the system recognizes matches or pairing bonuses. Your left side matches the right side. From the same example under direct referral bonus, when person A joins you and person B joins you as well, you will get Php 500.00 each transaction so that is a total of Php 1,000.00. Following the rule of match sales bonus, automatically, you will get an additional Php 1,500.00 for the pairing so that's a total of Php 2,500.00. Like you, person A and person B can also do the business and just like you if they get sign ups under their organization, they will get corresponding income and bonuses as well. The system says that as long as you get transactions from your left sales force and your right sales force, may it be direct or indirect referral, you will get Php 1,500.00 for your pairing bonus. Again, you will get matching sales bonus down your organization as long as left sales force matches your right sales force.
  34. 34. In Dollars
  35. 35. U A 1 2 B 3 4 500 500 500 500 500500 15001500 1500 1500 1500 Matching Sales Bonus (Product Movement) 500 Products = 1,200 pts 1500 Global Pack - Global Pack = 1,500 Product – Global Pack = 1,500 Product – Product = 1,500 For the products, as mentioned previously, each product has its correspoind points. The corresponding points of the products are called Binary Points. You see, our products can even match a person that you have invited as long as you have collected 1,200.00 points for the binary plan of your products, it will match a person either to your left or to your right and with that, you still earn Php 1,500.00 pairing bonus. Pairing/Matching: Person/Global Pack to Person/Global Pack Product to Person/Global Pack Product to Product
  36. 36. Matching sales bonus does not require you to recruit and recruit to match your left sales force with the right sales force in order to earn.
  37. 37. YOU Safety Net: We have a maximum payout per day.
  38. 38. Maximum Income per Day The company recognizes safety net, meaning we have a maximum income per day. There are 2 cycles per day: 8 matches from 12:01 to 11:59 AM Manila time and 8 matches from 12:01 to 11:59 PM Manila time so that's a toal of 16 matches per day which gives us a maximum income of Php 24,000.00 in a day. Not bad. How does this happen? Rule on Flush Out How realistic to earn Php 24,000.00 in a day? For example, your organization was able to come up with 20 matches in a day, let say Monday, as the rule in safety net goes, the company will only pay us 16 pairs or 16 matches in a day so that’s a total income of Php 24,000.00. The other matches (4 matches) will be flushed out or no payment. The same goes on the next day. Given the same example, let say your group or organizatoin has created 20 matches on Tuesday, either on your left or right in a day, the company will give you a payout of 16 matches with a total of Php 24,000.00. The other 4 will be flushed out too. However, you can still have them. How? If you know that your organization will exceed 16 pairs in a day based from your DTC, you can advise the next persons to join later based on the time frame above so that it will be credited on the next day or cut off. Day Left You Right Cash Rebate Mon 20 16 20 16 24,000 Tue 20 16 20 16 24,000 8-match sales cycle = Php 12,000.00 2 Cycles per day 12,000.00 x 2 cycles = Php 24,000.00 In a month (x26), that is a total of Php 624,000.00 income per month.
  39. 39. Month Monthly Job Salary (PHP) No. of Referrals AIM Potential Monthly Income (PHP) 1st Month (Joined AIM) 16,000 2 2,500 2nd Month 16,000 4 3,000 3nd Month 16,000 8 6,000 4th Month 16,000 16 12,000 5th Month 16,000 32 24,000 6th Month 16,000 64 48,000 7th Month 16,000 128 96,000 8th Month 16,000 256 192,000 9th Month 16,000 512 384,000 10th Month 16,000 1024 768,000 11th Month 16,000 2048 768,000 12th Month (1 Year) 16,000 4096 768,000 Year-end Potential Earning (PHP) 192,000 versus 3,071,500 The Power of 2: A Doable Income ProjectionBe a Self-Made millionaire How? What we offer you is a business. Like in any traditional business, you need a capital, likewise in AIM Global. Do you know that your Php 8,380.00 (U$ 210.00) capital can make you a millionaire in less than a Year?
  40. 40. You can earn big money with matching sales. The more account the greater income. 1. You can start your AIM Global business with one account (1 center or 1 head) which is our Starter Package worth Php 7,980.00. With one account, you only need 2 people to put one on your left and one on your right then teach these two people to do the same. If your group grows, your potential income in a day with one account is Php 24,000.00; Php 168,000.00 per week and Php 720,000.00 per month. Since you only need 2 people, your other referrals will be spilled over down your group which is one way of helping your organization grow. 2. You can go for 3 accounts (3 centers or 3 heads) to triple your income. Here, you actually need only 4 people or business partners to put under your 2nd and 3rd accounts. This is our Entrepreneur Package worth Php 23,940.00. Just buy 3 global packages or 3 starter packages to triple your income. If you group grows, your potential income would be Php 72,000.00 per day; Php 504,000.00 per week and Php 2,160,000.00 per month. THREE WAYS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR INCOME WITH MATCHING SALES BONUS
  41. 41. One (1) Account: Assuming that you have 4 friends or acquaintances who want to join your group, let say A, B, C and D. If you choose 1 account, you position A on your left, B on your right and C on your left as spillover for A and D on your right as spillover for B. You position in this way to earn matching bonus. Your payback from this scenario will be Php 11,750.00 with a maximum potential income if your group grows in a day up to Php 24,000.00 or Php 720,000.00 per month. Three (3) Accounts: Using the same number, 4 friends or acquaintances joined (A, B, C and D), if you chose 3 accounts, you position A & B under You (2) and C & D under You (3). In this scenario, you have 3 potential accounts earning under your name with a payback of Php 30,750.00 and a maximum potential income of Php 72,000.00 in a day or Php 2,160,000.00 in a month if your group grows. Here, your income may triple as compared to 1 account. If one account earns 1 million, you will earn 3 million if you maximize your income or go for 3 accounts.
  42. 42. 3. If you are serious in doing this business or want to earn more, you can have seven (7) accounts (7 centers or 7 heads) which is the maximum account given to a distributor. Here, you earn 7 times compared to only 1 or 3 accounts. This is our International Builder Package. Just buy 7 global packages or 7 starter package worth Php 55,860.00. Here, you need at least 8 people to put under your 4th , 5th , 6th , and 7th accounts and teach these people to do the same either they start with 1, 3 or 7 accounts also. Your potential income would be Php 168,000.00 per day; Php 1,176,000.00 per week and Php 5,040,000.00 per month.
  43. 43. Again, if you choose 7 accounts, you only need 8 direct referrals to place under your 4th to 7th accounts. Teach them how to do the business. In this scenario, you have 7 earning accounts or heads and as your group grows, you can be a millionaire in just a short time. Your potential income in a day is Php 168,000.00; in a week Php 1,176,000.00 and in a month Php 5,040,000.00. Most businessmen do not look at how much they spend for capital but at the gains or return that they will receive. When you chose this option, you will get around 94% immediate return of investment. With the product cost plus your immediate income, you will have Php 52,500.00 which is about 95% of your capital of Php 55,860.00. Great business! In a traditional business or other marketing companies, you need to wait for how many days or even months or years to break even your capital.
  44. 44. Maximizing Income Potential You can start your business with 1-Head global package (P7,980.00 only) and enjoy multiple ways to earn. If you want greater income, you can have 3-Heads (Php 23,940.00) or 7-Heads package (Php 55,860.00). AIM Global only allows up to 7 heads per individual. Please see projected income per package per day. Just an illustration to show the difference between the three. For example: Ech head earns 1 million pesos. If you choose 1 head, you will earn 1 million pesos. You will earn 3 million or more if you choose 3 heads and 7 million or more if you choose 7 heads. If you have many prospects and feel that you can convince them to join, you might as well go for 3 or 7 heads to maximize your income. Again, you can start your own business with AIM Global as a distributor for as low as P7,980.00.
  45. 45. Assuming that you have 4 friends or acquaintances who want to join your group, let say A, B, C and D. If you choose 1-Head, you position A on your left, B on your right and C on your left as spillover for A and D on your right as spillover for B. You position this way to earn matching bonus. Your earning from this scenario would be Php 11,750.00 with a maximum potential income if your group grows in a day of Php 24,000.00 or Php 720,000.00 per month. Using the same number, 4 friends or acquaintances joined (A, B, C and D), if you choose 3-Heads, you position A & B under You (2) and C & D under You (3). In this scenario, you have 3 potential heads earning under your name with a payback of Php 30,750.00 and a maximum potential income of Php 72,000.00 in a day or Php 2,160,000.00 in a month as your group grows. Your income may triple compared to 1-Head.
  46. 46. If you choose 7-Heads, you only need 8 direct referrals. Teach them to do the business. In this scenario, you have 7 earning heads and as your group grows, you can be a millionaire in a short time. Most businessmen do not look at how much they spend for capital but at the gains or return that they will receive.
  47. 47. One (1) Account Three (3) Accounts Seven (7) Accounts Starter Package (in PHP) Entrepreneur Package (in PHP) International Builder Package (in PHP) Global Package Cost 7,980.00 23,940.00 55,860.00 Option Product’s Worth Immediate Income 1 2 6,100 .00 7,800.00 (none) 1 2 18,300.00 23,400.00 2,500.00 1 2 42,700.00 54,600.00 10,500.00 Immediate ROI (Payback) 6,100.00 7,800.00 (76%) (98%) 20,800.00 25,900.00 (87%) (108%) 53,200.00 65,100.00 (95%) (117%) Global Package Cost less Immediate Return of Investment (ROI) or Payback) 1,880.00 180.00 Plus Benefits 3,140.00 1,960.00 (Profit) Plus Benefits 2,660.00 (9,240.00) (Profit) Plus Benefits Medical Checkup Scholarship Certificate Worth Php 2,000 plus Example: 50% Tuition Fee Worth Php 2,000 plus Discount: 50% of 16,000 Worth Php 2,000 plus = Php 8,000.00 Discount In reality, how much do you actually pay when you deduct what is immediately given back to you when you purchase our Global Package? This is the business that AIM Global wants to share to you, you will have immediate payback from your capital as it puts value to your money plus benefits. With the scholarship benefit alone, you get back more than your money’s worth. In a traditional business, if you put up one, it will take you months or even years before you break even your capital.
  48. 48. Maximize your income. Most business people do not look at how much their capital is but they look at the return of investment or how much they will receive and earn in exchange of their money. If you can buy a cellphone or gadget or appliance worth Php 7,980.00 or Php 23,940.00 or Php 55,860.00, you can afford to start your own AIM Global business. Spend your money wisely. A cellphone or gadget, after a year or so, will depreciate or lesser in value but if you use this money to start your AIM Global business, it can earn much year after year. Your Php 7.980.00 can turn you into a millionaire if you use to start your AIM Global business now.
  50. 50. 4. Unilevel Sales Bonus Even if there is no recruiting made, as long as each member buys and uses the products, you still earn from product movement. Each product has its own Commisional Points and you earn from every purchase made by your downlines. On your 1st level, you will get 10% of product commissional points and from your 2nd to 10th level, you will get 5% of product commissional points. Unilevel Structure This is paid to qualified distributors based on the genealogical structure formed using the direct sponsor information of each distributor’s account. Following the commisional points of the products, you will get your unilevel bonus from your organization group sales starting from your direct referral up to the 10th generation. To elaborate further, whenever your group orders products whether for personal use or selling, you will get 10% unilevel bonus from your direct referrrals on your first generation and 5% unilevel bonus from your 2nd up to the 10th generation. The unilevel sales bonus also follows the dynamic compression rule. Dynamic compression ensures that qualified distributors will earn bonuses on all levels without breakage due to inactive or nonperforming distributors within the earning 10 levels.
  51. 51. Level Distributor Percent Earnings 1 2 10% 80.00 2 4 5% 80.00 3 8 5% 160.00 4 16 5% 320.00 5 32 5% 640.00 6 64 5% 1,280.00 7 128 5% 2,560.00 8 256 5% 5,120.00 9 512 5% 10,240.00 10 1,024 5% 20,480.00 2,046 40,960.00 Sponsor only (2) direct distributor Each one buying two boxes of C24/7 30 vcaps Your Potential Income per Month UNI-LEVEL SALES COMMISION Income Assumption & Projection
  52. 52. Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission) Distributor Silver Executive Gold Executive Global Ambassador +10% +20% +30% +10% +20%+10% Up to infinity or next same/higher rank Earn the Difference based on Title/Rank +10% +20% +30% Requirement : 10 GPs 1000 GPs100 GPs 0% 2000 GPs 5
  53. 53. 5. Stair Step Plan or Overriding Commission Just like in a traditional workplace, with Alliance in Motion Global, you will also get promoted. What's good about this is that you will not do this alone. Your promotion will be based on product movement or group sales points called Positional Points. When you become a member, you will be called a Distributor with zero positional points. Once your whole organization (you and your downlines) accummulated 10 positional points based on product movement, you will be promoted to Silver Executive. Accumulated 100 positional points will bring you to the position of Gold Executive and 1000 positional points will give you the position of Global ambassador. The good thing about this is that once you are promoted, you will not be demoted in case your group sales does not meet the total positional points you are in. In addition, no time frame and no pass up. What are the benefits? When you become a Silver Executive, you will get an additional 10% overriding commission from your group sales points. That's 10% additional income aside from your unilevel bonus, match sales bonus, direct referral and outright profit. Gold Executive will give you an additional income of 20% from your organization/group sales points and Global Ambassador will give you an additional income of 30% from your group sales points. This is your overriding commission. With this, you will earn 10, 20, or 30 additional percentages from your whole organization from your first level up to infinity or the next same higher rank. Again, that's aside from the unilevel bonus, match sales bonus, direct referral and outright profit. You do not have to choose between the 5 ways to earn. If you are in, you can have them all. Our system will process and generate for you and it will be reflected or appear on your webpage or DTC when you log in.
  54. 54. In Stairstep, when a downline is promoted to Silver Executive or Global Executive, the immediate upline is also promoted to whatever position the downline achieved. It's like a chain reaction. Exception: In the illustration below, if P1's upline is You, B will not achieve whatever position P1 achieved because B is not the upline of P1 but you so you will achieve whatever P1 achieved when promoted.
  55. 55. Aside from those previously mentioned, you will also enjoy 2% Royalty Income from product sales value in every global ambassador up to the 5th generation.
  56. 56. In addition, AIM Global also provides profit sharing to qualified members, only few companies do this.
  57. 57. AIM GLOBAL PROFIT SHARING 2013 Profit Share: The highest profit share given last 7th Anniversary, Php 1,602,052.27 2014 Profit Sharers The highest profit share awarded last May 2, 2014 was Php 2,368,907.43.
  59. 59. Each Distributor may be entitled to a trip to the United States of America upon meeting the following conditions: A. 3 NEW DIRECT SPONSORING •Must have two (2) positional points from personal re-order maintenance per month or 24 positional points for the whole year; •Complete product re-orders only; GC not included as maintenance. B. 2 NEW DIRECT SPONSORING •Must be promoted to Silver Executive (SE) rank before December 31. C. 1 NEW DIRECT SPONSORING •Must be promoted to Gold Executive Rank before December 31; •Had at least 100 pairs for the whole year; •Must have a monthly personal re-order maintenance of 0.3334 positional points (GC not included); •Must have at least 30 positional points (group product re-order quarterly). TRAVEL INCENTIVES
  60. 60. AIM Global with Nature's Way offers all expenses paid Travel incentives which include US trip, European Tour, Asian Cruise (Hongkong Disneyland), or trip to the Philippines.
  61. 61. In a traditional business, you only earn when you have product mark up. With our marketing plan, you have six ways to earn. 1.Retail Sales Profit. Lifetime Discount of 25% up to 50% on all products. 2.Direct Referral Bonus. Everytime you personally referred someone, you will get Php 500.00. 3.Matching/Pairing Bonus. With the use of binary system, you will get pairing bonus of Php 1,500.00 per match when your sales on your left matches that on the right. You can match person (global package) to person (global package), product to person (global product) or product to product with repeat binary points. 4.Unilevel Sales Bonus. You will earn from product commisional points from level 1 up to level 10 of your organization. 5.Stair-Step Plan. You will earn overriding commisions based on positional points as you get promoted from distributor to Silver Executive 10%, Gold Executive 20% and Global Ambasador 30%. 6.Royalty Income. You will earn 2% product sales value in every Global Ambassador under you up to 5th . On top of these, the company also offers profit sharing and travel incentives. This is the business that Alliance in Motion Global offers you. If you have any questions or need of clarifications, contact your sponsors. Once again, if you have no sponsor, just contact me here: Mobile No: 09991912678 Email:
  62. 62. As a summary, our products are manufactured and formulated with high quality standards using modern technology, preserving their natural nutritional values for our health especially the phytonutrients and antioxidants which help us fight free radicals that invade our body. We have: 1.C24/7 which protect us 24/7 from harmful effects of free radicals, preventing diseases. It is considered as the “Next Generation Food Supplement” or “Wonder Drug” to some who testified that they got healed from their illness (but this is NOT a drug). Its very high ORAC value, multiple components; 22,000 phytonutrients makes it the most complete food supplement to boost our body immune system, help repair damaged cells and normalize body function in order to stay healthy. 2.Complete phyto-energizer is similar to C24/7 without the anti-aging and longevity polyphenols components and has 16,000 phytonutrients. This is ideal for kids for protection as they do not need anti-aging yet. 3.RestorLyf Longevity Formula is a food supplement specially formulated to prolong one's life. 4.Choleduz Omega Supreme is a dietary supplement in softgel form that contains Fish Oil plus Vitamin E that are essential in reducing the body's bad cholesterol. It also has DHA that helps boost brain cells. This is safe for kids and even pregnant women who needs DHA. 5.Slim & Trim is a food supplement specially made to help anyone lose weight. 6.Whitelight is the world's 1st L-Glutathione sublingual spray that helps whiten skin. 7.Perfect White is also a whitening product. 8.Liven Coffee is the world's first alkaline healthy coffee drink fortified with phytonutrients. 9.Stevia (Sugar Free) Zero Calories Liven Coffee 10.MyChoco is also the world's first alkaline healthy chocolate drink fortified with phytonutrients and DHA. 11.Vida Cardio-Ceutical is the worlds first cardio-ceutical drink with LycoVera Natura-Blend ideal for our heart. 12.Herbal Toothpaste Naturacentials is the first product under the Personal Care Division of AIM Global. It is a healthy tootpaste innovation that gives you complete cavity protection. 13.Global Package to start your business, to avail product discounts, etc. 14.Lumina8 Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar Soap 15.Feminine and Masculine Wash
  63. 63. Again, you can start your business by purchasing a Global Package Product. There are actually 3 things that you will do with this package. 1.As a user to stay healthy, you buy this to avail the Lifetime Product Discount of 25% up to 50% on your next purchase for your personal use. At the same time, you can use the Products that accompany it worth Php 6,100.00 up o Php 7,800. You will also avail the benefits it offered like Personal Accident Insurance for your protection up to Php 200,000.00; Medical Reimbursement of Php 10,000.00, Free Medical Checkup including x-ray, CBC & urinalysis, and Transferable Scholarship Certificates with 20% to 100% discount on tuition fees in over 500 schools nationwide and 1 in Singapore (may be a gift to your love ones for them to finish a course). With this alone, you get more than your money’s worth. 2.As a business owner to become wealthy, you can Start your Own Business whether part time or full time. You can resell the products that accompany it to help others stay healthy too. In addition to the above, you will be given a Free webpage or Distributor’s Tracking Center to monitor your business or sales (no need to hire accountants, secretaries, warehouse, logistics for your business). Use the Business Kit as your tool to succeed in your business. You will have your ATM Card to withdraw your earnings. Free Training is provide to enhance your skills to be successful. 3.As a user and business owner to be healthy and healthy, you can have this global package and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Once you purchase, you will be registered online to have your webpage or distributor’s tracking center (DTC). As a registered distributor, you can now start your AIM Global business.
  64. 64. All are welcome to join AIM Global business. Just a piece of advise, contact us the soonest because Alliance in Motion Global is an opportunity with its doors widely open to anyone who wants to join. The person you have in mind to invite might be a member already or invited by another person. If you come in, you are very much welcome and we are here to help you. If not, we thank you for your time but still encourage you to better join and be part of this life changing global business. Look what happened to the founder of Facebook who invited 5 people for a business opportunity, only 2 showed up; now, they are billionaires. We are also inviting you to join AIM Global where you have a chance to become a millionaire. You can start as a business partner/distributor with one account if you want to do it part time or if you want to do this as your full time business, we recommend 3 accounts or 7 accounts to earn 3 or 7 times.
  65. 65. Allow me to present to you some realities about network marketing. Network marketing is a legitimate business concept if done the right way. In fact, it is being taught in leading universities like De La Salle University. So before you say no to network marketing, please take a look at the gains or benefits that it will bring to you. In addition, our founders are network distributors themselves. They have been in this business for years. What’s great is that they put together all the good side of network marketing that work well and incorporate direct selling and leverage system; thus until now, AIM Global continues to exist in helping people improve their lives. AIM Global provides a hybrid marketing, a combination of network marketing and direct selling with the power of leverage.
  66. 66. Network Marketing is one of the short courses offered in DLSU, a topnotch learning institution of the country. This only shows that network marketing is a legitimate business if done the right way like what AIM Global is doing, having a hybrid marketing system incorporating direct selling and network marketing with the power of leverage. Believe or not, network marketing is actually being practiced by almost all individuals.
  67. 67. You may not realize that in one way or the other, you referred someone to watch a good movie that you have watched or you encouraged someone to eat in a fine restaurant due to its delicious food that you tasted or you informed someone about a sale in a mall where you had great discounts, etc. Another classic example is that you informed and encouraged all your acquaintances to join you in your social site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They too did the same like you did. They invited their friends. What you have actually done is networking. You are encouraging or referring someone to duplicate your effort like watching a good movie, eating in a fine restaurant or availing products on sale because you have somehow benefited from them so you want to share to others for them to benefit too. Question, “Who benefited more from the effort that you have done?” Definitely, NOT YOU. You actually made the owners of the movie house, restaurant, or mall become richer because all those you referred spend money in exchange of the goods they availed like the tickets for the movie, the food they ate and the stuff they bought in the sale. What if they patronize, keep on going back and even refer their buddies too? That's a lot of money for the owners. What about you? Did the owners gave something as a token for referring these people? I guess the owners don't even know you to gratify your effort but you made them earn out of your simple effort by just referring your friends, family, relatives or acquaintances.
  68. 68. What if you do the same in AIM Global? You join and encourage your friends, relatives or family members or acquaintances to join and avail the products too, AIM Global will definitely compensate your effort. Not only that, those you refer may gratify you because through you, they stay healthy and wealthy because they will surely encourage others to join them also. Again, AIM Global is the number network marketing and number 2 direct selling company in the Philippines, surpassing other companies that existed years ahead and now, it occupies the top 1,072 spot according to Philippine Business Listing. There is no way stopping Aim Global to reach the top. Further, it has created more than 1,000 millionaires in just 8 years of existence and still going strong on its 9th year because of its quality products with repeat orders and great marketing plan where you have multiple ways to earn. You might be one of the millionaires if you joined earlier but it’s not too late. The market is huge as we expand globally.
  69. 69. Most businessmen today are also practicing network marketing because they realized the high cost and medium of how their products reach the consumers but with network marketing by word-of-mouth advertising, their operating expenses become less. Some brands previously advertised on TV are now being distributed by companies engaged in network marketing and direct selling. Again, there is nothing wrong with network marketing if done the right way. In other countries, those who engage in network marketing are given high regards and respect. In reality, many have created great wealth in network marketing but sad to say many also failed in this business because they were misguided, misled or fooled by bad businessmen, creating a bad image to some. Sad to say also that due to bad publicities, companies doing the right thing are being misjudged too but this won’t stop AIM Global to go viral and expand globally. One of the goals of AIM Global coupled with strong foundation of integrity and dignity is to develop potential skills in every individual but what did it reach now? On its 9th year, AIM Global was able to create over 1,000 millionaires and improved thousands of lives from all walks of life regardless of race, educational background, religious affiliation or belief, orientation, race, etc. Who are these people who made big or changed their lives? Most of them are ordinary people. Some of them are security guards, tricycle drivers, vendors, students, ordinary employees, OFWs, professionals, businessmen, foreign nationals, etc.
  70. 70. You may ask why are your products not seen on TV if they have good quality? Simple, instead of paying high advertising cost, we want to pay you to advertise to people you know who need our products and to those who want to join our business. If they buy and join our business, you get paid. We use “word of mouth advertising.” Product knowledge is very important for you to know what you are offering. You must consistently or continuously advertise or share the business or products like what traditional companies are doing. If you start a business, you just don’t sit and relax. You have to exert some efforts to make it grow. As a great saying goes, “Do your best and God will do the rest.” How will you be gratified if you do nothing? If you are employed, you have to do your duties and responsibilities as an employee because you are being paid, otherwise your boss will fire you. The same is true in putting up a business, you need to exert some efforts to make it grow. In network marketing, your sponsors are their to guide you to succeed. Marketing tools and trainings are also provided for you to grow your business. You have to know and study the products and marketing plan and share to others to succeed. Be productive. We have a great products that you can offer to anyone. When you are watching TV, companies like Jollibee, McDonald’s, etc. continuously advertise their products. The same is true in AIM Global, you must continuously advertise through word of mouth advertising or social media so that your business or income will grow when people buy our products or join our business. Again, don’t just sit and relax but do something to expand or grow your business.
  71. 71. Here are some things to consider in joining a direct selling and network marketing company: 1. Is the company legal? Does it have the proper registrations and business permits? 2. How long does it exist? Is it a “fly-by-night company?” 3. Are the products salable? With quality? 4. What about the marketing or business plan? How will I earn? 5. Do I need to recruit to earn? If I stop recruiting, do I still earn? 6. What if I enjoy selling only? Do I still earn even if I will not recruit? 7. How much do I need to start my business? Do I get my money's worth? We at Alliance in Motion Global make sure that you will be guided in order to succeed. The founders of AIM Global are networkers and distributors too and they want to share how they achieve wealth that is why AIM Global is pro-distributor. We are on our ninth year, legally registered and recognized by prestigious associations, locally and internationally. Our products are formulated and manufactured with high quality standards and they are needed by every individual of different age groups regardless of race or religious affiliations. Our marketing plan offers you different ways to earn, not only recruiting and selling, also offers long-term passive earning and even profit sharing. If you enjoy selling, you still earn because we offer 25% up to 50% discount on all AIM products. You do not need to invest hundred thousands to millions to put up your business in order to earn thousands or millions too. You can start with P7,980.00 only or go for 3 or 7 accounts. You do not even need to do accounting, secretarial, importing, warehousing, logistics, etc. because AIM Global does all these for you. You will really get more than your money’s worth as we put value in your money.
  72. 72. What they say about network marketing
  73. 73. Please don’t be mislead that AIM Global is pyramiding or scam. With this alone, as mentioned earlier, AIM Global is a recognized member of prestigious associations locally and globally and having earned such distinctions and awards of excellence will prove that we are doing business legally. These associations and no less than President Aquino’s message to AIM Global on our anniversary proved that we are a legitimate company. A president will not recognize or congratulate an illegal company. Pyramiding is an illegal business concept because there is no physical product involved and earning is purely based on recruitment so when you stopped recruiting, you will not earn and worse, you will not get your money’s worth. In AIM Global, you will get more than your money’s worth. We have multiple ways to earn as discussed earlier. We have high quality standard products that we offer, etc. With your capital, you will get more than its worth. You didn’t start your business but you get back your return of investment as we put value in your money with all the benefits it offers you.
  74. 74. Which one is the perfect PYRAMID? If you are employed in a corporate setting, this is how the organization looks like, a perfect PYRAMID. Every company has a CEO or President who is the head of the company and is on top of all downlines, referred as the employees. All the employees work hard for the CEO/President or owner of the company with a fixed salary. There is no way that an ordinary employee can out earn the company head or become a CEO/President, unless an employee will put up his/her own company, then hire people to create a pyramid structure like this. In network marketing, this is not the case, everyone has equal chances to be on top or have unlimited earning. It depends on how fast you work or do your network business. Someone below you may earn more than you do so it does not form a pyramid structure. Network marketing uses leverage system.
  75. 75. Why men in uniform, more celebrities and countries joined AIM Global? May be they realize that their income at present is not permanent or their job is risky. Time comes that their body is not strong enough to work. No work, no pay. Maybe their projects does not guarantee them a long-term income. No projects, no income. Whatever reason they have, they made the right decision to do business because in business, you can create great wealth and a possible long-term income even if you are on vacation or asleep, you continue to earn when you build your business.
  76. 76. Where were you 5 years ago? May be working for someone, looking for a job, etc. Now 2015, still working for someone? Do you have enough salary or were you able to provide all your needs and that of your family and able to achieve your dreams? How will your future be 2 years or 3 years from now?
  77. 77. There is nothing wrong with being an employee temporarily. If given the chance, earn to start your own business. When you are employed, no work, no pay. The same is true for self employed in traditional business, you need to be hands on your business but when you get sick, no income if you will not work. As compared with passive income, when you have your business and hire people to work for you, you earn even if you are not working, on vacation or while you are asleep. This is the power of leverage.
  78. 78. The Power of Leverage Why Mr. Henry Sy became a billionaire? Like everyone, he has 24 hours a day. Even if he works 24 hours a day all alone, he cannot earn billions but he leveraged his time through his business. Total Hours a Day = 24,000 Hours Henry Sy If he has 1,500 SM employees and 1,500 BDO employees, all working 8 hours a day for him, he’s like working a total of 24,000 hours a day so even if he earns 5 pesos or more per hour out of his employees' efforts, he earns a big amount of money. Just an illustration of leveraging his time, if he earns 5 pesos per hour x 24,000 hours worked by his employees, he will get Php 120,000.00 income per day.
  79. 79. The Power of Leverage Why Mr. Henry Sy became a billionaire? Like everyone, he has 24 hours a day. Even if he works 24 hours a day all alone, he cannot earn billions but he leveraged his time through his business. Total Hours a Day = 24,000 Hours Henry Sy If he has 1,500 SM employees and 1,500 BDO employees, all working 8 hours a day for him, he’s like working a total of 24,000 hours a day so even if he earns 5 pesos or more per hour out of his employees' efforts, he earns a big amount of money. Just an illustration of leveraging his time, if he earns U$ 0.5 per hour x 24,000 hours worked by his employees, he will get U$ 12,000.00 income per day.
  80. 80. AIM Global Business Concept – Leverage System AIM Global uses the concept of leverage. What’s great is that, AIM Global provides you the business that you can own then use the proven business system that it developed. What you will do is to become a member or join as an independent distributor. No need to manufacture. No need to put up a shop. No need to do importing. No need to do accounting, warehousing, logistics, etc. All these are handled by AIM Global. Just join the business and share the business to others. Teach them to do the same to grow your business. You leverage or duplicate your efforts to others. Encourage them to do the same.
  81. 81. Again, AIM Global is open to everyone. Thousands benefited from this business. To those who are invited to watch this presentation or those who accidentally come across this presentation, maybe looking for other avenues to augment your income, we are grateful enough. We believe it’s God’s will that you come across this presentation. Maybe because you are looking for some solutions to your health problems or financial problems. Millions around the world get sick due to poor health habits and millions need a decent source of income to sustain their family’s needs. They are the people who need your help by sharing to them this business. Be the chosen one to help uplift their living condition. Join us and share this business.
  82. 82. AIM Global does not guarantee any success to you because success depends on you. It provides you a great opportunity to help uplift your life and if you embrace this business or do the business, it will surely help you find solutions to your financial or health problems. The decision lies in you. We do not force anyone to join but we continue to share this great opportunity to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives. You may ask, “Are you really earning or do I really earn in this business or how much will I earn?” How much would you want to know that our distributors are earning to impress you? We have distributors who are living testimonies of how this business changed their lives. Imagine earning below minimum wage before when employed and now earning Php 50,000; hundred thousands or even half a million pesos per month doing business the AIM Global way, a very feasible business concept. We understand if you doubt or do not believe that some of our top earners are ordinary people before like vendors, security guards, ordinary employees and now they are extraordinary millionaires, earning hundred thousands a month like a top executive in a company or even half a million a month like our top distributor, Joseph Lim. If they can do it, you can do it too. We do not want to hype anyone but figures show that AIM Global has created, as mentioned earlier, more than 700 millionaires globally and improves thousands lives of ordinary people globally. Now that we have shown you this great opportunity, it’s your decision to choose either to continue on your usual routine job or make a change in your life by joining AIM. What’s great is that you can do this part time and when you are earning much or out earn your present income, you can “fire” your boss or maybe resign because you are now a boss.
  83. 83. Here’s a screenshot of earnings. As you can see, some earn millions doing this business. 7 Accounts
  84. 84. What to do next? Open your AIM Global business by joining this life changing business. Learn and study the marketing plan, the products and their health benefits by attending our daily business orientation seminars in our main office or branch near you or watch our online video presentations to gain more knowledge. Invite people to join you and teach them how to do this business. This is people’s business. You don’t need to do the presentation if you are shy or do one-on-one, use the power of internet or social media or invite them to our free daily business orientations or invite them to our online group, online video presentations, etc. Make a list of the people you want to share the business. Don’t be easily discouraged if you encounter negative people who rejected your business proposal. You cannot please everyone. It’s not your lost anyway but theirs. Instead, be inspired and continue to do the business to achieve your dreams and get back to them when you succeeded. Make sure you ride in your own car (“Katas ng AIM”)when you get back to them. “Nothing is impossible if you dream big and work for it . Dreams can be a reality if you make action.” AIM High with AIM Global!
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