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DOH Challenges in Health Policy Making


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Presented by DOH-Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau Division Chief Dr. Virginia Ala

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DOH Challenges in Health Policy Making

  1. 1. D.O.H.  CHALLENGES  IN   DR. MA. VIRGINIA ALA Director IV, Health Policy Development & Planning Bureau
  2. 2. -­‐ Aligned    with  international  commitments,  national  directives  and  health  agenda   -­‐ Evidence  based   -­‐ Disseminated  to  stakeholders  upon  approval   -­‐ Monitored  in  terms  of  implementation  and  performance  
  3. 3. POLICY  CYCLE   FIRST  STEP                    HEALTH  AGENDA  SETTING             Iden2fica2on  of  priority  health  policy  issues   SECOND  STEP        HEALTH  POLICY  FORMULATION     Translate  health  policy  issues  into  policy  tools  (EO,   AO,  legisla2ve  bill,  etc) THIRD  STEP                HEALTH  POLICY  ADOPTION   Approval  of  the  health  policies   FOURTH  STEP        HEALTH  POLICY  IMPLEMENTATION   FIFTH  STEP            HEALTH  POLICY  EVALUATION
  4. 4. DOH  POLICY  CYCLE  
  5. 5. THANK  YOU  VERY  MUCH