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Org sustainability handout2


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Org sustainability handout2

  1. 1. Case Study The Midcity Health Center (MHC)AGENCY PROFILEAgency Name Midcity Health Center (MHC) is a private, non-profit federally qualified health center located in Midcity, USA, population 700,000Leadership Executive Director, John Taylor Deputy Director & 2 Program Directors 20 staff & 10 board membersFunding The health center receives Ryan White funding to provide primary medical care and case management services to women, men and youth living with HIV. Other funding streams include state contracts for Hepatitis screenings, Cervical and Prostate cancers, and a pilot youth program.Budget $1.9 million budget year 2008PURPOSE, DESTINY AND VALUESSince its founding, MHC has been devoted to servicing targeted communities with diverse racial andethnic health issues through education, prevention, case management, and access to health careservices. The agency’s key purpose statements were fine tuned in 2006 planning cycle. MHC MISSION Midcity Health Center exists to provide an oasis of wellness, health care and support for disenfranchised populations in Midcity and the surrounding counties. MHC VISION Each Midcity resident has access to comprehensive healthcare and treatment options.BACKGROUNDFounded in 1995, MHC is the first organization of its kind in the local area to offer servicesspecifically to women and youth living with HIV. Consequently, strong interest in the organizationand program resulted. This strong interest led the long term commitment of Dr. Marion Wiley,Executive Director, a group of health educators, minority advocates and concerned citizens fromMidcity to address health and wellness issues in the community. In 1997, Dr. Wiley began anambitious plan for creating satellite locations in rural areas while expanding the service menutwofold through developing linkages with local providers to provide such services as smokingcessation, employment preparedness, and long-term housing. The agency has a main administrativesite and a clinic with exam rooms in a site located next door. It also has two residential housingproperties through collaboration with the city.The organization had a 3-year strategic plan that expired one year ago. The organization’s Boardand staff were minimally involved in decision-making discussions, particularly in financialmanagement and control. Furthermore, the managers and program directors had limited experiencemanaging the host of billing and reimbursements system along with multiple programs. The agency 1 of 2
  2. 2. programs operate as individual programs with little integration except when necessary for clientservicesThe staff backgrounds consist of approximately six racial/ethnic groups. Dr. Wiley is widelyknown and respected and recruited the most capable staff within the city and county to administerthe programs. Dr. Wiley is also a well sought after speaker overseeing other professional endeavorssuch as teaching at the local college and serving on medical advisory boards. She is still an activeadvisor. The agency leadership experienced a turnover one year ago and now utilizes an interimCEO and CFO. The present CEO, John Taylor was hired primarily due to his vision for programexpansion and his leadership and connections in drafting a plan of action for a Capital ProjectCampaign. A major item in the strategic plan was to purchase a new building and to expandprograms. Other agency staff have expertise in HIV and co-morbidities such as Hepatitis, Diabetes,and Hypertension and regularly treat patients for these illnesses.MHC PRESENT AND FUTURE OPPORTUNITIESThe challenge for the agency is to maintain focus and consistency in terms of quality services, datacollection systems and management of various programs. A new organization [with similar goalsand interests] has mobilized financial support from private and corporate donors as well as key cityand county officials presenting a new source of competition for limited funding. Several staffmembers are considering interviewing with the competitor including one of the program directorswho has managed the most significant Ryan White program for 10 years.Meanwhile, the organization is also concerned of the impact of Healthcare Reform on their agency’sability to maintain its operation. Since most of their funding is from its Ryan White program, theagency has to determine how these new policies will impact its patients and administration of thehealth center.What strategies for sustainability should MHC consider? Are there steps that they can put in place inthe short-term and for the long-term? Should MHC diversify its funding streams? If yes, why andhow? 2 of 2