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Employee Health Launches it 2013 Plans...


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See our new range of services including commencement of our Cardiac Risk Screening Program, designed to detect risk factors for SADS (Sudden Adult (Arrhythmia) Death Symdrome

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Employee Health Launches it 2013 Plans...

  1. 1. Our Services
  2. 2. The Employee Health Team Clinical Director: Anne Marie Graham Clinical Nurse Manager: Lily Ralph Operations Manager: Hilary Kelly Health Screening Nurses (2) Occupational Health Nurses (2) Doctors
  3. 3. Who we are… We are an award Winning Irish Health Screening company setup by health professionals We provide a health screening service for employees of local companies at your company premises We can either provide a mobile medical unit outside your building where all health screening takes place or We can use a suitable room provided by you in your building.
  4. 4. Core Services Health Screening on site Wellness Programs Executive Health Screening
  5. 5. Benefits of On Site Screening Mobile Screening reduces lost work time Employers have full control of appointments Employers dont have to worry about space requirements (mobile unit) Employees have the screening on “their door step” – uptake more likely More cost effective than private hospital screening packages
  6. 6. Benefits for the Employer Cost-effective employment benefit to your staff. As checkups are carried out on site the employee does not need to take more than half an hour off work. Potential increase in staff moral, confidence and concentration which can lead to an increase in productivity. Early detection of health issues can prevent future absenteeism
  7. 7. Benefits for the Employee Early Detection of illness. Focus on preventative health measures rather than waiting for problems to arise. Changes required in lifestyle can be identified and recommendations made to reduce health risks. Avoid or minimise future costly medical expenses. Peace of mind and increase in self confidence.
  8. 8. Our Mobile Health Screening Unit
  9. 9. Clinical Preparation Area
  10. 10. Screening Room
  11. 11. Waiting Room
  12. 12. Health Screening Packages Basic tests:  Health consultation with nurse  Height/weight/BMI/% body fat  Blood Pressure  Lung function test  Eye test  Urine test (Diabetes)
  13. 13. More Advanced Tests Heart Tracing - ECG Full Spirometry (Detailed Lung function) Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile Glucose test (for Diabetes) Blood tests
  14. 14. Cardiac Risk Screening Screens for risk factors for SADS - Sudden Adult (Arrhythmia) Death Syndrome The European Society of Cardiology (ESC 2005) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommend cardiac screening for any young person taking part in competitive sport. Sport itself does not lead to cardiac arrest, but can trigger a sudden death by aggravating an undetected cardiac abnormality.
  15. 15. Our Screening Process Reduces incidence of avoidable deaths ECG, Blood Pressure and clinical evaluation is carried out by trained Cardiac Nurses All results, health history evaluation and tests are overseen by Cardiologists Assistance is given with appropriate referral for further treatment
  16. 16. Our Blood Tests Full Blood Count (tissue function) Kidney Function Liver Function (8 levels) Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Osteoporosis Screen Blood Type Stomach Ulceration (H Pylori)
  17. 17.  Thyroid Function Gout Detection Menopausal Profile Arthritis Factor (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Specialised bloods if required e.g. STD screen
  18. 18.  Employee Health 108 Baggot Street Dublin 2  01 639 4967