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Cobra insurance coverage can be confusing. Let us take you step by step to help you understand what Cobra Health Insurance is.

If you are laid-off work, federal law requires many employers to offer continuation health insurance coverage for 18-36 months. This is what they call a Cobra Plan.

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  • John & Mary, many people do not realize that insurance costs the same no matter where you buy it as it is regulated by the state. The advantage of working with an agent is that you have someone on your side making sure you get what you are looking for at the best price available.

    The advantage of working with me versus other agents is I actually work with the largest selection of carriers available. What I mean by this is most agents only work with just two or three companies and then try to find reasons why you should buy one of those companies. It is more important to me that you actually get the plan you need regardless of which company it is with.

    I am sure you are tired of having to shop for insurance, right?

    Well, you can feel comfortable that today we will find the best plan for you and you won’t have to keep shopping around. Would that be okay with you?
  • As I mentioned, we work with the largest selection of insurance companies. On our site there is a list of companies we currently represent. Did you realize there were hundreds to choose from? It is nice to know that we are checking with ALL of these companies to find you the right plan and not just two or three, isn’t it? Of course it is.

    The information I will go through should answer most of your questions,
  • What the Heck is Cobra? - HealthCompare

    1. 1. What the heck is COBRA health insurance?
    2. 2. HealthCompare.org What is COBRA? If you are laid-off work, federal law requires many employers to offer continuation health insurance coverage for 18-36 months.
    3. 3. HealthCompare.org What is COBRA? It allows for an extension of coverage through your previous Group Health Plan for a specified length of time.
    4. 4. HealthCompare.org What is COBRA? WARNING: The premium is usually higher than if you sought insurance on your own.
    5. 5. HealthCompare.org It may cost you more than you’re ready to spend. Ask your former Health Care Provider about any premium increase. Consider COBRA Carefully
    6. 6. Who is HealthCompare: HealthCompare is your online one-stop-shop for health insurance where you can research and compare plans online from over 150 national carriers. We Promise: To give you the best results for YOU, we never promote one carrier over the other. We just assess your needs and show you the best options from national carriers with plans in your area. Our Commitment is to YOU: As a division of The Word & Brown Company who has been the leading source for small group health insurance for over 20 years, we have leveraged technology to build an easy-to-use research tool, supported by a world class customer service team. HealthCompare.org Our Promise
    7. 7. 1. You can enter your information anonymously “Why is HealthCompare Special?” HealthCompare.org
    8. 8. 2. You can review your plan options online in seconds “Why is HealthCompare Special?” HealthCompare.org
    9. 9. 3. You can even compare plans side-by-side “Why is HealthCompare Special?” HealthCompare.org
    10. 10. 4. Then, you can apply online or call one of our trained Benefits Advisors for help! “Why is HealthCompare Special?” HealthCompare.org
    11. 11. Call toll free 877-641-1101 to speak to a trained Benefits Advisor or… Go to HealthCompare.org today! We Guide, You Decide! HealthCompare.org
    12. 12. Still have questions? Give us a call at 877-641-1101. Our trained Benefit Advisors are standing by.