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Progress With Professionalism - Jean Roberts


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Progress With Professionalism - Jean Roberts

  1. 1. Workshop 16.11.2011Progress with Professionalism Jean Roberts Director (Standards), UKCHIP
  2. 2. Workshop format• Perspectives –HI in general –IT –Other Health Professions –Academic and Operational• Interactive session• Feedback and Next Steps
  3. 3. INFORMATICS (IT, IM and Information HEALTH INFORMATICS Science) COMMUNITY Knowledge ICT, IT, Management Portfolio incl Programme Information Computer Project Management Science / Management Managing studies HI Clinical Health Services Education Informatics Records Training + User Management Development Experience ResearchHEALTH Note : ALL constituencies have public &private health, academic and commercial existences
  4. 4. Stating the Obvious?• Delivering support to complex care by multi- professional / cross-sectoral organisations, 24/7• Informatics increasingly recognised as a core function of the NHS and other care delivery bodies.“informatics staff involved in the production and operation of major eHealthdevelopments aimed at supporting more effective healthcare services in manycountries must be ‘fit to practice’ professionals”• Informatics is more business critical every year
  5. 5. Vision: Health Informatics to be recognised as a valued profession globally• Promoting advancement and dissemination of knowledge about health informatics• Defining and agreeing standards of professional conduct and competence required of people working in health informatics• Publishing and maintaining an open register of health informatics professionals in or for the UK and …?• Demonstrating its own professional authority and legitimacy through assurance of its own processes and procedures
  6. 6. Over-arching challenge • All persons who spend a substantial proportion of their role or time working in health informatics• in or for the <geography> should be registered with <xx>CHIP and thereby • certified as professionals• who meet defined standards of professional conduct and competence • on an ongoing basis
  7. 7. HI-specific Issues to consider• Brand, scope and scale of Health Informatics – A ‘Confusion’ of workforce standards• Senior buy-in to recognising professionalism• Priority to get working systems and solutions• Decision support is a ‘given’ until quality is challenged – tradition of ‘blame the computer’• Proving Value: risk to ‘not direct patient care’• Pace of Change• Self-worth