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Consumer Health Startup Trends 2013


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Consumer Health Startup Trends 2013 given by Jihoon Jeong at Health 2.0 Seoul Chapter's first event

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Consumer Health Startup Trends 2013

  1. 1. Consumer HealthStartup Trends 2013Jihoon Jeong, MD., MPH., PhDDirector, Institute for IT Convergence, Myongji HospitalAdjunct Professor, Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST
  2. 2. General Trend
  3. 3. The Year of Digital Health Touch Point of Change Explosive new technology: Innovation across a wide variety of areas (gaming, manufacturing, communications, etc.) The pressing need to advance healthcare and the Affordable Care Act Increasing level of patient / caregiver connectivity The empowerment of the “quantified self” in health The evolution of pharmaceutical science will move therapy to include preventative care, gene therapy and other innovations. Big Data and the electronic medical record The increasing role of venture capital in digital health
  4. 4. 10 Predictions for the ConnectedHealth IT Market in 2013 Consumers Will Begin to Abandon PCs and Embrace Mobile for Internet Use Behavior Change Will Take Center Stage Consumer Engagement Will Increasingly Require Multidisciplinary Teams Home Is Where the Health Is: Interest in Remote Patient Monitoring Will Rise Again Experimentation with Social Media Will Continue, But Challenges Still Persist Accountable Care Initiatives Will Lay Foundational Groundwork Before Investing Widely in Connected Health The Doctor Will See You Now … Online Large Payers Will Become Technology Suppliers for Connected Health Platform as a Service Will Emerge as a Viable Platform for Health Information Exchange The Internet of Things Will Come to Healthcare by IDG Insights
  5. 5. Mobile Health in 2013
  6. 6. Consumer Health Apps Segmentation
  7. 7. Future of mHealth
  8. 8. 2013 CESMore than 220 companies showcased their health-and-fitness products (30% up!)
  9. 9. HealthSpot
  10. 10. Tricorder
  11. 11. Where goes money?
  12. 12. Where goes money?
  13. 13. Four common themes
  14. 14. Genetics andPersonalized Medicine
  15. 15. China’s Genome FactoryBGI-Shenzhen: completelysequenced some 50,000human genomesWhole Genome SequencingPrice: $3000~4000Within the next decade: thecost of sequencing a humangenome will fall to $200~$300. BGI will become aforce in assembling a global“bio-Google”
  16. 16. Solid-State Sequencer
  17. 17. Foundation Medicine
  18. 18. The Future is Already Here