Designing for the End User of the AppHow can your app make a difference? Information about preventive services covered und...
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  1. 1. Designing for the End User of the AppHow can your app make a difference? Information about preventive services covered under the ACA areavailable on at are some examples of what an app can do for an end user:Dr. Peter Peterson is a registered dietician who provides nutrition counseling to a group of patients at acommunity clinic. Dr. Peterson likes to educate her students through games and friendly competitions,i.e. healthy recipe cook-offs, patient-provider role playing, interactive quizzes, etc., and she sees anopportunity to engage her students outside the group sessions. Dr. Peterson wants a tool that cancombine relevant topics from the Quick Guide, e.g. Nutrition & Fitness, Diabetes, Heart Health, etc., withgames, quizzes, and polls, so they can continue to interact with the content – and get their families andfriends involved!Marcia Marshall is a 45-year old single mother of four children. She often uses the myhealthfinder toolto find recommendations that are right for her and her family. Ms. Marshall is a very busy woman, andwould benefit from an app that allows her to create “patient files” or checklists for each of her children.For instance, when Ms. Marshall enters her daughter Suzie’s file, she can quickly access Suzie’srecommendations, as well as other resources and parental tips she has saved in Suzie’s file.Kathy Kathman is a social butterfly who enjoys taking the challenges on the’sFacebook page and sharing updates with her friends. When Kathy browses through healthfinder.govwellness topics, she often wants to share what she finds or make the information more personal. Kathywould benefit from an application that integrates content and the Facebook challengesinto a network where members can share their favorite resources, discuss goals and progress, andcommunicate in real time.Jorge Jones is a community health educator who sees the unmet prevention needs of his communitymembers every day. He wants to partner with a developer to design a tool that connects his communitymembers with appropriate preventive services closest to them and tracks their progress from arrangingthe first visit and all follow up visits required to complete the assessment. He wants it to includeappropriate metrics for tracking and reporting the use of preventive services for these clients.Susan Sanderson is a primary care physician who recognizes that an informed patient can improve caredelivery and enhance patient self-management. She would like to partner with a developer to design anapp that can prescribe the appropriate information for before, during, and after a visit to ensure that herpatients are prepared for their visits and can take action afterwards on pertinent issues – such as eatinghealthy or getting active. She wants it to include an email feature that lets her patients follow up withher and ask questions via the app rather than coming back in for another office visit.