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Allscripts	  Open	  App	  Challenge	                                                             Developer	  Workshops	   ...
Summary	  of	  topics	  covered	  in	  the	  Developer	  Workshops:	  	  How	  to	  connect	  with	  the	  UAI/Unity	  san...
 Recommended	  Hotels:	  	  Raleigh	  Area	  Hotels	  Embassy	  Suites	  Raleigh	  Crabtree	  (3.8	  miles	  from	  office...
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Developer workshop summary


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Developer workshop summary

  1. 1. Allscripts  Open  App  Challenge   Developer  Workshops     We’re  looking  forward  to  working  with  you  to  help  refine  your  development  and  make  the  most  of   the  Allscripts  SDKs.    Developer  Workshops  will  be  held  monthly  from  October  2012  to  June  2013  in   Raleigh,  North  Carolina  to  assist  developers  with  integration  for  the  Enterprise  EHR™  and   Professional  EHR™.    Please  see  details  below  and  register  for  a  session  through  Health  2.0  today!     Link  to  Register:       Developer  Workshop  Hosts:             Stanley  Crane   Dave  Zang   Allscripts  Chief  Innovation  Officer   Director  –  Innovation    Dates:     Developer Workshop Sessions   Length   Time/Day   10/23 – 10/24   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   11/27 – 11/28   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   12/18 – 12/19   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   1/15 – 1/16   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   2/12 – 2/13   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   3/12 – 3/13   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   4/9 – 4/10   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   5/6 – 5/7   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST   6/4 – 6/5   2 days   8amEST - 5pmEST     Requirements:     Please  plan  to  bring  your  own  laptop  and  development  environment.     Copyright © 2012 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 1
  2. 2. Summary  of  topics  covered  in  the  Developer  Workshops:    How  to  connect  with  the  UAI/Unity  sandbox  development  environment/SDK,  summary  of  most  frequently  used  web  services  and  APIs,  sample  code.    The  workshop  will  focus  primarily  on  understanding  your  development  goals  and  how  to  achieve  them  with  functionality  available  in  the  SDK.    Location:     Allscripts  Raleigh,  North  Carolina  Office   Room:  Durham  Room  (1st  Floor)         Raleigh  Office  Information       Address     8529  Six  Forks  Road       Forum  IV       Raleigh,  NC  27615     Phone:  (800)  877-­‐5678         Directions     From  the  Raleigh  airport,  follow  the  signs  to  I-­‐540  East.  Travel  east  on  I-­‐540  for     approximately  9.5  miles.  Take  Exit  11  (Six  Forks  Road)  and  go  right  on  Six  Forks  Road.  Go     approximately  1  mile  and  turn  right  on  Forum  Drive.  The  Forum  IV  building  will  be  on   your  right.   Parking   There  is  a  Visitor  Parking  area  on  the  first  and  second  level  of  the  parking  garage.  There   is  no  charge  for  parking  in  the  Visitor  Parking  section;  therefore,  no  parking  card  is   required.  However,  please  notify  the  receptionist  that  you  are  parking  in  the  Visitor   Parking  section.   Amenities   A  full-­‐service  cafeteria  is  open  from  7:30  AM  to  1:30  PM  on  the  first  floor  of  the  Forum   IV  building.      Copyright © 2012 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 2
  3. 3.  Recommended  Hotels:    Raleigh  Area  Hotels  Embassy  Suites  Raleigh  Crabtree  (3.8  miles  from  office)  4700  Creedmoor  Rd.    Raleigh,  NC  27612  Reservations:  (919)  881-­‐0000    Hilton  North  Raleigh  (5.0  miles  from  office)  3415  Wake  Forrest  Rd.    Raleigh,  NC  27609  Reservations:  919-­‐872-­‐2323    Hyatt  Place  Raleigh  North  (5.0  miles  from  office)  1105  Navaho  Drive  Raleigh,  NC  27609  Reservations:  (919)  877-­‐9997    Marriott  Crabtree  (4.1  miles  from  office)  4500  Marriott  Drive  Raleigh,  NC  27612  Reservations:  (919)  781-­‐7000    Renaissance  Raleigh  at  North  Hills  (4.1  miles  from  office)  4100  Main  AT  North  Hills  Raleigh,  NC  27609  Reservations:  (919)  571-­‐8773    Residence  Inn  Raleigh  (Extended  Stays)  (4.4  miles  from  office)  2200  Summit  Park  Lane  Raleigh,  NC  27612  Reservations:  (919)  279-­‐3000        Copyright © 2012 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 3