Blue button mashup webinar 20120719 health2.0


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Blue button mashup webinar 20120719 health2.0

  1. 1. Blue Button Mash Up Challenge Webinar Presentation Thursday, July 19, 2012
  2. 2. On today’s call: Damon Davis Adam Wong JL Neptune Austin Special Cohen Management Senior Vice Assistant, Consumer e- and Program President Health at ONC Challenge Analyst Manager Health 2.0 HHS/ONC HHS/ONC Health 2.0
  3. 3. Agenda for Today’s Meeting ONC and the Investing in Innovation (i2)  Program  Blue Button Mash Up Challenge  Q&A About the Challenge
  4. 4. ONC and i2
  5. 5. i2 Goals • Better Health, Better Care, Better Value through Quality Improvement – Further the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services – Highlight programs, activities, and issues of concern • Spur Innovation and Highlight Excellence – Motivate, inspire, and lead • Community building – Development of ecosystem • Stimulate private sector investment
  6. 6. ONC’s Consumer Engagement Strategy: The Three A’s Make it easier for patients and consumers to get secure, timely access to their personal health Access information. Attitude ActionSupport a shift in attitudes about the Catalyze the development of tools andtraditional role of patients and services that help consumers (and theirproviders and the role technology can providers) take action with their healthplay in empowering patients to be information.more engaged partners in care.
  7. 7. Blue Button ® MashupChallengeDamon L. DavisSpecial Assistant to the National Coordinator, Consumer e-Health
  8. 8. The Three-Part Aim for anImproved Healthcare System Better healthcare Improving patients’ experience of care within the Institute of Medicine’s 6 domains of quality: Safety, Effectiveness, Patient- Centeredness, Timeliness, Efficiency, and Equity. Better health Keeping patients well so they can do what they want to do. Increasing the overall health of populations: address behavioral risk factors; focus on preventive care. Reduced costs Lowering the total cost of care while improving quality, resulting in reduced monthly expenditures for Medicare, Medicaid, and $ CHIP beneficiaries. Health Information Technology 7
  9. 9. Why Engage Consumers in Health?
  10. 10. Consumer Engagement = Better Care 13% Hospital Readmit within 30 Days 28% 19% Experience a Medical Error 36% Suffer a health consequence from 13% poor communcation among providers 49% More Activated Patient Less Activated Patient 9
  11. 11. Today’s Reality vs. Potential for Consumers• 9% have mobile app • 80% of Internet usersto manage health seek health info online• 10% have a personal • Use of mobile forhealth record (PHR) health has doubled in 1 year• 20% have accessedtheir health info online • 52% would use a smart phone to monitor• 27% have tracked healththeirweight, diet, exercise •65% are interested inroutine online using a medical device to monitor their condition
  12. 12. Increasing ACCESS to Health Data  Growing Use of Blue Button  Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA)  Dept of Defense (DoD)  Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS)  Aetna  United  MANY MORE COMING!  Give me my data
  13. 13. The Challenge Applying the Three Part Aim: To participate in the challenge, entrants must mash up Blue Button® data – data about a patient which the patient can download directly using a health plan’s, doctor’s or hospital’s Blue Button® function – with information from two or more of the three part aim categories. Office of the National Coordinator for7/19/2012 12 Health Information Technology
  14. 14. Blue Button Mashup ChallengeHelping Consumers Take Action With Their Health Information Better healthcare Better health Reduced costs $
  15. 15. The Winning App• Data from the three part aim categories• Commercialization plan• Is the app simple and intuitive to use?• App must garner high patient engagement rates Office of the National Coordinator for7/19/2012 14 Health Information Technology
  16. 16. Evaluation CriteriaData from the three part aimcategories:1. Does the app help individuals achieve at least two components of the three-part aim?2. Does the app help individuals achieve all three components
  17. 17. Evaluation CriteriaCommercialization plan:1. Thoughtful approach to commercializing the app Viability of the plan and potential for broad adoption of the app2. Viable plan for initial and ongoing technical and support capacity to meet anticipated app
usage and future enhancement3. Special consideration for demonstration of plans in place (e.g. letter of
  18. 18. Evaluation CriteriaIs the app simple and intuitive touse?1. App is available on broadly used platform
  19. 19. Evaluation CriteriaApp must garner high patient engagement rates:1. Uses Blue Button® downloads as the primary source of data about a consumer’s health
or health status2. Is the app interactive with easily understood data mashups?3. How useful are each of the chosen mashups to a wide audience?4. Are specific actionable suggestions provided to the user based on meaningful mashup of Blue Button® (consumer-specific) and other sources of data?
  20. 20. Submission Period• Submission Period Begins: June 5, 2012• Submission Period for Entries Ends: September 5, 2012• Evaluation Process for Entries Begins: September 7, 2012• Evaluation Process for Entries Ends: September 17, 2012• Winners notified: September 21, 2012• Winners Announced: Health 2.0 San Francisco 7/19/2012 Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology 19
  21. 21. Prizes• Total: $75,000 in prizes• First Place: $45,000 plus conference exhibition opportunity• Second Place: $20,000• Third Place: $10,000 Office of the National Coordinator for7/19/2012 20 Health Information Technology
  22. 22. Questions?www.health2challenge.orgContact Jean-Luc Neptune or Austin Cohen at: