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  1. 1. Asher Benjamin, Charles Hathaway, Michael O’Keefe, Ashwin Wagadarikar ● Track health related metrics, make data driven decisions. ● Find activities to enjoy the great outdoors of New York with friends. ● Empower people to become healthier.
  2. 2. Tracking and Monitoring Health Metrics Track metrics over time such as: ● Weight ● Blood pressure ● Physical activity ● Blood sugar ● Heart rate ● Can also upload data from external devices and phone instruments.
  3. 3. Using Data to determine Risk of Diabetes Raw data Munged data Data adapted from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire (2012)
  4. 4. Getting Active in New York State! Find the nearest: ● State parks ● Hiking, biking trails ● Outdoor activities Data from the The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  5. 5. Getting Healthier Together
  6. 6. Thank you! Check out ActiveSideKicks: