Techniques for Managing Stress


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Stress management is not an easy process as it sounds; it starts from identifying the original source of stress because of which your whole life gets unbalanced. Rudraksha beads are effective resource or technique to manage stress. Controlling and reducing tensions from life is stress management.

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Techniques for Managing Stress

  1. 1. A THOUGHT…..
  2. 2. Everyone is Having Stress in Life:Today if we observe, no single person we will find who isnot having stress. We all are having some or theother stress/tension. Our routine life isstressful. Students has a stressof their studies, classes,school and heavysyllabus.
  3. 3. Employeeshas their deadline/targets to achieve, familyresponsibilities and social responsibilities everybody isdemanding and we just keep running to satisfy everybody’sneed and we get stressed. We all need to learn some stressmanagement techniques or should literally follow somestress management tips.
  4. 4. We Can Manage our Stress: If we decide we can manage our stress well. Actually stressmanagement is a skill. It totally depends upon you, that to prioritizeour daily work / office assignments. If we learn to set our prioritiesand set our goals we can be miles away from the stress. Managingstress is nothing but taking charge of your emotions, thoughts,schedule and the way you tackle with your problems or hurdles in ourlife. First sit quietly and identify the causes of stress in your life.It’s not as effortless as it appears to be. The true sources of stressare not easily identifiable and it’s very easy to overlook your ownstress-most disturbing thoughts, feelings, approach towards life andyour behavior. Naturally you are aware that, constantly you areworried and stressed about your deadlines / targets. But it might beyour procrastination, rather than the actual job demands that causesto deadline stress.
  5. 5. Positive Thinking Towards Life: The simple way to identify your actual sources of stressthen, just observe closely at your habits, attitude and excuses.Positive approach towards life is extremely important. Anattitude is nothing but a position which determines youractions, feelings and moods. When you feel, ‘I want to do somany things in life, but nothing is going smoothly, this thoughtwill disturb you and give you a stress, but if you are positivetowards life, your stress will be temporary. It depends upon theperson that, what exactly he is thinking when things are notgoing smoothly. Does he believe in himself to rectify the thingsor he is getting depressed.
  6. 6. So many institutes are available now who teachesstress management techniques and also provide somestress management tips. Some institutes also givedepression treatments to their patients/students. Manyinstitutes helps their patients by teaching few breathingtechniques, some effective stress management techniques,meditation, laughter and relaxation techniques to feel themcomfortable and get rid of depression and stress. They willmake you feel comfortable and relax your mind and bodyand teach how to meditate.
  7. 7. There are several stressmanagement techniqueswhich can be learnt andcan be implemented. Healing Matrix Stress Management Institute
  8. 8. Manage Your Stress By Following Simple Techniques:Many diseases in our body cause because of stress. If we learnto become happy, manage our time,prioritize our work andmanage our time thenwe can effectivelymanage ourstress.
  9. 9. We Have To Analyze Our Own Behavior And Reason BehindGetting Panic Or Annoyed Then Do We Blame Others LikeOutsiders, Family Members, Friends Or Colleagues To BlameYour Stress. Until you accept count ability for the role play in maintaining the same, your stress level willstay outside your control. If your time management isperfect, you will never get stress of anything. You just needto change your habit that’s all.
  10. 10. THANK YOU