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Time, place and context for a hypothetical knowledge worker


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From our new report, Designing Mobile Apps: A Roadmap for Businesses, situational maps are intended to help designers explore possible scenarios where mobile apps could be used.

This mobile 'situational map' is just an example and is not intended to capture the detail found in a user journey (a user-centred design tool) or touch-point map (used in service design). Remember that different people doing the same job may use a mobile device differently in the same situation, depending on a range of factors - so situational maps must be refined into specific journeys.

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Time, place and context for a hypothetical knowledge worker

  1. 1. Time, Place and Context: A Hypothetical Knowledge Worker HOME AT WORK AWAY FROM THE OFFICE Partial attention At home Moving from one (out of hours) At a hotel activity to another Attending a Attending an At the airport conference or informal meeting eventTravelling to and Co-located Attending a Waiting in line for from place of co-workers Site visit formal meeting coffee or lunch work With a client, Working from Working at a Working in a customer or home desk private area business partner Full attention -- ----- ---- --- -- ----- - - ----- Co-workers or business partners working elsewhere James Dellow, Headshift Asia Pacific May 2012