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Bots in E-commerce


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Everything you need to know about using bots in retail and online commerce. Conversational commerce and what bot can do together with human to enrich your business.

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Bots in E-commerce

  1. 1. Bots in E-Сommerce
  2. 2. Conversational commerce Conversational commerce makes a regular chat or messenger so much more in seconds. New level of automation Customer service advantages Personalization of your online working with clients
  3. 3. Every bot needs to have specialization bot doesn’t need additional features to be installed and can help your customer to find and order goods in an easy dialogue bot can be customized for your business and integrated into your e-commerce platform bot can help you working with clients Bots are your virtual concierges
  4. 4. What bots can and humans can’t do Automation Great number of dialogue scenarios according to specialization Bot can save and store your enquiries log and return to each client personally in seconds when necessary Bots are great to handle routine and minimize the number of mistakes Bot works 24/7 with no days off All information in a single screen
  5. 5. What human can that bots can’t do Dealing with unique questions and enquiries Human factor, emotions and full personalization while working with every client
  6. 6. Human and bots need to work together Automation and ways to ask questions to a real person when necessary
  7. 7. #1 2016: 3,2 bln 2016: 3,2 bln 2018: + 1 bln 2018: + 1 bln Bots of the future The future is in dialogues. Investing in bots is a growing trend. of people use messengers. of users #2 Bots return to retail the features it abandoned when have gone online: interactive dialogue between company and client has returned. #3 Bots are easy to integrate into other apps to conquer new audience. It also easily integrates with messengers.
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