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Lessons from Geese

An slideshow for school assembly

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. What can we learn from Geese?
  2. 2. Goose Lesson 1• Geese: The V formation gives 71% extra power; they fly 71% further with the same energy compared to flying alone.• People: We are more effective when we work together towards common goals
  3. 3. Goose Lesson 2• Geese: A bird leaving the formation quickly returns.• People: It is much tougher to go it alone; it can be better to accept help from the group and to play a part in the group
  4. 4. Goose Lesson 3• Geese: The lead of the V rotates; when the leader gets tired, another goose flies at the front.• People: We need to share leadership – we are interdependent and should all be prepared to shoulder responsibility
  5. 5. Goose Lesson 4• Geese: The geese in the V honk from behind to encourage the leaders to keep up their speed.• People: We should support those that lead us by challenging them to do their best but also cheering them on.
  6. 6. Goose Lesson 5• Geese: A wounded or sick goose will be followed down by two other geese for protection. They stay until it is able to fly again before re-joining the flock.• People: We need to stand by each other in difficult times.
  7. 7. HonkHonk