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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. WHAT IS YOUR MAIN PRODUCT?For my main product I created an experimental short film within thepsychological thriller genre. My film “P.S.Y.C.H.O.S (Please Say You CanHelp Our Souls)” is based on three different mental disorders beingshown in three separate acts. The mental disorders were Depression,Anorexia Nervosa and Dissociative Identity Disorder.My short film had to meet certain briefs:• Must be approximately 5 minutes long• Mustn’t follow a clear storylineMy FilmEach character suffers with a different mental disorder, and each disorderis represented in an artistic way, using music to convey the emotions.
  2. 2. WHAT ARE YOUR TWO ANCILLARY TASKS?Film ReviewIn order for me to do a film review,I actually had to research themand make myself familiar withhow to write. I started withresearching film reviews on theinternet, I came across thesites Rotten Tomatoes andIMDb.Film PosterContinuing on from the research I did formy film review, I looked at film posters onthe website IMDb. In order for me tocreate my own film poster, I needed tolook at other film posters.
  3. 3. EXISTING FILM POSTERSOne thing they all have in common is a maincharacter is shown, and there is a tagline. Also,they all show the date they will be out.
  4. 4. CREATION OF MY FILM REVIEWMy film review follows a different layout than reviews I have seen before, Idid this because I wanted to create something different than what isnormally shown, and break conventions.
  5. 5. CREATION OF MY FILM POSTERWhen creating my film poster, I hadchosen which image I wanted to use. But Icould not figure out which effect I wantedto use. After asking people who would bein my target audience I went with thedarker effect because it made the textstand out more, and people in myaudience said that they thought it wasmore intriguing and creative.
  6. 6. WHICH PRODUCT IS THE STRONGEST?If I were to compare all three products, I would say that my short film is themost effective because it allowed me to explore different ways of beingcreative, and also explore issues that I was previously interested in inmore detail.However, I also feel that both the film review and poster add more to thefilm as these two elements are essential in the entire production.
  7. 7. WHAT ARE THE LINKS BETWEEN THEPRODUCTS?An obvious link is made between each product, using the same actor as themain focus of each piece. In the review, I have used screencaps of eachact. This relates it to the short film as there is a clear connection. I haveconnected the poster and the review by using the title of the short filmin both to clearly show what each product is about. Also, all threeproducts are very artistic and creative, with a slightly eccentric edge toit.
  8. 8. WHAT ARE THE FUNCTIONS OF THE PRODUCTS?The main task, my short film, is an artistic representation and commentaryon mental disorders. Within this film there are three acts, each aninterpretation of a different mental disorder. I used different music anddisorders in order to keep my audience entertained throughout, and toalso inform them more of each disorder.My film posters main function is to draw in the audience, and intrigue themenough to make them want to watch my short film.Similar to my film poster, my review is meant to attract my audience andmake them want to watch the film. But the review goes more in depthand tells the audience what the film is actually about. The reviewaccompanies the film and allows the audience to make a presumptionbefore they have seen it.
  9. 9. HOW DO YOUR PRODUCTS FIT INTO THE GENREOF PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER?I made sure my film & poster fit into the genre of Psychological Thriller byusing technical elements of Camera, Sound, Mise En Scene & LightingCameraCamera shots and anglesused to convey meaningand emotion, a mix of midshots and close ups.Mise En SceneA simple background to keepthe character the main focusof the piece so that we canfocus on their emotions.SoundThe story is told throughmusic, rather than dialogueto create a more artisticapproach to each mentaldisorder.LightingNatural lighting, a small budgetmeans no lighting equipment. Thelight in the story comes from eitherlights already in the room, orlamposts.
  10. 10. OVERALL VIEW OF PRODUCTSLooking at my short film, review and poster, I think that they all complimenteach other in a certain way.All three show the same themes throughout and also fit into the samegenre, so they clearly reflect each other.I feel that the two ancillary tasks enhance the overall effect of the short filmas they add to the impact of the issue and create a greater message,whilst also maintaining a great amount of artistic ability & integrity.