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3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship - College Magazine


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3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship - College Magazine

  1. 1. 6/2/2015 3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship ­ College Magazine­land­internship­3­red­flags­avoid­costs/ 1/4 F L I C K R . C O M 0 Comments 56SHARES By Bari Goldman | June 2, 2015 46Like Tweet 4 With amused horror, Kiersten Sedlar, manager of the college recruiting program at, watched as a potential intern sat across from her with his feet on her desk. Slouching in his chair, his answers were nonchalant and peppered with profanity. “He said f–k thirty times during a half­hour interview,” Sedlar said. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t get the internship. Sedlar’s clueless interviewee is not the only student failing at the internship application process. Around 50 percent of students surveyed in an After College Job Seeker Survey never heard back from companies after sending resumes, and 16 percent received the professional silent treatment after being interviewed. Rather than becoming a statistic, take a look at three easily avoidable red flags that will cost you the job. C A R E E R I N T E R V I E W J O B S & I N T E R N S H I P S R E S U M E 3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship THE RED FLAG: INCOMPLETE OR LOW QUALITY PAPERWORK  Share  Tweet    ­ Find us on Facebook College Magazine 7,207 people like College Magazine. Facebook social plugin Like F A C E B O O K P O P U L A R P O S T S 10 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants 10 University of San Diego Professors Who'll Keep You Awake...No Adderall Required 21 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday CM's 10 Most Transgender- Friendly Campuses Top 20 Colleges for Aspiring Writers R A N K I N G S CM’s 10 Most Transgender- Friendly Campuses 10 Best Schools for Gamers 0 CAMPUS MAJORS RANKINGS LIFE CAREER HIGH SCHOOL WRITE
  2. 2. 6/2/2015 3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship ­ College Magazine­land­internship­3­red­flags­avoid­costs/ 2/4 A poor resume will land in the garbage before you even have a chance to interview. FirstJob Vice President of Marketing Sean Little said it is important to pay attention to detail by making sure your resume is updated and flawless. “I will see a lot of cover letters that have fonts out of whack or spelling mistakes,” Little said. If employers see those types of mistakes in a resume, they assume the applicant lacks an eye for details and may not be serious enough for responsibility. Mark Case, director of the Career Development Office for the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, said the solution is to share a resume and cover letter with friends and family to get feedback. “Get as many people to eyeball it as possible because there will always be kernels of wisdom that can shared,” Case said. “Everybody’s got a different opinion about what constitutes a perfect cover letter or resume.” He said it also helps if those people have work experience or are familiar with the company receiving the application. At the very least have your mom eyeball it so you don’t spell you own name wrong. Recruiters will know pretty quickly if applicants show up to an interview without having done any preparation. Little said that when he interviews students for internships, he always asks students questions to see if they’ve researched the company. “People will go into an interview and when the interviewer asks what they like about the company, people will say, ‘I don’t actually know anything about your company,’” Little said. “There’s no point in talking to who hasn’t taken the time to learn about your company.” Before you go into the interview, look up the company website and write down five pieces of information that are interesting and could be brought up as discussion points with the recruiter. Quiz yourself on the same info. Drake University sophomore Jackie Heymann did extensive research before starting her internship with RESULTS: The Power To End Poverty. “I made sure that I was aware of their mission statement, their goals and their major initiatives,” Heymann said. THE RED FLAG: BEING UNDERPREPARED Top 10 Small Universities with a Kick Ass Greek Life CM’s Top 10 Schools for International Students CM’s Top 10 Greenest Campuses The @UUtah continues to rank in the top ten best schools for gamers! @CollegeMag Retweeted by College Magazine ECE at Utah @ece_utah Expand The three red flags that will cost you the #internship? Here's what the #recruiters had to say to me. via @collegemag Retweeted by College Magazine Bari Goldman @bari_goldman Show Summary How to make senior year as memorable as possible @floridastate @FSU_CRE College Magazine @CollegeMag Show Summary 1 Jun 7h 2h Tweets Follow Tweet to @CollegeMag F O L L O W U S O N T W I T T E R
  3. 3. 6/2/2015 3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship ­ College Magazine­land­internship­3­red­flags­avoid­costs/ 3/4 46Like Tweet 4 0 What to Do with 500ish Days of Summer It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer: When May’s Plans Become June Regrets Why You DON’T Need an Internship This Summer Y O U M A Y A L S O L I K E . . . RELATED ITEMS EMPLOYER HIRE INTERNSHIP INTERVIEW PERSONALITY RESUME SUMMER TIPS Interviews are your chance to show off who you are. Frowning through the interview, even if it’s just nerves, doesn’t leave a positive impression. Little said that most recruiters look for a smile and a hint of personality. “If you sit there like a robot and don’t show your personality, you probably won’t have a great chance to get your foot in the door,” Little said. It’s crucial for the recruiter to gauge whether or not an applicant would adapt to a company’s environment easily. Heidi Duss, founder of Prepster, a company that helps people enhance their first impressions with companies, acknowledges the importance of showing one’s true colors in an interview. “We want you to find the right fit just like you want the right fit,” Duss said. “Culture is so crucial.” Before the interview, practice the conversation twice in the mirror. Rehearse smiling, greeting the recruiter and talking about the company to enhance your confidence during the real deal. According to Lehigh University sophomore Sam Cassell, the key to landing an internship is self­assuredness. “Be confident and know you can do the job,” Cassell said. When applying for your next internship or entering the big, bad real world, remember that potential employers have expectations. Don’t ruin your chance by throwing a red flag before they even learn your name. THE RED FLAG: SCOWLING Bari Goldman Bari Goldman is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in journalism and mass coffee consumption.
  4. 4. 6/2/2015 3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship ­ College Magazine­land­internship­3­red­flags­avoid­costs/ 4/4 College Magazine is the national daily guide to campus life. Our articles for college students feature university rankings of U.S. colleges, college guides, academic advice, college prep, career advice, student health and collegiate dating tips. Written by students for students, by a team of journalists from universities nationwide, we’re on the pulse of the college experience. Copyright © 2015 College Magazine. hosting by SiteGround DATING LOVE SEX COLLEGE DATING HOOKING UP WALK OF SHAME SEX IN COLLEGE SEXILED CM INTERVIEWS CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS MUSIC ARTISTS MUSIC INTERVIEWS CELEBRITY ADVICE COLLEGE ADVICE FROM CELEBRITY INTERNSHIPS FRESHMAN FRESHMEN HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE HALLOWEEN BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUMES HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR COUPLES COLLEGE STUDY ABROAD HOW TO STUDY ABROAD HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS STUDY ABROAD ADVICE HOW TO HALLOWEEN IN COLLEGE INTERNSHIP ADVICE DATING ADVICE FRESHMAN YEAR LATEST NEWS The Ultimate Florida State Bucket List CM’s Guide to the Spanish Major It’s Time to Be an Advocate for Yourself 3 Red Flags That Will Cost You the Internship Freshman Year FOMO 5 Ways to Make Your Article Break the Internet TAGS ABOUT US   TEAM   CAMPUS   LIFE   WRITE   APPLY   TERMS & CONDITIONS   SIGN UP The Ultimate Florida State Bucket List CM’s Guide to the Spanish Major It's Time to Be an Advocate for Yourself 5 Ways to Make Your Article Break the Internet ← Previous Story R E C E N T P O S T S Facebook social plugin Also post on Facebook   Posting as Jeremy Duss ▾ Comment Add a comment...