Hitachi Values at Work - Hitachi Data Systems Corporate Social Responsibility CSR


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or on your mobile phone for more information on the Hitachi Data Systems Corporate Social Responsibility Program

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Hitachi Values at Work - Hitachi Data Systems Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

  1. 1. THEHITACHISPIRITCorporate Social Responsibility
  2. 2. At HDS we believe that every company has a duty to contribute to the greater good.For us, corporate social responsibility is a central business tenet and we work hard tolive up to the highest standards.With Japanese roots going back over 100 years, our culture is founded on the valuesexpressed as the Hitachi Spirit. The Hitachi Spirit infuses our people and ourpractices. It’s more than a poster on the wall or a graphic in a slide deck. It’s how – andwhy – we get things done. It’s who we are. Wa – Harmony, Trust, Respect Makoto – Sincerity, Fairness, Honesty, Integrity Kaitakusha-Seishin – Pioneering Spirit, Challenge
  3. 3. Ethics In the Hitachi Spirit, we believe that high ethical standards are the foundation of both a successful business and a great environment in which to work. Hitachi Data Systems employees feel the pride and confidence of being a company that has clear, consistent, unequivocal ethical standards. We are proud to have been recognized for our stance on ethics. In 2011 and 2012, Hitachi Data Systems was recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. Learn more at: To further ensure that the highest levels of ethical practices are followed, HDS has a comprehensive and interactive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. In 2011 HDS achieved the coveted Ethics Inside Certification which recognizes and rewards organizations with outstanding commitments to ethical business practices. Learn more at: Hitachi Data Systems strives to provide a work environment in which ethical conduct is recognized and valued. We also encourage employees to raise questions or concerns about ethics or legal compliance. We focus on ethics every day of the year, and in October every year Hitachi Data Systems follows the lead of our parent company, Hitachi, Ltd., by taking part in Compliance Month. Learn more at: Ethical You. Report unethical or unlawful behavior you observe in the workplace. An ethical workplace is the best workplace.
  4. 4. Charitable Part of our mission at Hitachi Data Systems is to spread the benefits of technological progress to every corner of the globe. It’s a businessGiving and Social goal for sure, but it’s also a humanitarian goal. We’re excited by what we’ve been able to achieve.Contribution Our people help to shape our Giving Policy. Any employee can propose a gift to a nonprofit organization to which the employee has a direct connection, typically as a volunteer. Recently a large contribution was made to the Brain Tumor Foundation when a group of employees participated in the fundraiser. Learn more at: HDS has distributed corporate and local contributions to help people in need. An example is a contribution HDS made to the Singapore Red Cross Society’s South East Asia Flood Appeal fund, which helped provide support to those affected by the flooding in Thailand. The money was used for the purchase of relief items, such as food supplies, boats and bottled water. Learn more at: Hitachi Data Systems Community Action Committees (CAC) encourages HDS employees to be involved in enhancing the quality of life in their communities by providing grants to local targeted non-profits. One example is support of science and technology education. Learn more at: Angel Investor You. Did you know that for as little as US$15 you can help someone regain their dignity and become a productive member of society? Thanks to the financial movement known as microfinance, low-income people around the world now have access to small cash loans for funding independent business ventures. Go online and search “microfinance” for more information. It’s worth it!
  5. 5. Supply Chain Hitachi Data Systems has long advocated fair and transparent business and human rights. We do not use forced, bonded or child labor. WeSustainability and comply with the International Labor Organization’s conventions, United Nations’ declaration of human rights, and local legislationHuman Rights on human rights. To ensure that company operations and policies are free from human rights violations, Hitachi established the Central Human Rights Promotion Committee, which includes representatives from across the Hitachi organization. Learn more at: Through collaboration with European Group companies, the European Commission, and other international bodies, Hitachi has developed advanced educational programs and best practices for addressing human rights in business. Learn more at: The Global Compact is a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt and implement sustainable and socially responsible policies. The Hitachi guidelines for procurement activities were revised in line with the Global Compact to help us achieve our company goals and contribute to a sustainable society. Learn more at: Humanitarian You. Conduct business with companies that champion human rights and take a stand against unjust and inhumane business practices.
  6. 6. Workplace The culture of HDS is a combination of our approach to getting things done, our values and our history. We believe employees canCulture and make an impact every day. We attract the best talent around the globe by fostering an environment where employees are treatedDiversity with dignity and respect, and are free to express their individuality. We’ve received numerous awards for being a best place to work: In 2012 we premiered at No. 86 on the Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work ranking. Similar awards were received around the world: multiple awards as a Top Employer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Great Place to Work awards in Poland and France and a Best Company award in the UK. Learn more at: There’s no question that one of our greatest competitive advantages is the diversity of our workforce. Diversity is supported in many ways, including recruitment outreach programs, employee affinity groups and company sponsorship of events in our major locations. HDS supported a women’s sports initiative in the US, recruiting several of the participants as employees. Learn more at: Over a third of HDS employees are part of our sales organization and we provide a variety of learning opportunities to accelerate new sales employees’ ability to positively contribute, and support their continued development. Our Global Sales Boot Camp program has earned a coveted Gold Award for Best Sales Onboarding Program in the 2011 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. Learn more at: Change Agent You. There are many ways to help nurture employment diversity from both inside and outside the workplace. By supporting scholarships, helping to establish work programs, or contributing time to volunteer organizations, individuals like you can make a big difference. Search online for “diversity programs” in your area.
  7. 7. Environmental A lot of companies talk about making the world a greener place. We just get it done—in big ways and small, in cities and in nature, as aConsciousness company and as individual employees. Check out some of the great initiatives going on at Hitachi Data Systems and group companies.and Sustainability The Hitachi Yokohama Japan data center is one of the industry’s most robust and reliable green data centers. The facility incorporates power-efficient data center technology designed to achieve a benchmarking rating of 1.6 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)1, while offering among the industry’s highest level of reliability, availability and data security. Learn more at: Environmental issues are top of mind when it comes to accommodating the rapid growth of data. HDS is an experienced partner for implementing environmentally efficient IT solutions to help customers achieve more sustainable data centers through technologies and services. Learn more at: Solar-powered desalination plants built by Hitachi group companies are helping to preserve sensitive ecosystems and endangered animals in desert regions. Learn more at: Sustainable You. Did you know that you can balance out your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets? It’s true! Purchasing offsets helps fund reductions in greenhouse emissions through projects like reforestation, wind farms, and solar arrays. To offset your carbon footprint, go online and search “carbon offsets.” They make a great gift, too!
  8. 8. Honors and For HDS the measure of success is not how many awards we win. We’re successful when our local and global communities are thriving,Awards when our customers and partners are well served and when our employees are happy and empowered to do the right thing. That said, winning awards is certainly nice too. Our leadership and innovation was recognized by Chief Executive Magazine, ranking No. 16 of the 40 Best Companies for Leaders. Companies are scored on 4 criteria: formal leadership processes in place, CEO time and involvement with leadership and development program, depth of the leadership funnel, and number of other companies who attempt to recruit away from that company. Learn more at: Our awards extend beyond our own company borders. Hitachi Data Systems customers were named as Laureates in the 24th Annual IDG Computerworld Honors Program. Learn more at: HDS was recognized as part of CRN’s 2012 Virtualization 100 list. The annual feature highlights the top 100 companies in virtualization and is published by UBM’s channel-focused news organization that helps solution providers identify and evaluate virtualization products and programs. Learn more at: Cheerleader You. There’s nothing like a little recognition to lift someone’s spirits. A simple pat on the back or a few words of encouragement can go a long way towards brightening a day. There are so many ways to give a friendly shout out you can’t go wrong— text, tweet, email, e-card, or best of all, face to face.
  9. 9. Hitachi Data SystemsCorporationCorporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, California 95050-2627 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd., in the United States and other countries. Hitachi Data Systemsis a registered trademark and service mark of Hitachi, Ltd., in the United States and other countries.All other trademarks, service marks and company names in this document or website are properties of theirrespective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed orimplied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered by Hitachi Data Systems Corporation.© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved. CORP-495-A PJA Aug 2012