Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Solutions -- Overview Brochure


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This brochure examines how IT trends can be leveraged for mission-critical workloads with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions. For more information on Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions please visit:

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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Solutions -- Overview Brochure

  1. 1. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Solutions Move Important Applications to Your Private Cloud or Managed Hosting Services Provider In today’s fast-paced world, IT organizations spend almost a quarter of their time and resourc- es evaluating and installing increasingly disparate hardware components. They must integrate serv- ers, storage and networking infrastructure, and then add a virtualization layer on which they can finally place enabling and application software. Deployment times are often lengthy ordeals, where products don’t work or integrate as easily as their respective suppliers have advertised. As such, there’s an opportunity cost that often exceeds an organization’s business plan prediction. In addi- tion, today’s business leaders are dealing with budgets that have a large, fixed-cost component. To solve this problem, many organizations are evaluating converged infrastructure solutions. OVERVIEW
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Have certainty with the predictable reliability of a robust private cloud platform aligned to business service levels. Reduce management cost and complexity with coordinated com- prehensive provisioning and administration of virtualized private cloud environments. Simplify the ordering and procurement process as well as deploying and managing physical and vir- tual resources. Increase operational efficiency and resource utilization by aligning business processes to IT execution. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere Hitachi UCP solutions are designed for max- imum performance and utilization, leveraging Hitachi best-in-class hardware and software technology. Unlike other offerings, UCP Pro for VMware vSphere is an open platform that can support multiple storage systems through industry-leading Hitachi virtualization technology. Administrators also can have the ability to select from different server CPU and memory configu- rations to best meet their workload needs, or to offer multiple tiers of compute resources. UCP Pro for VMware vSphere offers compre- hensive and simplified management via the innovative Hitachi UCP Director software. UCP Director significantly reduces time to value and operational costs for even the most demanding applications. UCP Director’s deep integration into VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter enables faster deployment of cloud infrastruc- ture and efficient resource allocation. It also enables simple automation and orchestration for streamlined infrastructure management. Bring infrastructure onboard quickly with faster deployment and preconfigured elements. Automate and orchestrate the management of essential infrastructure components as uni- fied pools of business resources from directly within the VMware vCenter management con- sole. Simplified configuration and integration of all solution components accelerates time to value for your most demanding applications. Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has addressed these challenges by creating a range of con- verged infrastructure solutions that offer IT organizations flexible and highly integrated turnkey offerings. Now, IT organizations can immediately deploy a flexible solution composed of servers, storage, networking switches and software products. Capabilities include data protection and management, and the solutions are tested with specific work- loads for applications from HDS partners. These converged infrastructure solutions from HDS and its partners are validated and certified to ensure their supportability. They are sold as application-optimized reference solutions, and they include the flexibility users require to mix and match some of the com- ponents. For even faster deployments, IT organizations can immediately install a tightly integrated turnkey converged infrastructure solution for private cloud. This turnkey solu- tion features 3rd-party virtualization, which is preconfigured and certified to run a large or midsize data center’s mission-critical appli- cations. In addition, HDS handles all your technical support needs for the whole solution. No more vendor finger-pointing. Just call us! Introducing Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Solutions for Mission-Critical Workloads Hitachi Data Systems offers 2 solution types: The 1st is known as Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Select, also referred to as an application-optimized reference solution. Hitachi offers several categories of these horizontally focused reference solutions and continually expands and refreshes these offer- ings to deliver best-in-class solutions that keep pace with your business needs. The 2nd solu- tion expands upon UCP Select. It is known as Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro, also referred to as an integrated turnkey solution. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select UCP Select solutions represent a portfolio of best-in-class, integrated and converged infrastructure platforms. They accelerate the most used applications in desktop and server virtualization, collaboration, database, data warehousing and business analytics. Each UCP Select solution offers investment protection through a building-block approach that easily expands when needed. This functionality ensures that IT organizations can quickly and efficiently meet the rapidly changing needs of their employer. Plus, a cus- tomizable open architecture can extend UCP Select capabilities while eliminating inevitable component compatibility concerns. IT organizations achieve improved business economics through lower capital expenditure (capex), operating expenditure (opex) and total cost of ownership (TCO) over the traditional 3-year measurement period. Much of an orga- nization’s budget is used to support fixed costs. These solutions offer business efficiencies that can be turned into a competitive advantage because they offer almost immediate deploy- ment with greater workload throughput to improve business velocity and profitability. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro The appeal of UCP Pro is that it helps IT orga- nizations substantially cut deployment time and complexity associated with implementing a foundation platform to support a public or private cloud infrastructure. UCP Pro has all the hardware and software elements of UCP Select but has an additional orchestration layer. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Director delivers the orchestration capabilities IT professionals require to easily and quickly manage and administrate a virtualized cloud infrastructure. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Virtualization Each UCP solution for VMware vSphere and Microsoft® Private Cloud is specifically con- figured to maximize the value of your server virtualization environment. Equipment is neither overpurchased nor overprovisioned. Improve organizational agility by quickly deploying new applications and services to respond to changes in business needs and integrate them into current environments. Hitachi Data Systems keeps pace with your business needs with 2 best-in-class solution types for mission-critical workloads: Hitachi UCP Select, an application-optimized reference solution, and Hitachi UCP Pro, an integrated turnkey solution.
  3. 3. 3 Innovation is the engine of change, and information is its fuel. Innovate intelligently to lead your market, grow your company, and change the world. Manage your information with Hitachi Data Systems. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for VMware vSphere with Cisco Unified Computing System This complete end-to-end reference solution for VMware vSphere delivers the highest performance, availability and efficiency in the industry. It uses industry-leading components from Hitachi and Cisco, and is designed around Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), Cisco Unified Fabric network and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). These compute, network and storage resources are natively integrated with VMware vSphere, creating a simple, flexible and cost-effective deployment of your virtualized data center architecture. VSP is the only storage system in the industry to offer a 100% data availability warranty. Its native integration means multiple VMware ESXi servers can offload workloads, such as VMotion, to the Hitachi storage controller. This frees resources on the server, reduces traffic on the network and dramatically improves infrastructure efficiency. Using only tested and validated components, UCP Select for VMware vSphere with Cisco UCS reduces the risk of introducing new tech- nologies to your data center. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for Microsoft® Private Cloud Reap the benefits of private cloud solutions quickly, with predictable performance, faster deployment and less risk. UCP Select for Microsoft Private Cloud gives you a prevali- dated reference solution. It provides guides to combine compute blades and storage from Hitachi Data Systems with network infrastruc- ture and Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 with Hyper-V® and System Center 2012 software. Create building blocks for a cloud environment that give you the flexibility to scale quickly, as needed, with known results. It’s all based on industry-leading high-quality Hitachi servers and storage, so you can quickly address cur- rent business needs. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Business Analytics Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for SAP HANA Platform SAP High-Performance Analytic Application (HANA) is a modern platform that lets you analyze business operations based on a large volume and variety of detailed data in real time. In addition, SAP delivers a class of real- time applications, powered by the SAP HANA platform. These applications can be deployed as an appliance or delivered as a service via the cloud. UCP Select for SAP HANA solutions enable users with in-memory analytics to work with large volumes of data to compile real-time results. These highly robust and resilient turnkey systems are validated and certified for supportability and come in scale-out and scale-up configurations. With both these solutions, 24/7, mission-critical SAP HANA environments are made possible with enterprise-class, top-of-the line Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) storage and best- in-class server hardware, providing high availability, disaster tolerance and backup. Converged Scale-Out Solution This converged scale-out solution helps orga- nizations to dramatically accelerate analytics on a high-performing platform that can scale to 16 nodes with 8TB of memory. Scalability is achieved through Hitachi symmetric multi- processing (SMP), high availability and disaster tolerance through Hitachi TrueCopy replication, and backup through Symantec NetBackup. Converged Scale-Up Solution The converged scale-up solution enables organizations to run SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA, on a high-performing platform that supports 2TB of memory. In addition, the platform is the perfect solution for prototype environments for enterprises deter- mining their business options. Additionally, organizations working with Hitachi and SAP can now streamline SAP Application Management with Hitachi infrastructure to meet their business needs. They gain increased IT agility with Hitachi Storage Adapter for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM), which integrates core functions of Virtual Storage Platform with LVM software. UCP Select for SAP HANA delivers SAP in-memory computing technology on an optimally configured appliance that scales for more capacity without adding complexity. These solutions are delivered as ready-to- deploy appliances. To deploy these solutions even faster, organizations can use one of the Hitachi Global Systems Integrator Partners or the Hitachi Consulting Corporation “Live in Five” program for an immediate return on investment (ROI). This program has an average deployment timeline of weeks, not months. IT professionals are able to reduce risk while keeping costs to a minimum. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Databases and Data Warehousing To keep up with the growth of databases, companies have rushed to add storage and servers without considering how existing stor- age resources might be better utilized. Adding resources often requires more administrators and software layers to manage the expan- sion. Without a holistic strategy for optimizing Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server® environments, unsystematic growth and its associated uncontrolled costs can create an increasingly expensive cycle. Through a combination of Hitachi UCP Select solutions and our expertise in Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server environments, Hitachi Data Systems can help your company control capital and operational costs. At the same time, we can help you increase perfor- mance, data protection and flexibility. We help ensure the right information is available in the right place, at the right time — and for the right cost.
  4. 4. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. Innovate With Information and TrueCopy are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. Microsoft, Hyper-V, Windows Server, and SQL Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks, service marks, and company names are properties of their respective owners. Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered by Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. OB-038-B DG July 2013 Corporate Headquarters 2845 Lafayette Street Santa Clara, CA 96050-2639 USA Regional Contact Information Americas: +1 408 970 1000 or Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or Asia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for Collaboration Regardless of the size of an organization, Microsoft Exchange administrators are constantly faced with shifting and adjusting resources. They must meet end user and business requirements in a predictable and scalable manner. Or, they may request that their IT departments adjust resources on their behalf. Capacity, performance and avail- ability needs are often at odds with budget constraints, as well as each other. These concerns require careful balancing in order to meet data and application expectations. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 UCP Select for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is engineered for rapid deployment. It is tightly integrated with the powerful fea- tures in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for resilience, predictable performance and seamless scalability. This solution supports Microsoft Exchange 2010 Availability Group (DAG) and starts at 5,000 mailboxes. It can then be easily and quickly expanded in a building block approach to 96,000 mailboxes. This type of expandability means there’s no upfront overpurchasing or overprovisioning. Companies and Internet service providers can grow their head count through acquisitions or online offers, without worrying about whether their back-end infra- structure can handle the growth. Hitachi Service Offerings Hitachi Data Systems Global Solution Services (GSS) offers proven methodologies and a comprehensive Professional Services portfolio to help manage solution infrastruc- ture. Our team of professionals understands the latest in integrated solutions, related technologies and complex IT architec- tures. We take a strategic approach to services by linking technology to business requirements. That means we can deliver a best-fit, high-performance solution tailored to meet precise business needs. For Hitachi UCP Pro and Hitachi UCP Select solutions, GSS provides best practices and knowledge on how best to design, plan and implement your storage infrastructure to opti- mize migrations and management. Working with Hitachi Consulting and other leading consultants, GSS can provide an extended range of application services. We address all solution environments, including assessments and readiness, architecture design, solution implementation and deployment. These services could include: ■■ Server migrations. ■■ Data migration planning. ■■ Design and implementation for the con- verged platform. ■■ Archiving and compliance. ■■ Unified communications. ■■ Managed services (onsite and remote options available). For More Information To learn more about how Hitachi Unified Compute Platform solutions can help you spend less time managing your converged infrastructure for the private cloud and more time solving business challenges, please con- tact your Hitachi Data Systems representative or visit Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for Oracle Database UCP Select for Oracle Database is engineered to support older Oracle database releases (9i and 10g) and the most up-to-date version, 11g. They are pretested and qualified to pro- vide predictable performance and the highest reliability in demanding, dynamic Oracle envi- ronments, something Hitachi has been offering for over 20 years. This solution combines Hitachi compute and storage components and is validated to ensure consistent, predictable results for mission-critical environments run- ning Oracle online transaction and application processing (OLTP and OLAP). Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for Microsoft® SQL Server® UCP Select for Microsoft SQL is engineered to solve performance concurrency issues. It does this by using a balanced architecture of com- pute and storage processing power for general and complex queries. Complex queries must have matching CPU and storage performance to avoid slow sequential reads to fill query requirements. Anything else is considered an unbalanced system, which results in slow data warehouse reporting, dashboards and analytics that end users find unac- ceptable. Further, mounting additional data volumes increases the amount of supported data and also increases the number of end users who wish to access the data. Microsoft SQL Server data warehousing solu- tions are reaching a point where enterprises now consider them mission-critical “must haves” that help them to stay competitive. UCP Select for Microsoft SQL Server can help these enterprise users to fast track deploy- ment of a balanced solution and immediately query large amounts of data.