Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced Implementation Service


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The Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced Implementation Service ensures the successful deployment of Dynamic Link Manager Advanced in your storage multipathing environments.

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Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced Implementation Service

  1. 1. Get the help you need to install, configure and make effective use of HitachiDynamic Link Manager Advanced in your production environment.Transform Virtualization Economics Reliable Trusted Innovate Informa-tion Global Change Intelligent Technology Services Value Insight Op-portunity Social Infrastructure Integrate Analyze Discover CompetitiveDATASHEETProtect Data TravelingBetween Server andStorage SystemHitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advancedsoftware improves information accessibility,reliability and availability with comprehensivepath failover and failback. It helps maintainsystem performance with automatic work-load balancing. Further, in the event of pathfailure, it automatically switches the I/O toan alternate path, ensuring an active route isalways available.By providing a centralized, integrated storagepath management interface, Dynamic LinkManager Advanced helps administrators:■■ Minimize configuration errors.■■ Optimize application performance bycontrolling path bandwidth.■■ Keep applications online to performmaintenance tasks by switching toalternate paths.■■ Use automatic path health checks andreporting to reduce downtime and helpwith rapid troubleshooting.Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced Implementation ServiceEnsure an Optimal Setupof Hitachi Dynamic LinkManager AdvancedThe Hitachi Dynamic Link ManagerAdvanced Implementation Service ensuresthe successful deployment of Dynamic LinkManager Advanced in your storage multi-pathing environments. Hitachi Data SystemsGlobal Solution Services (GSS) consul-tants help you understand deploymentrequirements, assist with installation, andrecommend best practices so you can turnDynamic Link Manager Advanced into animmediate asset.This service can be delivered remotely or onsite. Please contact your local GSS repre-sentative to determine which option is bestfor your requirements.Scope of ServiceThe Hitachi Dynamic Link ManagerAdvanced Implementation Service includes:■■ Installation of 1 Dynamic Link ManagerAdvanced instance on a test server youspecify.■■ Installation of 1 Dynamic Link ManagerAdvanced instance on a productionserver that matches the make andmodel of the test server.■■ Knowledge transfer to a limited numberof your technical staff.■■ A rundown of the requirements fordeploying Dynamic Link ManagerAdvanced.■■ A demonstration on the test server ofthe major features and functionality ofDynamic Link Manager Advanced.■■ Hitachi Data Systems recommendedpractices with emphasis on DynamicLink Manager Advanced planning,installation and use.
  2. 2. DATASHEETCorporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.DS-285-A DG March 2013Take the Next StepOur services experts can help you success-fully deploy Hitachi Dynamic Link ManagerAdvanced. We help you to deliver suchbusiness continuity strategies as fault-tolerant failover, failback, and load balancingwith centralized path management. To learnmore, we invite you to contact your HitachiData Systems representative or visit us Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced Implementation Service provides thelevel of expertise your business needs to use Dynamic Link Manager Advanced effec-tively in your production environments. We help you:■■ Gain a rapid and accurate implementation of Dynamic Link Manager Advanced.■■ Get started with Dynamic Link Manager Advanced immediately followingdeployment.■■ Use Dynamic Link Manager Advanced to protect data availability, optimize systemperformance, enable application-specific storage service levels, and simplify pathadministration.■■ Take a best practice approach to using and maintaining the software.Benefits of Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager AdvancedImplementation Service