“Innovate With Information” While AdoptingCloud, Your Way, At Your Own PaceHitachi Data Systems delivers secure, flexible,...
SOLUTION PROFILEa majority of the data residing in primarystorage is either stale or not often neededto support business o...
3Innovation is the engine of change,and information is its fuel. Innovateintelligently to lead your market, growyour compa...
SOLUTION PROFILEHDS Solutions for thePrivate CloudMeet Today’s Storage ChallengesWith Hitachi TechnologyHDS provides priva...
5Figure 3. Sophisticated cloud storage services enable greater optimization and efficiency forseveral types of storage.■■ ...
SOLUTION PROFILEHitachi Cloud Services, Deliveredby Hitachi Data SystemsHitachi Cloud Services is an HDS ownedand managed,...
7AT A GLANCE: BENEFITS OF HITACHI CLOUD SOLUTIONSexpenses brought on by data growth andmanagement complexity.Easily scalab...
© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, L...
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Hitachi Cloud Solutions Profile


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Hitachi Cloud Solutions Profile

  1. 1. “Innovate With Information” While AdoptingCloud, Your Way, At Your Own PaceHitachi Data Systems delivers secure, flexible, scalableand easy-to-manage cloud storage infrastructures thatenable you to lower total cost of ownership, meet servicelevel agreements, and improve operational efficiency. Wealso deliver fully managed cloud services so that you canreduce costs, improve efficiencies, and pay for only what isconsumed. With Hitachi cloud solutions, you can leveragea choice of cloud delivery models, including private, publicand hybrid. This selection allows you to achieve cost andresource benefits of the cloud in a way that makes sensefor your business. As your content, data and analyticsneeds grow, our cloud solutions will be there to growwith them.Hitachi Cloud SolutionsSOLUTIONPROFILEOverviewThe ever-increasing complexity of data centers andthe massive growth of data are taxing today’s datacenters. These increases, in turn, multiply the amountof compute capabilities and resources required to store,process, optimize and serve information back to endusers. As they have attempted to address these issues,organizations have rapidly adopted virtualization. Now,they are looking to cloud delivery service models toreduce costs, increase flexibility, and improve their timeto market. Cloud’s ability to grow and contract storageresources, in concert with business needs, can reduceor eliminate upfront capital expenditure for underutilizedassets. It also minimizes operational expenses due tocontinual data growth and management complexity. Bydeploying cloud models and leveraging cloud-managedservices, organizations only pay for what they consumeand eliminate the day-to-day management tasks,altogether.Most organizations are experiencing massive growthof data, such as business documents, files, computeraided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing(CAM) and Web content. To address the growth, manyorganizations have built large network attached storage(NAS), Microsoft®SharePoint®and other applicationenvironments that have become increasingly complexto manage and costly to operate. Such environmentsalso take precious resources away from the most activeand frequently accessed data. For some organizations,
  2. 2. SOLUTION PROFILEa majority of the data residing in primarystorage is either stale or not often neededto support business operations or deci-sion-making. This data requires constantbackup and management, which, in turn,consumes more capacity and IT resources.In addition, in many cases it resides on Tier1 storage, causing the overall total cost ofownership (TCO) for this environment to bevery high.Therefore, many organizations arechallenged with:■■ Cost of storing and managing stale dataon primary storage.■■ Proliferation of file and SharePoint serv-ers, both local and remote.■■ Poor utilization.■■ Uneven cost to value ratio of data andstorage.■■ Increasing management costs andcomplexity.■■ Slowing performance of primary systems.■■ Massive expansion of backup volumesand shrinking backup windows.Choosing the right cloud solution canhelp organizations address these issuesby providing cost-effective, efficient andwell-managed storage options.The Hitachi Vision on CloudCloud is not a single product, but rather away to provide IT services. The Hitachi DataSystems approach offers a comprehensiveset of solutions and service offerings. Thisfull selection allows you to choose the bestpossible solutions to address your cloudneeds, at your own pace, while protectingyour existing investments.Growing data needs demand solutionsthat can provide storage and managementcapabilities that are tailored to your specificrequirements (which may be linked to yourvertical industry, regulatory requirements, orother factors). These solutions must also becost-effective and must be able to deliverthe reliability you need to support yourbusiness. Ultimately, the cloud must enableyou to leverage your data and content tocreate “intelligence” that supports businessdecision-making.The path begins with a highly efficient, vir-tualized cloud infrastructure (see Figure 1).It continues with a content platform thatseparates data from the applications withwhich it is linked. This separation makesdata “fluid” yet easily discoverable andsearchable, so it is available when needed,regardless of where it physically resides.The ultimate vision is of an “informationcloud” that supports the analytics you needto extract real business value from yourdata and content.Hitachi cloud solutions give you a varietyof options to help manage the explosivegrowth of unstructured content. Thesesolutions enable you to move legacy orlower value file data to cloud storage. Thesolutions use a private cloud model (locatedwithin your firewall or hosted and managedby HDS), or public and hybrid cloud optionsdelivered by HDS or its partners. Regardlessof the solution chosen, you can achieve thecost and flexibility benefits of the cloud whilereducing either capital or operating expendi-ture (capex or opex), or both.Hitachi Platforms andTechnologies Enable CloudSolutionsAt the heart of our cloud solutions are a setof proven, cloud-enabled platforms thatsupport the unified, virtualized and distrib-uted environments common in organizationstoday. These environments form the foun-dation for private, public and hybrid cloudimplementations. Two of these platformsare particularly important for storing andFigure 1. The Hitachi cloud solutions vision is to leverage infrastructure and content to derivebusiness insight.managing data, content and files: HitachiContent Platform (HCP) and Hitachi ContentPlatform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere).Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere:Enterprise-Ready, Safe, File Syncand ShareHCP Anywhere is a fully integrated,on-premises solution for safe, secure filesharing and synchronization. Built fromend to end by Hitachi Data Systems, HCPAnywhere is enterprise and Internet ready.The software uses Hitachi Content Platformobject store to store, protect, share, sync,secure and manage data in the most effi-cient, easily scalable and highest-densityobject storage platform.End users simply save a file to their HCPAnywhere folder and it will automaticallysynchronize to all of their registered devicesand be available via popular Web brows-ers. Once saved to the HCP Anywherefolder, the file is protected, compressed,single instanced, encrypted, replicated andaccess controlled by the well-proven HCP.Deployment and setup is easy. Administratorscan install HCP Anywhere onto HCP andimport user permissions via Microsoft ActiveDirectory®. End users then can self-registerusing their Active Directory credentials anddownload the software for their particulardevices either from the user portal or fromthe Apple iTunes store for iOS devices athttps://itunes.apple.com/app/id577511005.
  3. 3. 3Innovation is the engine of change,and information is its fuel. Innovateintelligently to lead your market, growyour company, and change the world.Manage your information withHitachi Data Systems.www.hds.com/innovateHCP Anywhere provides desktop appli-cations for both Microsoft Windows®andApple Mac platforms. End users downloadthe HCP Anywhere desktop applicationsfrom the HCP Anywhere user portal. Oncethey install the HCP Anywhere desktopapplication on their computers, all otherusers on the computer can use the applica-tion. However, each user can access onlyhis or her own files. The desktop applica-tion creates a special folder named HCPAnywhere on the end user’s computer andHCP Anywhere automatically synchronizesthe contents of this folder with the enduser’s other devices.With HCP Anywhere:■■ End users can store their work files withfull data protection and easy recov-ery, and they can share the files withaccess-controlled links that can expire.■■ IT gets simplified administration withbuilt-in mobile device management,auditing and full integration with ActiveDirectory.■■ All files are stored deduplicated,compressed and backup-free in anon-premises object store.■■ Organizations can reduce email storageand network payloads by sending linksinstead of attachments.■■ File sync and share is easy to deployand manage.■■ No end user training required.■■ Works with existing IT practicesand processes.■■ No backups needed.■■ User self-service portal provided.The HCP Anywhere mobile applicationsupports these mobile devices:■■ Apple iPhone 5.■■ Apple iPhone 4S.■■ Apple iPad Mini.■■ Apple iPad with Retina Display.■■ Apple iPad 2.The HCP Anywhere mobile applicationrequires the Apple iOS v6.x operating system.Hitachi Content Platform: The HighlyScalable Object Store for the CloudHitachi Content Platform provides thehighly scalable and reliable enterprise-classstorage infrastructure as the core of Hitachicloud solutions.HCP enables creation of an agile,unstructured content environment withgeneral-purpose object stores that supporta variety of services. With its multitenantobject storage environment, HCP pro-vides security and broad protocol support.These features allow organizations to gainthe benefits of consolidation without com-promising security or completely rewritingcritical applications. HCP securely segre-gates data within different namespaces toprevent unauthorized access.HCP, as an online data repository, is a keyfoundational element for Hitachi cloudsolutions. Some of its key cloud-enabledfeatures include:■■ Large-scale multitenancy. Up to 1,000separate tenants are supported, each ofwhich can be uniquely configured by asubscriber.■■ Massive scale. HCP offers up to 40PBof storage, 80 nodes, 32 billion userobjects, and 15 million files per directoryon a single system, with the ability to addnodes or storage without disruption.■■ Representative state transfer (REST)API support. Geographic dispersal andreplication are supported, as well asdata access based on namespaces, andmetadata querying.■■ Custom metadata. HCP enables moreaccurate content access. It provides themeaningful information needed to effi-ciently and intelligently process data andapply the right object policies to meetbusiness, compliance and protectionrequirements.■■ Fixed content archiving. Using “write-once, read-many” (WORM) storagetechnology, HCP ensures that data in itsrepository cannot be updated or modi-fied. The data is therefore guaranteed tobe available unchanged when needed.■■ Backup-free data protection and contentpreservation. HCP is a true backup-freeplatform. It protects content using a setof sophisticated data preservation tech-nologies (including replication, metadataredundancy, and RAID protection).With its flexible, modular design, HCPallows administrators to scale up or down,on demand, with petabyte scaling potential,and avoid downtime associated upgradesand scale changes.With its flexibility, robust management andcloud storage operations capabilities, andstrong support for multitenancy, HCP is atruly “cloud ready” platform.
  4. 4. SOLUTION PROFILEHDS Solutions for thePrivate CloudMeet Today’s Storage ChallengesWith Hitachi TechnologyHDS provides private cloud solutions thatdirectly address today’s storage challengesin a scalable, easily provisioned, pay-per-use approach. By leveraging a private clouddelivery model, organizations can reducecosts, allow seamless access to tiereddata, simplify management and improve theefficiency and longevity of their primary NASand SharePoint environments by:■■ Moving legacy or lower value file datato cloud storage.■■ Aligning payment to consumption (onlypaying for the storage that they consumewhen they consume it).■■ Eliminating the need for any resources tomanage the environment.The solution provides integrated, fullymanaged, usage-based services. Theseservices move legacy or lower-valueunstructured data into a cloud storage envi-ronment located within an organization’sdata center (see Figure 2). The data staysin the organization’s data center, but theorganization only pays for the storage thatis used on a monthly subscription basis.Maintaining the data within the organiza-tion’s environment ensures that existingsecurity methodologies are maintained. Thephysical infrastructure in the organization’sdata center is remotely managed by HitachiData Systems through a secure connection.This remote management reduces manage-ment overhead and provides the necessaryskills to optimize the storage environment.Requests for new storage can be fulfilledbased on the policies set up front betweenHitachi Data Systems and the organization.The storage is then remotely provisionedand managed by Hitachi Data Systems.Sophisticated Services Ease YourTransition to the CloudHDS offers a number of cloud servicesthat allow organizations to tier multiple,locally and remotely located NAS files andSharePoint content to their resident cloudinfrastructure. Tiering may occur over alocal high-speed network [local area network(LAN) or metro area network (MAN)], or overthe wide area network (WAN) in the caseor remote or branch offices. By deploying acloud service delivery model, organizationsare able to consume resources as a serviceand pay only for those resources they use.They can reduce the footprint of primarystorage systems and avoid the need fortape backups. They can also gain capexFigure 2. The Hitachi Data Systems private cloud solution moves legacy or lower valueunstructured data into a cloud storage environment located within the organization’sdata center.and opex savings, simplify IT management,and begin the path to a true informationcloud.In addition, once the data has been tieredto the cloud storage, Hitachi Data Systemscan provide advanced data protectioncapabilities via replicated cloud storage.This approach ensures that your data iswell protected and properly preserved. Itenables greater savings by eliminating theneed to make tape backups of infrastruc-ture cloud data.HDS offers 3 private cloud services thatorganizations can take advantage of tomake best use of the benefits of their pri-vate cloud storage solutions (see Figure 3):■■ File Tiering. This service enables you tomove inactive or low priority files off ofyour primary NAS environment and intoyour private cloud store or to differenton-premise tiers if that is appropriate. Fileaccess is achieved via primary NAS byway of a stub file, which acts as a place-holder, allowing you to maintain onlineaccess to content. This service thereforehelps improve the performance and scal-ability of primary NAS systems as well asbackup and restore times.HDS provides private cloudsolutions that directly addresstoday’s storage challenges ina scalable, easily provisioned,pay-per-use approach. Byleveraging a private clouddelivery model, organizationscan reduce costs, allowseamless access to tiereddata, simplify managementand improve the efficiencyand longevity of theirprimary NAS and SharePointenvironments.
  5. 5. 5Figure 3. Sophisticated cloud storage services enable greater optimization and efficiency forseveral types of storage.■■ Primary File Serving. Consumers ofcloud services can be widely distributedgeographically, even within a singleorganization. Providing file storage in thistype of environment can be a significantchallenge, a very time-consuming andexpensive effort. This service delivers bot-tomless, backup-free file serving “to theedge,” providing both local cache so thatfrequently accessed content can easilybe retrieved, and support for multipletenants and namespaces. In this way, thecost and complexity of management andbackup for this type of environment canbe significantly reduced.■■ Microsoft SharePoint Archiving.SharePoint is a popular mechanism forcreating, managing and sharing con-tent. Its wide use is considered to be asignificant contributor to the growth ofunstructured data in enterprises today.This data growth can lead to MicrosoftSQL Server®“overload” and SharePointenvironment “sprawl” that can lead tocompliance risk and reduced SharePointefficiency. This policy-based serviceenables efficient storage, protection,and management of SharePoint data,resulting in a more efficient environment,reduced cost of ownership, and controlover SharePoint data and metadata.These services provide you with effectiveon-ramps to leveraging a private cloud solu-tion. They enable you to move and manageyour data in the cloud without having tocreate these services yourself.Services for Remote StorageManagementMany organizations are looking to reducetheir management costs or lacking theresources, staff or expertise to implementand maintain their own storage infrastruc-ture. Hitachi Data Systems can remotelymanage these infrastructures, providingcost-effective best practice monitoring,reporting and provisioning capabilities forstorage management. A comprehensiveset of remote storage management capa-bilities with the ability to provision storageas well as monitor the storage environmenthelps organizations fill expertise and staffgaps cost-effectively and quickly, withgreater organizational flexibility. The skilledmanaged services staff from Hitachi DataSystems gains secure access to an orga-nization’s environment. This access maybe accomplished via VPN, Citrix or WebExconnectivity as a remote user, based on theorganization’s security protocols. Essentially,the HDS staff becomes an extension of theorganization’s IT resources. Hitachi DataSystems works within the organization’sremote working access policy, while adher-ing to the relevant user administration policyand procedures.Because the private cloud solution is man-aged exclusively for the organization ontheir premises, the offering requires a mini-mum commitment in order to sign up. Then,the organization is billed monthly, basedon actual storage consumption. Integratedreporting on the capacity and performanceof the cloud storage environment is alsoprovided.HDS Solutions for thePublic CloudAs organizations look to move their data tothe cloud, many begin with a private cloud.This choice may be driven by a variety offactors: They may wish to maintain greatercontrol of their applications and data, andmay possess the resources and skills tobuild and maintain a private cloud infra-structure. Regulatory issues may compelthem to keep their data in house if theycannot find a public cloud provider thatcan meet their requirements. Or, they mayalready possess the capital assets theyneed to build a private cloud and have afinancial incentive to continue their use.For others, the public cloud may be a betteroption. IT resources may be more scarceor less skilled in areas needed to supporta private cloud. However, a public cloudcan help free up these resources to focuson more business critical needs and effortsfocused more on innovation. Even thoseorganizations that first implement privateclouds may look into public cloud. As theylearn more about the regulatory, privacy andsecurity issues affecting their data, as wellas how and when their data is used, theymay determine that a public cloud can alsooffer significant benefits. This “hybrid cloud”approach may be the right fit where somedata and content simply should not leavethe data center.In addition to providing private cloud solu-tions, HDS also gives organizations a varietyof options to leverage the public cloud.
  6. 6. SOLUTION PROFILEHitachi Cloud Services, Deliveredby Hitachi Data SystemsHitachi Cloud Services is an HDS ownedand managed, enterprise-level, public andenterprise-to-cloud offering. It provides a setof sophisticated cloud storage services aswell as REST API support to enable interop-erability with enterprise applications. As withother Hitachi cloud solutions options, HDSprovides offsite, public storage for the datayou send to the cloud using our provenplatforms. At the same time we supporteasy, reliable access to the data, regardlessof your location.Hitachi Cloud Services delivers the 3 servicesdescribed previously (File Tiering, FileServing, Microsoft SharePoint Archiving).These services are delivered in the form of1 fully managed cloud service called HitachiCloud Service for Content Archiving. Thisservice provides the ability to:■■ Move content from primary storage intocloud storage.■■ Back up files stored remotely.■■ Monitor performance, and address anyperformance-related issues before theyimpact your service level agreements(SLAs).■■ Return version files to the cloud oncethey are changed.■■ Handle on-demand capacity requests.■■ Pay for service based on a fixed rate perstorage unit per month.Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archivinglets you get maximum value from your datawhile passing data management responsi-bilities and infrastructure upgrades to HitachiData Systems. It can be customized basedon your application archiving and contentrequirements, and includes such value-addedcontent services as index and search acrossmultiple data types. Customization optionswill expand in the future to include computeand analytics capabilities. Make our enter-prise-class archive-as-a-service model partof a hybrid or public cloud strategy to reducecosts, improve overall operational efficiencies,and provide competitive advantage.One of the most important features ofHitachi Cloud Services is its support of theREST API (see Figure 4). This API is partof a Web-based architectural definition forthe interaction among, and behavior of,clients and servers on the Web. For thecloud, this means that applications andother resources can interoperate based ona well-defined API standard. Hitachi CloudServices leverage this API to provide anon-ramp to the cloud, enabling its seamlessintegration with popular enterprise applica-tions. It also makes it easy to leverage thecloud for your data by creating an efficientmechanism for data movement and access.Hitachi Cloud Services can play an import-ant role in relieving the problem of storing,managing and protecting increasing datavolumes. We target your most challengingstorage problems with integrated solutionsthat eliminate upfront capex for underuti-lized assets. And we minimize operationalFigure 4. Hitachi Cloud Services provide your on-ramp to the cloud.
  7. 7. 7AT A GLANCE: BENEFITS OF HITACHI CLOUD SOLUTIONSexpenses brought on by data growth andmanagement complexity.Easily scalable to meet fluctuating capacityneeds, Hitachi Cloud Service for ContentArchiving delivers a “pay-per-use” modelthat effectively aligns cost with the amountof storage consumed.Hitachi Cloud Services are available in theU.S. through your HDS sales representative.Hitachi Cloud Services Connection:Cloud Infrastructure and ApplicationsDelivered to Small and MediumBusinesses Through the ChannelIn APAC and EMEA, approximately 75% ofexternal storage revenue is entry and mid-range. Small and medium-sized businessesare users of these storage classes but thereis a rapid movement of these companiesto cloud computing. To meet the needs ofthis important industry segment, HDS hascreated Hitachi Cloud Services Connection.With this program, HDS leverages its rela-tionships with some of its Hitachi TrueNorthPartners to bring a robust set of infrastruc-ture and application capabilities to market.Hitachi Cloud Services Connection is awhite-label program that enables our chan-nel partners to deliver a comprehensivecloud service catalog. The catalog is basedon Hitachi technology deployed in countryand managed by HDS remotely, to comple-ment their existing HDS product offerings.In this way, our channel partners are able tosolve customer business challenges with acombination of on-premise Hitachi systemsand cloud services using Hitachi technology.Hitachi Cloud Services Connection providesthe following services:■■ Virtual Server and Storage. This infra-structure-as-a-service (IaaS) optionoffers virtual servers and storage withelastic computing power and scalability,designed to reduce cost of ownershipand upfront capex.■■ Hosted Shared Desktop. Thisenterprise-class desktop helps organiza-tions reduce overall desktop operationaloverhead and helps them streamline thedesktop application deployment andupgrade process.■■ Storage as a Service. This offeringprovides an on-demand storage servicethat can be accessed using the standardCIFS or NFS protocols. It extends exist-ing storage environments into the HDScloud using IP, a virtual private networkor private leased line connection.■■ Online Backup. Combining advancedtechnology to capture byte-level dif-ferences with powerful compressionalgorithms, this service supports theefficient and secure backup of server ordesktop data to an offsite cloud.■■ Disaster Recovery. This service com-bines a number of next-generationrecovery technologies (including disk-based recovery, application-aware andcontinuous data protection, and WANoptimization) to deliver cloud-baseddisaster recovery to protect mission-critical applications.■■ File and Content Service. This serviceoffers a seamless, on-demand, scalable,secure and backup-free storage solutionusing Hitachi Content Platform. Email,SharePoint and HDS cloud applicationsare already integrated. We can assist thechannel partner to integrate independentsoftware vendor (ISV) applications orcustomer applications using HCP APIs torealize the full value of the content cloud.■■ Software as a Service. Hitachi CloudServices Connection also offers applica-tions that organizations need to run theirbusiness. For example, the electronicrecords management service provides anapplication to create records, organizethem and manage workflow of thesedocuments through the organization.The integration with HCP means we canprovide retention capabilities and meetother compliance criteria. Other appli-cation types are and will be provided byHDS and partners.Hitachi Cloud Servicescan play an important rolein relieving the problemof storing, managing andprotecting increasing datavolumes. We target yourmost challenging storageproblems with integratedsolutions that eliminateupfront capex for under-utilized assets.Benefits DescriptionEliminateCapital Expense■■ Employ consumption-based pricing.■■ Support unpredictable demand with “just in time” storage.■■ Eliminate oversubscription of storage.ReduceOperatingExpense■■ Move stale data to a fully managed environment.■■ Improve efficiency and utilization of existing investment.■■ Reduce amount of backup media, licensing and managementoverhead required.ImprovePrimary StorageEnvironment■■ Reduce amount of storage on Microsoft SharePoint and pri-mary NAS.■■ Improve performance, scalability and manageability.■■ Achieve better return on assets (ROA).ImproveBackupPerformance■■ Reduce amount of storage to be backed up.■■ Improve backup and restore times.
  8. 8. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. TrueNorth and Innovate With Information are trademarks orregistered trademarks of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. Microsoft, SharePoint, Active Directory, and SQL Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Allother trademarks, service marks, and company names are properties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.SP-042-D DG May 2013Corporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or hds.marketing.apac@hds.comDepending on their specific needs, organi-zations will want to choose among variouscloud delivery models and cloud services.HDS provides that choice by delivering,either directly or through partners, a com-prehensive set of cloud solutions that bringthe benefits of the cloud to you, in a waythat makes sense for you.For More InformationFor more information regarding the capa-bilities of Hitachi cloud solutions and howthey can support your data center, pleasecontact your Hitachi Data Systems repre-sentative or visit www.HDS.com.archival that organizations can use to createtheir cloud-based implementations. As acloud service provider partner, the partnermaintains the hosting environment andprovides self-service capabilities for serviceprovisioning, subscription management,and billing. Organizations can work directlywith HDS or with the cloud service providerto acquire and use services, and pay foronly what they use.SummaryHitachi cloud solutions help organizationsmanage the explosive growth of data andcontent in their environments. They enableorganizations to move legacy or lower valuefile data to cloud storage and only pay forthe storage that they consume, when theyconsume it. By tiering inactive content to thecloud, administrators can improve the per-formance, efficiency, scale and longevity oftheir primary storage environment in additionto improving their backup and restore times.From a financial perspective, organizationscan eliminate upfront capex and reduceopex by simplifying their environment andconsuming storage as a service.Hitachi Cloud Services Connection pro-vides our channel partners with a quickgo-to-market offering of cloud services. Byusing these services, they can avoid capexand the risk of developing their own offer-ings, as well as the opex of running them.Small and medium-sized businesses thenget the solutions, enterprise-class features,knowledge and experience they need toleverage the advantages of cloud.Hitachi Cloud Services Connection is beingdeployed in select Asia-Pacific (APAC)countries.Hitachi Cloud Service Provider Program:Added-Value Services From HDS andIts PartnersHitachi Cloud Service Provider Program isdesigned to leverage the synergy betweenleading data management technologies andservices capabilities of Hitachi Data Systemsand the cloud delivery, managed services,and industry expertise of our select cloudservice providers. Together, we bring value-added cloud services to customers.The program is built on proven, reliableHDS platforms and technologies that pro-vide a foundation for content storage and