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ESG Lab Validation Report for Hitachi Data Systems Converged Infrustructure Cell-based Design


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Lab validation report documenting the results of ESG Lab’s hands on testing of the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform with Converged Infrastructure Cell architecture. This Lab Validation focuses on the ease of management, fast, reliable operations, and granular efficiency of the Hitachi Converged Infrastructure Cell architecture. The report confirmed that scaling to add additional virtual desktops with the Hitachi Converged Infrastructure Cell reference architecture is seamless and straightforward. Adding capacity was accomplished by non-disruptively adding and configuring an additional cell—two additional server blades and 24 disk drives. After the cell was added, 110 additional virtual desktops were easily created and powered on. ESG Lab found the enterprise-class architecture effective in delivering smooth scalability with predictable performance in virtual desktop deployments.

Published in: Technology
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