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A Buyer's Guide to Storage Virtualization

See how to manage a growing and complex IT environment within your budget constraints. Storage virtualization offers a practical solution. Learn what to know and what to look for when purchasing storage virtualization.

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A Buyer's Guide to Storage Virtualization

  1. 1. A BUYER‟S GUIDE TO STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION1 © 2011 Hitachi Data Systems. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. WEBTECH EDUCATIONAL SERIES MARK PETERS SENIOR ANALYST ENTERPRISE STRATEGY GROUP MIKE NALLS SENIOR PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER HITACHI DATA SYSTEMSA Buyer‟s Guide to Storage VirtualizationIn an IT world consumed by growth and complexity yet constrained by budget limitations,storage virtualization offers a practical solution. In this webcast, you will learn what toknow and what to look for when purchasing storage virtualization. You will hearexplanations of the available approaches with advice on making an informed decision. ITindividuals looking for storage best practices should attend to gain insight in addressingtheir top enterprise storage challenges.
  3. 3. WEBTECH SESSIONSPlease check for: Link to recordings, presentations and Q&A Schedule and registration for upcoming WebTech sessions
  4. 4. AGENDA What Is Storage Virtualization? Alternative Approaches Evaluating the Options Real-world Benefits Solve the Top Challenges Storage Virtualization Results Summary and Resources
  5. 5. STORAGE LANDSCAPE OVERVIEW Storage doesn‟t matter! ‒ IOPS, apps and ops are not the point. Storage “tail” wagging the IT “dog”? ‒ Last bastion of awkwardness is “Ponzi storage” Major challenges: Scale and flexibility ‒ Change inevitable Industry consolidation and dynamics ‒ The converged, integrated, stacked, automated promise Is storage an anchor on server virtualization? ‒ Storage through the ESG Maturity Model phases 5
  6. 6. WHAT TO KNOW, WHAT TO LOOK FOR The „Assumption Gap‟ Why you even need to know (i.e. how we got here) 99% of the time a non virtualized storage environment = a sub optimal storage environment ‒ Close to an IT „no brainer‟ Look for – ‒ Heterogeneity ‒ Commitment ‒ Proof 6
  7. 7. VIRTUALIZATION MATURITYAre you Building a Faster Horse or an Automobile? 7
  8. 8. WHAT IS STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION? Technology as hope! ‒ Operational fluidity and utilization efficiency ‒ The foundation to balance [absolutely] escalating storage demands with [relatively] constrained resources Disassociates physical hardware from system usage ‒ Part of overall virtualization (servers) ‒ Can address „Ponzi storage‟ ‒ Not new or voodoo Should be on your „to do‟ list ESG‟s Server Virtualization Maturity Model 8
  10. 10. STORAGE-SPECIFIC CHALLENGES RELATED TO SERVER VIRTUALIZATION ENVIRONMENT, BY MATURITY PHASE 37% Capital cost of new storage infrastructure 37% 38% 28% Impact on overall volume of storage capacity 19% 21% Difficulty backing up and/or recovering virtual 26% 14% machines 7% Need to conduct additional interoperability testing 22% 21% and qualification 17% 22% Operational cost of new storage infrastructure 27% 21% Advanced Sizing capacity required to support virtual server 20% environment 17% 17% (N=46) Need different tools to manage storage environment 17% Progressing 10% and virtual server environment 14% (N=111) 15% General lack of information or best practices 17% 24% Basic (N=33) Sizing performance requirements (i.e., IOPS) required 15% 16% to support virtual server environment 31% 11% Scalability problems 30% 34% 11% Security concerns 30% 28%Lack of integration between storage system and virtual 9% 21% machine replication capabilities 21% 13% We have not encountered any challenges 5% 3% 0% 10% Source: ESG Research Report, The Evolution of Server Virtualization, November 2010. 20% 30% 40% 10
  11. 11. STORAGE-SPECIFIC CHALLENGES RELATED TO SERVER VIRTUALIZATION ENVIRONMENT, BY MATURITY PHASE 26%Difficulty backing up and/or recovering 14% virtual machines 7% 11% Advanced Scalability problems 30% (N=46) 34% Progressing (N=111) 11% Basic (N=33) Security concerns 30% 28% Lack of integration between storage 9%system and virtual machine replication 21% capabilities 21% Source: ESG Research Report, “The Evolution of Server Virtualization,” November 2010. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 11
  13. 13. ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES Host Based Network Based Storage [Appliance] Array Based 13
  14. 14. REAL WORLD BENEFITS Means to an end ‒ Addresses unsustainable model/finances ‒ Technology implementation but business implication Combined with server virtualization ‒ 1+1=>2 ‒ Research-based best-practice recommendations follow White Paper gives guidance on how to choose approach and vendor 14
  16. 16. „THE BIGGER TRUTH‟ : ESGRECOMMENDATIONS • Plan, plan, plan (SLAs and measurement). • Size performance as well as capacity. Basic • Focus on training and best practices: to develop cross- discipline resources (people/tools/technology). • Choose scalable (performance / capacity) platforms–moreProgressing than “killer features”–to manage OPEX challenges. • Focus on a) interoperability and b) integrating storage and VM replication. • Monitor and control and/or provision storage capacity Advanced growth. • Experience does not always equal ease–plan for complex VM backup and recovery demands. 16
  18. 18. ISSUE #1EXPONENTIAL DATA GROWTH AND DISRUPTIVE STORAGE UPGRADES Data is growing at over 50% per year. Data migration is disruptive. ‒ Several hours per server Tiering data by value can lead to isolated silos. Managing data becomes more complex.
  19. 19. SOLUTION #1STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION SIMPLIFIES MIGRATION Single management interface Move data across all tiers Move data in the background Applications continue running Reduce time by 80%
  20. 20. ISSUE #2LOW UTILIZATION OF EXISTING ASSETS Ever-growing storage systems Utilization below 50% Half capacity is unused New systems continue to be purchased
  21. 21. SOLUTION #2STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION INCREASES CAPACITY UTILIZATION Thin provisioning eliminates waste. Tier data according to value. Automate data placement. Consolidate storage systems. Reclaim 20-40% capacity.
  22. 22. ISSUE #3INCREASING MANAGEMENT COMPLEXITY AND FLAT BUDGETS Multiple hosts, VMs, OS Application and file data in petabytes Multiple storage systems Multiple management tools Data center constraints
  23. 23. SOLUTION #3STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION SIMPLIFIES MANAGEMENT Manage one virtual pool One set of tools for all storage 30% more data per administrator Speed up provisioning
  24. 24. ISSUE #4INCREASING COSTS TO MANAGE STORAGE Cost of acquisition and support License agreements Increased floor space Less budget for investment US$ Time
  25. 25. SOLUTION #4STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION REDUCES CAPEX AND TCO Eliminate redundant licenses Consolidate more data Reduce power and cooling Defer future purchases Reduce labor costs Extend life of assets
  26. 26. ISSUE #5ENSURING SERVICE DELIVERY TO BUSINESS Access, availability, reliability Service level agreements Competing applications on network Difficulty in metering and reporting Consistency in response time
  27. 27. SOLUTION #5STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION ENABLES METERED SERVICES Logical partitioning Dedicated to each business line Central administration Service level assurance
  28. 28. ISSUE #6ACHIEVING COST-EFFECTIVE DATA RESILIENCE Increased focus on compliance Downtime intolerable Achieving mix of protection and investment Costly duplication of effort Application, local, remote
  29. 29. SOLUTION #6STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION ALLOWS ANY-TO-ANY REPLICATION Local replication among tiers Distance replication Any storage to any storage Same services available to all Standardization to lower licensing costs
  30. 30. WRAP UPSOLVE THE TOP 6 STORAGE PROBLEMS1. Simplify migration – up to 80% less time2. Increase utilization – up to 50%3. Simplify management – 30% more storage per person4. Reduce cost – 100% ROI in one year5. Ensure service delivery – match performance to cost6. Create data resilience – any storage at any distance For all the storage virtualized!
  31. 31. STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION RESULTS OVERSTOCK.COM PROVIDES FASTER, MORE RELIABLE SERVICEMigrations that took  Scaled up to 32PB ofupwards of five hours now managed storage capacitytake less than 30 minutes.  Reduced technologyProvisioning tasks, which refresh time by up totypically took two to three 90%hours, now take less than  Reduced provisioning30 minutes. tasks by up to 80%  Yielded savings ofThe unit cost of storage approximately 50% withwas reduced by 43% in initial reclamationYear 1 and by an  Improved utilization rateadditional 37% in Year 2. to about 80%
  32. 32. RESOURCES• “Storage Virtualization. What to Know and What to Look For” by Mark Peters, Enterprise Strategy Group• “Solve the Top Six Enterprise Storage Issues. Learn How to Meet the Challenges of Rapid Data Growth with Storage Virtualization” by Hitachi Data Systems• “Brand Name Online Retailer Provides Faster, More Reliable Service with Hitachi Storage”• “Storage Virtualization for Dummies” by Hitachi Data Systems
  33. 33. WEBTECH SESSIONSPlease check for: Link to recordings, presentations and Q&A Schedule and registration for upcoming WebTech sessions
  34. 34. THANK YOU