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  1. 1. Subway DiversityBy: Nancy Ousen
  2. 2. Restaurant Hospitality JARED GOES WILD FOR LENT Feb. 15, 2005 Bob Krummert | Restaurant HospitalitySubway" and "offering Wild Alaska Salmon" in the same sentence? Yep. On Feb.9—Ash Wednesday—Subway restaurants in eight upper Midwest markets beganserving Applewood smoked Wild Alaska Salmon. Customers can get it in a sub, ina wrap sandwich or on a salad. Because the salmon has already been cookedduring the smoking process, it can be eaten cold, a factor that makes everythingfrom supply chain logistics to in-store handling procedures simple and safe.Pricing is "competitive with other Subway offerings," a company spokespersontells us.Some areas of the country are particularly Catholic. Rhode Island (63% ofthe population are Catholic), Massachusetts (49%), Connecticut (42%), NewJersey (41%), New York (40%), Louisiana (32%), Wisconsin (32%), Illinois(32%), Pennsylvania (31%) and New Mexico (31%) are the top 10 U.S. stateswith the highest proportion of Catholics. Right behind them are other highpopulation states such as California (24%), Texas (21%), Michigan(25%), Ohio 20%) and Florida (12%).
  3. 3. Subway® opened its doors in New Zealand in 1995and now has over 200 restaurants. Currently thereare more than 25,000 Subway® restaurants in 83countries, making it the second largest fast-foodfranchise in the world. Subway® New Zealand hassupported Kiwi cycling since 2003 when it firstentered a team in the Tour of Wellington. Since thenSubway® has continued to increase its presence inNew Zealand cycling to the current UCI registeredSubway Pro Cycling
  4. 4. Subway is No. 1 Restaurant Chaina map with all the Subway locations in the United States
  5. 5. SUBWAY® Restaurant Locations in the World
  6. 6. DiversityWhile the company has a strict privacy policy and does not track specific information regardingthe race, sex, creed, religion, color or national origin of its franchisees or their employees, therespondents to a voluntary survey of SUBWAY® franchisees indicated that:•34% of are women•24% are members of minority groups•10% are aged 62 or older•Nearly 30% employ staff who are aged 62 or older•Nearly 80% of franchisees indicated that they employ members of minority groups in theirrestaurants•More than 25% of franchisees said that members of minority groups make-up 50-100% of theirstaffs•98% of franchisees employ women in their restaurants•More than 78% of responding franchisees indicated that 50-100% of their employees arewomen•66% of respondents said that their SUBWAY® restaurants are "family-operated" businesses
  7. 7. Team SUBWAY® Makes Strides Against Breast CancerHelping Make the World a Better PlaceGiving back is a strong part of the SUBWAY® brand culture. Eachyear the SUBWAY® brand supports charities and philanthropicorganizations through corporate donations and sponsorships toencourage healthy, active lifestyles and help make the world abetter place.•Corporate Donations•Heart Heatlh & Childhood Obesity•Jared Foundation•Frederick A DeLuca Foundation
  8. 8. s/Social_Responsibility/OurPeopleOurCommun ities.aspx#Diversity