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July 09 - Finding the Right Candidates and Securing a Job in a Tough Economic Climate


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July 2009 HDI Motown Meeting - Speakers from Brooksource

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July 09 - Finding the Right Candidates and Securing a Job in a Tough Economic Climate

  1. 1. HDI Motown Local Chapter Meeting June 10, 2009 Finding the Right Candidates & Securing a Job in a Tough Economic Climate Speakers: Gideon Brewer & Marisa Eubank
  2. 2. • Brooksource & Technical Youth specializes in the staff augmentation of IT departments throughout the Midwest, East, and Southern regions of the U.S. We excel in project and supplemental support through contracts, contracts to hire and direct placements. Our Brooksource division handles our Client’s mid to senior level IT openings. Our Technical Youth division places recent college graduates and current college students into entry-level IT positions. We continue to grow at an amazing rate since our inception in 2000, most of that growth can be attributed to our ability to understand our Client’s IT needs and our rate flexibility.
  3. 3. Learning Objectives Management Perspective Candidate Perspective • Hiring Dilemmas • Job Search Dilemmas • Hiring Solutions • Resume Formatting Tips • Knowing when to Utilize • Effectively Marketing Your Recruiters Resume • Q&A discussion forum • Making the Most of Your Network • Actively Partnering with Recruiters
  4. 4. Learning Objectives Management Perspective • Hiring Dilemmas • Hiring Solutions • Knowing when to Utilize Recruiters • Q&A discussion forum
  5. 5. Hiring Dilemmas • Too many candidates to screen; not enough time to interview • Misrepresented skills/inaccurate resumes; actual skills do not match resume • Not the right experience; too low-level or too high-level • Communication/team player • Customer Service skills • Drive to do more with less/limited budget • Salary disconnects
  6. 6. Solutions • Clear & concise Job Descriptions • Screening resumes • Initial phone screen • Capitalizing on your network • Being proactive • Being realistic with your expectations (skill-set, personality, and salary) • Effective utilization of external recruiting services
  7. 7. Clear & Concise Job Descriptions • Start early, create a JD before there is a need • Explain the purpose of the position; why the position is open • Define the must-haves vs. wish list (certifications, technologies) • Be specific • Devils in the details; make the investment
  8. 8. Screening Resumes • Utilizing LinkedIN • Checking referrals/network • Position Duration (job-hoppers) • Salary requirements • Industry relevance • Key words/technologies • Quick piles (Yes, Maybe, No) • Conducting initial phone interviews
  9. 9. Initial Phone Screen • Conduct an initial phone screen (5 questions): – If currently working, why are they looking to leave? Or Why did they leave their last position? – Ask for an example of the most difficult/challenging customer they have dealt with and what was the outcome. – Have 3-5 basic technical questions they should be able to answer. – What is there current salary and what salary are they looking for in a new position? – What interests them about this position/your company?
  10. 10. Capitalizing on your network • HDI • User Groups • LinkedIN • Twitter • Referrrals • Be Proactive
  11. 11. Being Proactive • Work to lessen internal attrition; promote loyalty and commitment • Make investment in employees (training, certs) • Anticipate needs; identify ‘holes’ in your team • Build a network now • Create strong relationships with HR and recruiting partners
  12. 12. Staffing: What’s Important to Manager’s
  13. 13. Utilizing External Recruiting Resources • Pre-screened candidates, manage and facilitate candidates and interviews • A quick/urgent need or backfill • Project or short-term need • Easy staff up or staff down • No guaranteed permanent or long-term budget • Limited HR recruitment resources • Hiring manager has limited time
  14. 14. Break
  15. 15. Learning Objectives Candidate Perspective • Job Search Dilemmas • Researching the Company/Doing Your Homework • Resume Formatting Tips • Effectively Marketing Your Resume • Making the Most of Your Network • Actively Partnering with Recruiters
  16. 16. A Brief Clip… • live-nick-burns
  17. 17. Job Search Dilemmas • Economic conditions (not hiring, companies running lean) • Large applicant pool • Over/Under qualified • Clients are still selective • No feedback • Long-term stability of potential opportunity
  18. 18. What Hiring Managers Want • Communication • Attitude/Personality • Technical skill level matches resume • Motivation/work ethic • Team player • Professionalism
  19. 19. Do Your Homework • Research the company (press releases, job description, areas of expertise) • Reference your connections • Be flexible and realistic in your approach (salary, duration) • Look before you leap (be committed) • Gather strong references
  20. 20. Resume Pointers • Keep it simple • Be honest and accurate with your experience • Proper formatting and grammar!! • Emphasize education and certifications • Highlight experience with specific technologies • Tailored to position (know job description & what company is looking for)
  21. 21. Effectively marketing your resume • Utilize your network • Consistently refresh your resume on job boards • Tailor your resume appropriately • Put yourself in employers shoes
  22. 22. Make the most of your network • HDI • User Groups • LinkedIN • Twitter • Referrrals • Be Proactive
  23. 23. Partnering with recruiters • Know the organization and service offerings • Develop a relationship with recruiter(s) • Set expectations and goals early on • Keep open communication • Accountability, Honesty, Reliability • Show same preparation as if it were client
  24. 24. The Interview • Be well-prepared, ask smart questions (knowledgeable) • Look presentable and professional • Specific examples of relevant work experience (situational) • Let your personality shine • Show confidence & strong communication • Ask next steps
  25. 25. Invest in Yourself • Create long-term goals • Forge solid business relationships • Keep up to date with emerging technologies and industry trends • Further your education • Training/Certifications
  26. 26. The End Q&A