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Professional Development & Vendor Fair


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Professional Development & Vendor Fair

  1. 1. Thank You toToday’s Vendor Sponsors!Today s Vendor Sponsors!
  2. 2. October 2012 
  3. 3. Elect Leadership Event Contributors • AFT – Paulette Foxx‐Dawodu & Waleed Dockery • Vendor Sponsors • Speakers • Attendees • Capital Area Officers & Event Committee – Joan O Hare Joan O’Hare – Jose Garcia – Carol Fester – Bill Liberti – Earl Brake Earl Brake – Jerry Byers – Robert Stanley – Heather Donnelly – Kristin Ekanger Kristin Ekanger – Sandy Seroskie – Leroy Weekley
  4. 4. Today s Activities Today’s Activities• Agenda Review g• Visit vendors and fill up your ballot p y• Go to the HDI Capital Area table to redeem your  card for a raffle ticket to win prizes p p g• Our speakers will provide food for thought• Network‐Network‐Network!• Survey y
  5. 5. HDI Awards  Call for Submissions! HDI Awards – Call for Submissions!• Each year, HDI awards the highest honors in the IT  service and technical support industry d h l d• These awards recognize support professionals at all  levels and as individuals, teams, and organizations l l d d d l d• View the different awards options and nominate  someone by going to:  b i
  6. 6. Help Desk Analyst & Desktop Support Technician  of the Year Call for Nominations f h Y C ll f N i i • Email the following information (by Oct 29th  to  g ( y • Help Desk Analyst and/or Desktop Technicians Name  – Company  – A paragraph describing the individuals achievements  (why you are nominating them)  (why you are nominating them) – Managers name and contact information – Nominating Managers and Analysts will be our guests  g g y g at the December 7th Awards Luncheon at Maggiano’s featuring a keynote by Kirk Weisler
  7. 7. Call for HDI Manager of the Year  Nominations• The Manager of the Year award will acknowledge The Manager of the Year award will acknowledge  and honor a great leader, a Service and Support  Manager who has been in his or her current  management role for the past 12 months, supporting  any ‐ or all ‐ IT services within his or her organization. • Applications due October 31st 
  8. 8. HDI Team Certified• New level of recognition for support teams with at least 80%  of staff certified by HDI y• Yearly award includes recognition in HDI publications and a  crystal award to display on‐site• Application fee of $150 (collected after team qualification has  $ been verified)• Registration is available at ThinkHDI com/HDITC Contact Registration is available at Contact  your account manager or the Customer Care Center for  assistance • Watch for more information in upcoming mail,  newsletters, and emails
  9. 9. FUSION 12 Conference & Expo FUSION 12 Conference & Expo• itSMF USA and HDI’s annual event kicks off this year in Dallas,  TX, from October 29–31!  ,• FUSION 12 features fantastic pre‐conference workshops,  incredible keynote speakers, spectacular networking  opportunities, and super informational sessions  t iti d i f ti l i• As HDI members, you save $200 on your FUSION 12  g , $ y registrations, and an additional $100 if you’re conference  alumni• • Register at www.
  10. 10. The HDI Buyer’s Guide Is Now Open! The HDI Buyer s Guide Is Now Open!• HDI is thrilled to announce the launch of the  brand‐new HDI Buyer’s Guide, aimed at helping  guide products and services to the people who  need them• Enter comments, provide feedback, and rate the  featured products • Visit‐Guide
  11. 11. Not a Member? Join Today! Not a Member? Join Today!• Become a Bronze member for just $10! j $• Visit the HDI Capital Area table to learn more – www ThinkHDI com/Join or call 800 248 5667, or call 800.248.5667
  12. 12. No Excuse! An Action Plan For Success Incorporating Core Values, Accountability, and Balance into Your Life and Career Jay Rifenbary, Speaker Rifenbary Training & Development Center 12 Bog Meadow Run * Saratoga Springs, NY 12866800-724-0845 * 518-587-6411 * fax 518-587-6411 * cell 518-573-4709 E-mail:, website:
  13. 13. No Excuse! - An Action Plan for Success – Developing Your Core IntroductionNo More ExcusesHave you every heard yourself or anyone else make these excuses?. I don’t have time.. It’s not my responsibility.. I’m all stressed out.. It’s not my fault.. Don’t blame me.. It’s your entire fault.. My wife (husband) won’t let me.. I can’t handle it.. If only I had motivated people.. I can’t change the situation.. We’ve always done it that way.. It won’t work.. And....on and on and on.........If you are sick and tired of people whining, “No Excuse! An Action Plan For Success” isa program worth investing in.“No Excuse!” validates for many of us that certain principles and skills still matter whenit comes to the success of both our personal and professional lives.“No Excuse!” is built on a solid foundation of core values, self-responsibility, integrityand purpose. Principles such as self-control, personal respect, forgiveness, passion, andattitude are just a sampling of other ideas in the “No Excuse” program.Having a greater understanding of the importance of consistency in behavior,decisiveness, and personal honesty will enhance an individuals productivity andefficiency in the work place.Ultimately this contributes to the overall atmosphere and productivity of the organization.“No Excuse!” contributes to an individuals ability to lead, manage, sell and mostimportantly set a positive and professional example for themselves and others. Rifenbary Training & Development Center -1-
  14. 14. No Excuse! - An Action Plan for Success – Developing Your Core Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balance into Your Life and CareerCore ValuesDefine core values for your employees and family members. What do you stand for?What are your core values?AccountabilityReason versus excuse: An excuse is when the same reason becomes habitual. Core valueshold people accountable. It is our choice to determine how we behave. Accept no excusesfrom yourself or anyone else. Everything we have ever thought about goes back toaccountability.Personal HonestyNeeds and fears create the foundation for our decision-making.IntegrityConsistency in behavior: We must know what our core values are. The foundation ofintegrity is morality. Define morality as how I treat another human being -- with dignityand respect.Characteristics of Effective LeadersWhy do people follow you? What are the leadership characteristics that inspire people tofollow you? Leaders must define their core values. Leaders must effectivelycommunicate them.Define SuccessWhat do you want to be remembered for? Am I living the life I want to be rememberedfor? Success is the journey and that journey should be a reflection of who we are(personal honesty). What we want to be remembered for is the end of that journey. Youmake a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.PurposeHow do you motivate people? You make people feel valued - People versus Personnel.What am I suppose to be? What am I about?The Foundation Of No Excuse • Accountability • Integrity • Defining Success • Purpose Rifenbary Training & Development Center -2-
  15. 15. No Excuse! - An Action Plan for Success – Developing Your Core Thesaurus: Your Staircase To SuccessTotally ForgiveSelf, Others, Environment. Lack of forgiveness is portrayed through behavior; thosebehaviors are destructive and lead to a break down in communication - efficiency -productivity - profitability / Behaviors: Drainoid, Self-Indulger, Abuser.Have Self EsteemSelf Esteem is the self-respect that one has for themselves. It is earned not given. It isearned by acting on an understanding of core values, which in turn allows oneself to holdthemselves more accountable and personally honest.Elevate Your Attitude & EnthusiasmAttitude is ones latitude and longitude in life. The first impression is critical.Sustain Self ControlThe first true test of ones core values, how do you perform under pressure?Professionalism is defined as emotional patience.Always Be Honest / Always Dream & Set GoalsGoals - What do you look forward to?Upgrade Your Knowledge / Understand PeopleThere is a connection between the ability to communicate and level of success achieved.Knowledge is the fuel of No Excuse!Remember To Honor Family & FriendsWhen all is said and done who truly defines how successful you have been?Upraise Your DeterminationConflict between desire and risk. Learn to become more accepting than expecting, notaccepting of behaviors that violate ones values, but accepting of what makes otherswonderful.Succeed and Balance Your LifeBe eager to go to work, and eager to go back home. Balance your life. Rifenbary Training & Development Center -3-
  16. 16. No Excuse! - An Action Plan for Success – Developing Your Core Lessons LearnedWhy you need to forgive and how to do it so you can move-on.How to live a self-esteem lifestyle for greater happiness and success.How to elevate your attitude and enthusiasm so you can be more productive andinspire others.How to sustain self-control for personal and professional excellence.How to always be honest with yourself and others for utmost integrity.Why you need a dream, how to discover it and set goals to achieve it.How to upgrade your knowledge and skills to get the results you want.How to understand people and personalities for more effective communication andleadership ability.How to honor your family and friends for personal happiness and joy.How to upraise your determination to make your dreams come true.Over 100 quotes and affirmations for inspiration to keep going.How to truly succeed for a happy, fulfilling, and well-balanced life. You Can Be A No Excuse person! Rifenbary Training & Development Center -4-
  17. 17. No Excuse! - An Action Plan for Success – Developing Your Core Jay Rifenbary - BackgroundJay Rifenbary is president of the Rifenbary Training & Development Center, and authorof the bestseller, “No Excuse! - Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balanceinto Your Life and Career”, awarded “Book of the Year” by the North American BookDealers Exchange; and his new release “True To Your Core – Common Sense Values forLiving Life to Its Fullest.Jay is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant and for the last 19 years has providedhis expertise in the areas of personal development, leadership, and communicationtraining to organizations, associations and schools in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico,Europe and Asia.Jay received his Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy atWest Point, with a concentration in Nuclear Physics.From being a former qualified Airborne/Ranger, Military Commander, SalesProfessional, Corporate Manager and Entrepreneur, Jay brings a unique background ofinterpersonal skills and business experience to each of his training and speakingengagements.Jay’s community leadership includes a board member of the Saratoga Springs CitySchool District Board of Education, President of the Board of Directors for the Friends ofthe NYS Military Museum, and a member of the 20th Congressional District ServiceAcademy Selection Committee. Jay is also a columnist for the local Saratogiannewspaper.A previous All-American swimmer, Jay is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys thechallenges of biking, hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, and downhill skiing. He andhis wife, Noni, have two children Nicole 28 and Jared 24 and they reside in SaratogaSprings, New York.Jack Canfield, Best Selling Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, said of “No Excuse!”that, Jay has given the world a most generous gift. Anyone who applies the “NoExcuse!” philosophy can create the life they want and make a difference. Rifenbary Training & Development Center 12 Bog Meadow Run * Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 800-724-0845 * 518-587-6411 * fax 518-587-6411 * cell 518-573-4709 E-mail:, website: Rifenbary Training & Development Center -5-
  18. 18. Transform Your Service Deskby Using Award-Winning Strategies HDI Capital Area Chapter Meeting Brad Trout, National Delivery Director October 17, 2012
  19. 19. Who is Technisource?Technology Talent and Services Provider Leading service desk provider for 25 years 5 million interactions handled per year 1.8 millions users supported per year We support 89 countries worldwide 2011 HDI Team Excellence Award Winner
  20. 20. Talking Points Continual Service Improvement How To Get Started with CSI Low Hanging Fruit: First Call Resolution Value of Improving FCR Customer Satisfaction C S i f i Key Metrics Self Service 3
  21. 21. Continual Service ImprovementCSI improves effectiveness and efficiencyof IT services to better meet businessneeds – Effectiveness • Reduce number of errors • Increase FCR – Efficiency • Reduce time to resolve or repair • Move resolution to a lower cost point p • Handle increased workload with same resources 4
  22. 22. Business Benefits From a CSI Program • Increase FCR Improve Business • Reduce cycle time to repair or configure Productivity hardware/software Increase C t I Customer • Users want to have the best experience Satisfaction possible • Process Innovation • Technology Reduce Cost of • “Shift Left” philosophy Support • Improve efficiencies 5
  23. 23. How to Get Started with CSI What is the Business vision, Target Areas: mission, goals and vision? objectives bj ti • KPIs FCR Escalated Where are we Baseline now? Incidents assessments Top T T Ten Incidents Where do we Set measurable & want to be? achievable targets • Root Cause Analysis A l i How do we get • Change Service & process there? improvement action Management meetings Did we get Measurement • Client meetings there? & metrics • Team meetings 6
  24. 24. FCR is a Great Place to Start! “SHIFT LEFT” STRATEGY FCR Improvement has business power: Knowledge Management – Maintain or Reduce Support Costs Service Desk – Enhance Business Desktop Support Productivity y Shift Left Increasing Support Costs & Impact
  25. 25. The Value of FCR: Demonstrating Results from Improving FCR g p gWhat if you could increase FCR Month Annually Ask HR for BurdenedFCR increases to: 70% 70% Cost Per EmployeeFCR Total Improvement: 10% 10% Or estimate $25/hourAdditional Calls Resolved 100 1,200Additional BusinessProductivity (hours) y( ) 100 1,200 ,Business Productivity Savings 2,500 30,000Support Cost Savings 6,200 74,400Customer SatisfactionImprovement 1% 6%
  26. 26. Why is Customer Satisfaction Becoming So Important?Customer Satisfaction is becoming a TOP focus area!From HDI’s 2011 Customer HDI s Why?Satisfaction Benchmarking Report: – The Service Desk is:82% of support centers are measuring • the primary face of ITcustomer satisfaction in some fashion… 66% • IT’ l d i “fi IT’s leader in “firstsend incident-based surveys to their impressions are lastingcustomers after closing incidents. impressions” chain – Consumerization shows users various points of comparison and options for support – Encourages usage of Level 1 vs. more expensive and/or informal support channels 9
  27. 27. What Technisource Clients are Saying “We want to move the focus onto the customer experience.” t th t i ”“CustomerService MUST encompass the end-to-end processes throughout IT support at all levels.” “The statistics tell part of the story, the customer tells us what really matters.” 10
  28. 28. Today’s Key MetricsDo we really need all those reports? y p Today many desks measure many metrics – Can be unclear as to why a metric is measured Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution – Tightly coupled metrics: Industry data confirms that higher FCR leads to higher customer satisfaction (source: MetricNet) – FCR drives other important metrics: • Reduces overall TCO for IT • Reduces end user calls for status • Frees Level 2 & 3 resources to be more st ateg c ees evel esou ces o e strategic • Leads to better Service Desk usage which frees the “informal” support network • Enhances end user productivity by getting them back to task more quickly 11
  29. 29. Self Service Use Self Service carefully or risk backlash Sel Se v ce ca e ully o s bac las Giving users knowledge to access to solve their own issues can be risky Risky when used as a cost containment model ONLY Highly effective as supplement to traditional Service Desk Cannot be an afterthought Requires dedicated focus to create/maintain user friendly and time tested knowledge The tool is important in shaping user perceptions 12
  30. 30. Self Service Results May Vary… “Millenials” are highly Millenials “Gen-Xers” “G X ” are also very l connected, tech savvy, self-reliant, and tend to and want self service prefer self-service options Highly technical “Baby Boomers,” individuals (engineers, typically want personal scientists, IT) tend to ( (telephone) interaction p ) want options dependent p p upon the situation Therefore, Service D k need multiple modalities. Th f S i Desks d lti l d liti 13
  31. 31. CSI Keys to Success Look for Benchmark Small Wins Good Current FirstDedicated & StateIndependent Executive Staff Baseline Communicate y Buy-in • FCR Buy in Buy-in Data and • KPIs and Success!CSI “Owner” Reporting Costs •CCustomer Satisfaction 14
  32. 32. The Technisource CSI JourneyRead my article in the September/October 2011 issueof HDI’ S f HDI’s SupportWorld magazine tW ld i 15
  33. 33. Thank you! 16