2012 CIO Perspectives: From Operations to the Executive Suite


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August 15th Slide Deck for CIO Perspectives: From Operations to the Executive Suite

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2012 CIO Perspectives: From Operations to the Executive Suite

  1. 1. CIO Perspectives: From Operations to the Executive Suite Rich Razon Co-Founder, PureShare, Inc. 1-415-656-9692 rrazon@pureshare.com
  2. 2. CIO Perspectives: From Operations to the Executive Suite Agenda:  Metrics across an Organizational Hierarchy  CIO Tenets  CIO Interviews  Strategic Insights  Executive Briefings
  3. 3. CIO Perspectives: From Operations to the Executive Suite Objectives:  Help bridge the info gap from operations to the executives  Get to know CIO metrics and reporting tenets  Know how to leverage metrics for messaging Executive Briefings Compound Metrics Operations Executive Suite Strategic Insights
  4. 4. CIO Tenet # 1 Transparency Open access to performance measures and targets that apply to all levels of the organization.
  5. 5. Changing Metrics and Reporting Needs Across an Organizational Hierarchy Customers • Strategic Insights • Executive Briefing Executives • External Focus • Sound bites • Highly Summarized VPs • Compound Metrics • Logical Rollups Directors • Mobile • Internally Focused Managers • Highly Detailed • Operations-centric • Real-time Team Leaders • Multiple form factors • Ad-hoc Staff
  6. 6. Metrics Support the Organization Design As you go higher in the organization, the scope of metrics expands and the need for summarization increases Empower all levels of management  Teams focus on operations  Senior managers provide leadership, direction, and oversight  Executives concentrate on decisions that shape the company Each level has a unique profile  Tailored and connected views
  7. 7. CIO Tenet # 2 Automation Eliminate manual handling and consolidation where possible to reduce errors and latency. Automation builds trust and confidence! .
  8. 8. 360 Degree Views: A Metrics Challenge Senior Executives & Board Peers Partners Customers Management Team Leaders
  9. 9. Heterogeneous Environments: Automation to derive metrics
  10. 10. Complex Groups Competing for Attention Customers Executives VPs Directors Managers Team Leaders Staff
  11. 11. Disparate Tools Within Each Group: Customers Executives VPs Directors Managers Team Leaders Staff
  12. 12. CIO Tenet # 3 Clarity • Who is it for? • What does it mean? • Why is it important? .
  13. 13. CIO Management Metrics: Escalating the IT Value Conversation beyond ITExternal Business Business Metrics BusinessBusiness Metrics Improvements Innovation Internal Business Internal Business Internal Internal Business Improvement ProcessBusiness Process Metrics Metrics Innovation Metrics IT Operations IT Project Technical IT Performance Performance Innovation Operations Projects Innovation Madeline Weiss, SIM APC
  14. 14. Sample Manually Prepared CIO Scorecard Pg 1 Baseline Time Period FY12 Average Year to How We Measure Metric # Metric Ave FY11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Date (%) Blue Chip Project Delivery: predictable performance - Ability to innovate: Where can we improve and create new value? Percentage of in flight blue chip projects on Monthly project reports - 1a schedule 72% 73% 82% 91% 82% how are we doing Percentage of in flight blue chip projects Monthly project reports - 1b within budget 87% 82% 91% 100% 91% how are we doing Qualitative Feedback: It feels good to be our customer, use our services, and work within the Office of the CIO - How do our customers see us? This is an annual random survey of users of the services. Baseline established from question "How satisfied are you Annual CIO poll sent out to 2a Voice of the Users- Annual CIO Poll 68.1% with the overall service experience with services provided by the Offices of the CIO?" To be conducted in February - 68.1% a random sample of all March 2012 users Positive responses over 2b Voice of the ERP Business Sponsors 42.7% Survey was conducted in August-September, 2011. Returns are being analyzed. 42.7% total responses Question "Overall, how satisfied are you at being an employee ?" Survey to be conducted with staff after FY11 year Positive responses over 2c Voice of the Employee 61.5% end reviews. 61.5% total responses Transaction surveys of our Voice of the service desk users (incidents & Mean=4.66 Mean=4.70 Mean=4.63 Mean=4.62 Mean=4.65 2d service requests)* (92.3%) (93.3%) (91.3%) (91.2%) (91.9%) incident and request fulfillment processes
  15. 15. Automated IT Scorecard, with best-practice visualization
  16. 16. Sample Scorecard Drilldown to Details
  17. 17. Executive Video Wall Example
  18. 18. CIO Tenet # 4 Context • Must answer the question: ‘So What?’ . How to deliver messages with context? Focus on “Strategic Insights”
  19. 19. What is a Strategic Insight?Key metrics that develop penetrating understanding  Must be valuable to the user, worthy of attention  “a bite-sized chunk of knowledge” for rapid reviewTypes include any combination of:  Inform – Educate, provide context and/or talking points  Awareness – Make aware of current status, recent events  Progress – Show trending vs. baselines  Results – Metrics showing results vs. targets & objectives  Anticipate – Leading indicators, contributing factors
  20. 20. What does a Strategic Insight look like? Display as single row Easily consumable Must answer No mental calculations ‘So What?’ Will be stacked in a list
  21. 21. Example Executive Dashboard (Global View)
  22. 22. Connecting the Business to Strategic Insights Teams Middle Mgmt Senior The LeadersBusiness Execs Mgmt Tools Strategic Insights Exec Briefing Summary Operations Rollups Dashboards and Reports Briefing Notes Briefing Notes
  23. 23. Metrics Hub facilitates new Strategic Insights New insights from combining metrics Internal Other Internal  Added areas make Core Supporting framework richer Areas Areas Layer other areas  Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, etc.  Intertwine results with the business Industry metrics as ExecsStrategic Industry Benchmarks baseline comparisonInsights  Market share, cust sat, profitability, efficiency, etc.
  24. 24. Top Executive Baselines for Compound Metrics Financials  Revenue, Cost, Profit, Investment metrics People and Organizations  Staff, Competency, Compliance, Customers Infrastructure  Assets, Network devices, ports, bandwidth Company Output or Activity  Transactions, Production Volumes Sales and Marketing / Industry  Pipeline, market share, industry benchmarks
  25. 25. CIO Tenet # 5 Continual Improvement Not a project with a finite end- metrics management must continue to evolve as long as the business continues to evolve .
  26. 26. Systematic Approach towards Deploying Executive Metrics Deliver immediate value, constantly improve Build metrics catalog, add/refine metrics  Ultimate goal: strategic insights gained from combining metrics  Get everyone ‘on the same page’ Keep adding automated links to more data sources  Automation builds trust and confidence in the measures and their ready availability. Rollout views in web-based framework  Make results readily accessible  Adoption is success
  27. 27. 5 Core CIO Tenets: Transparency Open access to performance measures that apply to all organizational levels, top-to-bottom. Automation Eliminate manual handling and consolidation where possible to reduce errors and report latency. Automation builds trust and confidence. Clarity Unambiguous as to what metrics are, what they mean, who they are for and why they are important. Context Answers the question ‘So what?’ Continual Improvement Metrics and performance management is not a ‘project’ with a finite end. It is a process that will continue as the business evolves.
  28. 28. For Additional Info, please contact: Rich Razon Co-Founder, PureShare, Inc. 1-415-656-9692 rrazon@pureshare.com