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The BrillKids Little Reader Delux System Software -

Designed to help you easily allocate up to 10 minutes each day, the Little Reader software teaches your baby over 3,000 words in 180 categories. The software houses daily lessons where words are flashed to your child, accompanied by a voice reading the word aloud, followed by an illustration, picture or video so your baby gains an understanding of each word.

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  1. 1. Can babies learn how to read? They can, they do and they LOVE to!
  2. 2. How old were you...?• ...when you started to read?
  3. 3. Why wait?The brain’s speechand languagedevelopment beginsfrom the time he orshe is born.TAKE ADVANTAGE ofthe time and startteaching your childto read while she isstill a baby
  4. 4. Studies show...• ...babies CAN learn to read, and they LOVE to LEARN THIS IS FUN!• ...EARLY YEARS are the EASIEST time to teach reading• ...children have the most FUN learning in their EARLY YEARS
  5. 5. The most effective way to teach babies how to read
  6. 6. Little Reader Softwarethe heart of the product
  7. 7. Words of the dayMethods of teaching the words
  8. 8. Audio: dog Audio: barking “Dog” Visual Aid:Visual Aid: Picture Picture of a Visual Aid: Video toy dog of a dog of a dog
  9. 9. Brillkids = Differentiated InstructionThe more of your child’s senses are involved, the easier for your child to understand and remember the word!
  10. 10. Little Reader helps engage your child’s attention through VARIETYEach time a word is flashed on the screen it hasdifferent colors and fonts so your childrecognizes the word
  11. 11. Your child will see up to FIVE different pictures...
  12. 12. ...TWO interaction phrases...
  13. 13. ...and up to THREE different videos...
  14. 14. Little Reader helps engage your child’s attention through that your child can understand the FULL and COMPREHENSIVE meaning of the word.
  15. 15. Little Reader helps you customize words, sound, and that your baby recognizes the world around her. that each word is morepersonalized and meaningful to her.
  16. 16. Customization also works through FLAP CARDS
  17. 17. Use STICKER LABELS on objects around the that your baby canconnect words with whatis around her every day.
  18. 18. BrillKids Pattern Phonics Systems make reading intuitive and naturalso that Baby can learn to read words she has never seen before.
  19. 19. The Little Reader Program is a comprehensive program
  20. 20. Over time, your baby will learn to read words, phrases and eventually... whole stories!
  21. 21. How do YOU get involved? Little Reader was designed with PARENTALINTERACTION in mind
  22. 22. How do YOU get PARENTAL INTERACTION involved?
  23. 23. How do YOU get PARENTAL INTERACTION involved? •3-5 minutes a lesson •2x a day •5 days a week
  24. 24. Use the forum to shareinformation and learn from other parents
  25. 25. Access the website to download more lessons And best of all...