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Harrington Design Capabilities


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Here's a not-so-brief introduction to our firm's capabilities. But there are lots of pictures!

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Harrington Design Capabilities

  1. 1. building brands people love Design Can. harrington design company
  2. 2. “Allow myself to introduce…myself.” — Austin Powers
  3. 3. Got a sec? If you’re short on time, don’t worry. You’re just like most of our clients — look for a complete listing of our capabilities on Page 9. But I’m inviting you to get to know us a little bit better. Bringing first-class design to the First Coast, our mission is to harness design’s possibilities for organizations who truly want to discover their hidden potential. Of course, you probably won’t hear us saying it that way all too often. But we think it. A lot. Since 2001, it has been our unique privilege to demonstrate to companies like yours just how much design can do for business. Our very reason for being is to put the tools of design to work on behalf of a specific, pragmatic purpose: to help our clients differentiate, compete and win. In the following pages, you’ll become acquainted with our methodology and the people responsible for it. A review of some past projects and our client list will also give you a pretty good picture of our capabilities. Let’s have a conversation about where you are and where you want to be. Together, we’ll explore the question: What can design do for you? Jeffrey Harrington, AIGA President and Design Director Harrington Design Company
  4. 4. Design can unify A clearly-defined brand plan, a precise creative strategy or even a carefully-nuanced positioning statement helps consolidate focus and resources. A consistent tone and aesthetic ensures all impressions and interactions work to build one singular brand and garner the same piece of mind share.
  5. 5. Design can transform A new logo, an updated web site, a new name or tagline — all may be the visible outcomes of a design project. But transformation need not stop at the visual. Even a slight shift in how you’re perceiving your company and your targets can invigorate the entire enterprise and help spearhead a new corporate destiny.
  6. 6. Design can motivate From external targets such as prospects, current clients and investors to internal targets like employees, the right messaging strategy executed to the letter (visuals, type and copy) works to create a unique emotional set of expectations. The bolder the promise and the more faithfully it’s kept, the stronger the brand.
  7. 7. Design can inspire In addition to providing compelling imagery and concepts, often the design process itself becomes the catalyst to new efficiencies, new initiatives, new markets and new revenues. Our clients inspire us to do our best work. Our aim with our work is to return that noble favor.
  8. 8. what we do brand development brand discovery | strategic positioning | market research | name & tag generation corporate identity logos | stationery | kit folder | brand standards marketing materials print ads | annual reports | brochures | sales materials | presentations | invitations & announcements web & interactive web sites | content management | intranets | ecommerce | search engine marketing | enewsletters public relations annual plans | press releases | event planning | media training advertising * radio & television advertising | media planning & buying *services provided through our strategic partners
  9. 9. how we do it Via extensive Q&A, strategic analysis and competitive benchmarking, discover including both client-provided inspiration, as well as our own, we collaborate to achieve a set of business objectives and communications criteria. Equipped with an approved strategy and your project parameters, the design creative explorations can begin with all energies directed in their proper direction. From a field of rough sketches or computer comps, the client selects one to three for further development. Typically, a consensus builds around one of the executions and only a few revisions are required to ensure the process hasn’t deviated from your refine strategic marching orders. When appropriate, we may suggest research or user testing to bolster the success of a campaign or roll out. Here, we execute to your specifications with an emphasis on both quality of produce workmanship and timeliness of delivery. Rigorous testing, especially on the web side, ensures functionality meets the user experience we’ve designed. Brand building represents an organic, evolving process; its success evaluate presumes a commitment to continuous improvement. We continually ask: what’s working, what could have been better, what have we learned, what’s next?
  10. 10. our team Jeffrey brings 10 years of experience as a designer and strategic branding consultant. His client roster includes Fortune 500 companies, professional services, healthcare, travel and tourism and non-profit organizations. His previous experience includes five years as Art Director for St. John and Partners. His expertise is in strategic brand development, identity development, collateral materials and brand-enhancing Web sites. Jeffrey currently serves as Advisory Board of the Jacksonville Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. His work is recognized by the AIGA, How Magazine, the Southeast Regional Addys and mostly important, his clients. jeffrey harrington He graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Flagler College. design director
  11. 11. our team Chris’s career started as an intern with Harrington Design Company and soon his talent for impressing clients with graphic prowess made him indispensable. Chris’s wide range of interests include photography, music, art and illustration. Together these interests combine and allow Chris to take a client’s corporate needs and create unique branding pieces. In 2003, Chris graduated from Florida Community College of Jacksonville, where he received an Excellence Award Recipient of the FCCJ Graphic Design Program. chris salvador graphic designer
  12. 12. where we work our view our digs
  13. 13. et cetera selected client history references Florence Haridan 1. American Institute of Architects Business Coach 2. Citi Cards Gathering 3. Downtown Jacksonville (Downtown Vision, Inc) 904 612-3934 4. Duval Ford 5. Dr. Charles Travis 6. Engle Homes President Logos University 7. Florida Department of Environmental Protection 8159 Arlington Expressway, Suite 29 8. Jacksonville Urban League Jacksonville, Florida 32211 9. Harris, Guidi, Rudolph, Dunlap & Rosner 904 745-3311 10. Landstar Trucking 11. New England Health Imaging Mark Middlebrook 12. Predator Cues Vice-President The Middlebrook Company 13. Rink Design Partnership 1200 Riverplace Blvd. 14. Riverside Fine Arts Series Suite 902 15. Salvation Army Jacksonville, Florida 32207 904 393-9020 16. SaniGLAZE International 17. Southwest Occasions Christopher Heacox 18. TLC Total Lawn Care Executive Director 19. University of North Florida Riverside Fine Arts Association 1100 Stockton Street 20. WellFlorida Council Jacksonville, Florida 32204 904 389-6222 Leana Gallagher Managing Partner affiliations The Ribault Club 904 556-6235 1. AIGA member since 1995, Advisory Board 2. University Club, Young Executive Board Bob Hawkinson Owner 3. FCCJ, Advisory Board TLC Total Lawn Care 6655 Blanding Blvd Jacksonville, Florida 32244 904 771-8889
  14. 14. lean on us Put your faith in our experience. Investing in our track record pays dividends. Before we take on a client, we consider a few things: what we 1. Opportunities to do our best work look for 2. Clients who understand the value of our work and respect the need for a well-managed design process 3. An openness and willingness to transcend the ordinary Now that you know what we expect, here’s what you can expect from us: why 1. The highest caliber of work choose 2. The passion and professionalism of the best and us? brightest in the industry 3. Choices and recommendations that are consistent with both your stated objectives and our philosophy of how to help brands grow 4. A commitment to your success that includes leveraging our relationships to your advantage 5. The unwavering dedication of an ally who works to support your competitive edge
  15. 15. unify creative samples harrington design company
  16. 16. portfolio samples World Golf Village Hall of Fame
  17. 17. portfolio samples TLC Total Lawn Care ad
  18. 18. portfolio samples Rink Design Partnership Inc. proposed web design
  19. 19. portfolio samples Riverside Fine Arts Web site
  20. 20. portfolio samples Ritz Chamber Players ads
  21. 21. portfolio samples Predator Cues web site
  22. 22. portfolio samples identity
  23. 23. portfolio samples Manifest Equity website
  24. 24. portfolio samples Longleaf Mitigation
  25. 25. portfolio samples The Law Office of Jason Porter Identity
  26. 26. portfolio samples Gathering Web site
  27. 27. portfolio samples My Engle Homes
  28. 28. portfolio samples Citi Group - mulitmedia presentation
  29. 29. portfolio samples Capital One Dossier
  30. 30. portfolio samples IT SIOS IE M A I A J A C K S O N V I L L E P R E S E N T S EFF BY T ED RA ST LU IL N E W Y E A R ’ S E V E A T 9 T H & M A I N BEAUXARTSBALL.ORG Beaux Arts Ball invite
  31. 31. portfolio samples Amelia Nature brochure
  32. 32. portfolio samples AIGA Martini Poster