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Powerful Personal Presentation Techniques - NIH PMC Meeting


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This helps you:
* Make great and lasting first impressions
* Modify your presentation based on your audience
* Present yourself with confidence and grace
* Be recognized and respected for your professionalism
* Gain the trust and credibility of your peers and management

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Powerful Personal Presentation Techniques - NIH PMC Meeting

  1. 1. Powerful Personal Presentation Techniques © 2018 Win Styles, Inc.
  2. 2. Key Takeaways You will learn: 1. Pertinent elements of first impressions 2. Pertinent elements in your personal presentation that display self-confidence and build rapport © 2017 Win Styles, Inc.
  3. 3. Elements of First Impression When we meet someone new, we quickly answer two questions: • Can I respect this person? – Competence • Can I trust this person? – Trustworthiness/ Warmth Source * Amy Cuddy, Presence
  4. 4. Poll on First Impression In a professional setting which matters more: A. Showing that you're skilled, experienced, and capable (Competent) B. Showing that you’re warm and likable (Trustworthy) C. A and B Source * Amy Cuddy, Presence
  5. 5. Poll on First Impression Source * Amy Cuddy, Presence
  6. 6. Building Rapport: Amp-Up the Likability Factor • Grooming • Smile • Posture and Stance • Eye contact • Handshakes • Energy Level
  7. 7. Non-Threatening Posture Checklist ✓ Relaxed muscles ✓ Easy and frequent smile ✓ Curved and flexible gestures ✓ Slow nodding in agreement ✓ Steady eye contact when listening ✓ Listening with head tilted ✓ Leaning forward, chin lowered ✓ Project enthusiasm ✓ Speech and movements slightly faster and fluent
  8. 8. Powerful Posture Checklist ✓ Relaxed muscles ✓ Neutral facial expressions ✓ Direct and strong gestures ✓ Consistent eye contact ✓ Anchored and balanced stance; erect posture ✓ Gestures match the spoken word ✓ Even energy ✓ Speech and movements controlled and deliberate
  9. 9. Handshake Poll – What kind of Handshake is this? A. Power Handshake B. Limp Fish Handshake C. Pastoral Handshake D. Arm Tackle Handshake
  10. 10. Handshake Poll
  11. 11. Types of Handshake A. Power Handshake B. Limp Fish Handshake C. Pastoral Handshake D. Arm Tackle Handshake A. Power Handshake A. Power Handshake B. Limp Fish Handshake C. Pastoral Handshake D. Arm Tackle Handshake
  12. 12. Clothing Color Poll – What clothing colors builds rapport? A. Brown B. Green C. Pastels
  13. 13. • Approachable • Friendly • May appear inexperience and youth Lighter Colors
  14. 14. • Increase credibility • Purple, olive, and burgundy alternatives to black and navy • Although use red with caution Dark Colors/ Stronger Shades
  15. 15. Power of Color RED • Exciting • Grabs attention • Use wisely – can be distracting PASTELS • Non-threatening, friendly • Conveys warmth • Lacks authority in basic garments GREEN • Quiet, peaceful, friendly • Gives a restful feeling • Suggests sturdiness and endurance • Olive suits look good on redheads and warm toned blondes ORANGE • Cheerful, invigorating, warm, exotic • Conveys creativity, uniqueness • Use in small areas in prints & scarves • Use to spike a very drab suit or tweed jacket BLUE • Cool, serene • Trustworthy • Most useful color for interviews PURPLE/ BURGUNDY • Grandeur, luxury • Suggests creativity • Use as alternative to black or navy BLACK • Can be somber • Considered practical and sophisticated • Dress up with accessories • Dignified and credible GRAY/ STONE • Businesslike • Elegant in beautifully cut suits • Match with brighter colors and unusual textures WHITE • Simplicity, purity, strength, tradition • White shirts can be dramatic with dark suits • Never wear it soiled or slightly yellowed • Can show underwear, or foundation so be careful BROWN • Natural and reassuring • Inspires confidence • Lovely worn in textures fabrics and tweeds
  16. 16. Power of Color Source * Spectrum Report
  17. 17. • Tone of Voice • Vocal Clarity • Verbal Expressiveness • Accent Confident Vocal Cues
  18. 18. Vocal Detractors • Stuttering • Using umms…. and ers… • Shifty eye contact and looking down or away • Speaking off the topic • Long irrelevant stories • Covering your mouth • Fiddling with your hair • Being longwinded with your answers • Interrupting and talking loudly over someone else • Bad language
  19. 19. Factors that Display Confidence and Build Rapport
  20. 20. Vinita Sahajwala at Win Styles …will guide you to success © 2018 Win Styles, Inc. Reach Win Styles and Vinita Win Styles: LinkedIn: Email: Mobile: 310-245-3669