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Improve Your Product Portfolio - H. Del Castillo - ProductCamp DC


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Here is a proposed topic for ProductCamp DC. If you are attending this event, I’d like to request your vote and participation in this highly engaging session.

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LogiAnalytics is a business intelligence company that began with a vision about how the web could be used to transform the way people see and use data. In 2000, CTO Arman Eshraghi founded the company to develop technology that would let web developers easily embed compelling data visualizations inside web sites. Our exclusive Elemental Design Approach lets IT professionals and developers design and deploy BI solutions in a fraction of the time it takes with any other solution.

Today, their solutions support the BI initiatives of over 1000 companies around the globe that are delivering meaningful information to their employees, partners, and customers in a faster, more flexible, and less expensive way. LogiAnalytices continues to evolve their technology and expand market share by providing new advancements in mobile BI, analytics, self-service BI, and personalization. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, near our nation's capital, with sales and support offices in the UK and Europe. They are a private, venture-backed firm, with investments from GroTech Ventures, Updata Partners, and Summit Partners.

I have over 15 years of experience building and directing high performing cross-functional product teams and transforming products to wealth for technology-based product-driven companies. I have launched over 30 products and solutions that resulted in over $200M of achieved global sales revenue. I provide services as a consultant, contractor, coach, or trainer to organizations that need to create value-added products that delight customers and effectively market them to create demand.

Contact me for more information about LogiAnalytics OEM solutions for software vendors or for help creating a product management or innovation process to drive your company's growth.

Feel free to download this for your reference. I look forward to seeing you at ProductCamp DC.

Hector Del Castillo

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Improve Your Product Portfolio - H. Del Castillo - ProductCamp DC

  1. 1. Target Audience: PM Advanced Category: Product Strategy Format: DiscussionImprove Your Product Portfolio Through AnalyticsDescription: Are you implementing the right business intelligence strategy? Are your product ideas aligned with your business and innovation growth strategies? Is your product portfolio balanced across product type, risk, time, resources and ROI?When delivering business intelligence solutions, getting meaningful data into the hands of the rightpeople in ways theyll understand and use is extremely important. By bringing together this informationyoull empower your customers to more accurately analyze business failures and successes, and yourproduct team can make better decisions about how to improve your product.Managing data is a big challenge, especially for companies looking to improve their customerexperience. Often data gathering is chaotic because it doesnt just come from one source and eachsource is not always managed by the same team, or even by the people who need to guide criticaldecisions based on facts.Join Hector Del Castillo as he shares insights and case studies on ways to bring together different datasources, and connect the dots between your customers’ data and the actions your team takes tominimize risk and improve customer satisfaction.Key takeaways from participating in this webinar: The best way to approach business intelligence solutions How to help your customers identify key performance indicators How to display metrics in an actionable way How to leverage insights and turn them into actionParticipate and Win!Vote for and participate in this highly engaging session and win free giveaways from LogiAnalytics.Who Should AttendProduct professionals who deliver business intelligence solutions to help customers make criticaldecisions about their business. Visit: Hector Del CastilloHector Del Castillo has over 15 years of experience helping companies grow by directing the productstrategy to lead high performing product teams. He has launched several profitable technology-basedproducts and solutions. He provides services as a consultant, contractor, coach, or trainer toorganizations that need to create value-added products that delight customers and create demand.For more information, contact:Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMMTransforming products to wealth for technology-based @hmdelcastillo