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Byond M&ACast: 4 Ways Digital M&A Is Different


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In today's business environment, more and more M&A deals are digital deals.

* Why is this important for CEOs looking to buy or sell a digital company?
* How does it affect what buyers and sellers do?
* What steps must buyers and sellers take to achieve better results?

Join us for an engaging discussion to learn why digital deals are different from traditional M&A, how this affects CEOs and business owners looking to buy or sell their companies, and what pitfalls to avoid.

We discuss the differences and how they affect preparation before the transaction, evaluation during the transaction and integration after closing.

You’ll learn:
* Why digital M&A deals are different from traditional deals
* How to prepare for a successful digital M&A deal
* What are the steps for successful digital deal making
* Pitfalls to avoid

We identify the trends of the M&A market and focus specifically on opportunities for the digital M&A market. We will discuss why mergers and acquisitions are so attractive to business owners, executives and investors, why digital M&A deals are increasing, why it is important to ensure your company is prepared to succeed, and how to succeed.

About Byond
A business strategy consulting firm who believes in making a massive positive impact within any organization. We help executives and owners prepare their companies to become deal-ready to achieve smarter outcomes by reducing time to value and cost and overcoming or avoiding obstacles throughout the M&A process.


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Byond M&ACast: 4 Ways Digital M&A Is Different

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