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Byond M&A Talks: Accelerate Small Business Growth Through M&A


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An insightful panel discussion for small business owners who are considering successfully buying or selling a company.

Most small business owners don’t consider mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as an option to grow their business or ensure their business remains relevant. They don’t realize they are missing out on the preferred way in which most companies achieve their next level of growth.

In today’s fast changing business environment, small business owners must learn from larger companies if they want to expand beyond the limits of what organic growth initiatives can achieve for their business.

Selling or merging a business is not like selling a house. There are many challenges and obstacles to a successful business sale or merger. Much planning is needed to identify the obstacles faced by business owners and overcome or minimize the effect of the obstacles.

We identify the trends of the M&A market and focus specifically on benefits and advantages of using mergers or acquisitions to achieve massive business growth. We will discuss why mergers and acquisitions are so attractive to business owners, shareholders and investors, why inorganic growth is projected to continue to grow within the next 20 years, why it is important to ensure your company is prepared to succeed, and how to prepare to go through a successful merger or acquisition.

You’ll learn:
* Why you should consider small business M&A
* How to prepare your company to be deal-ready
* What steps must you take to prepare
* What pitfalls to avoid

Looking to buy or sell a digital company? Set up a free appointment to discuss your business situation and identify how we can help you achieve outcomes beyond expectations.

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Byond M&A Talks: Accelerate Small Business Growth Through M&A

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