The Vampire Diaries


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A slideshow about on of my favourite Tv Shows for my btec diploma in the media industry. unit 2.

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The Vampire Diaries

  1. 1. by Hannah D
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  3. 3. The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-horror tv series based on the books series of the same name. It is created byKevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Initially, Williamson wasn‟t interested in producing the series as it was similar to mostvampire tales, however, after Plec pursued him to read the books, he became drawn to the characters and stories. In May2009, the first season was officially ordered. When the tv series first aired in September 2009, on The CW Network, itattracted the largest audience of any other series since the network began. The high rating allowed the full 22 episode firstseries to premier, in October 2009. The finale didn‟t air until May 2010. The pilot episode was filmed inVancouver, however the rest of the season was filmed in Georgia, along with various other communities aroundAtlanta, allowing them to take advantage of the local tax incentives. The first episode received around 4.91 million viewersin the USA. It was the most viewed episode of the season.In February 2010, The CW announced for another season to air, which premiered in September 2010. In April 2011, thenetwork then renewed the show for a third season, and then again the following April for a fourth.The Vampire Diaries has been nominated for various awards, including the Teen Choice Awards, Young HollywoodAwards, Saturn Awards and People Choice Awards. The Series has won over 20 awards in the past 2 years.Every year since the series aired, it has been paired with another CW show. The first season was paired withSupernatural, while the second was with Nikita, the third The Secret Circle and the fourth with the new show Beauty andthe Beast.
  4. 4. Four months have passed since Elena and Jeremy Gilbert‟s parents both perished in a tragic carcrash. They are still adjusting to the reality, now being parented by their young and naïveAunt, Jenna. Elena struggles having to hide her grief from her friends, whilst Jeremy spirals into aworld of drugs, drink, and bad influences. As the school year begins, Elena finds herselffascinated by the new and mysterious Stefan, along with her best friends Bonnie andCaroline, while her ex Matt still pines for her. Stefan and Elena are immediately drawn to one-another, although his behaviour both fascinates and scares her. Stefan‟s older bad-boy Damonalso pops up unexpectedly, irritating Stefan with his reclus behaviour. What Mystic Falls doesn‟trealise is both are Vampires. Stefan and Elena become close, starting to form arelationship, however when she comes to know of his deadly secret, she feels she cant be withhim, although does promise to keep his and his brothers secret. Bonnie also comes to therealisation that she is a witch, and at first frightened by the thought, finds comfort in her Grandmaand develops her skills. Jeremy still in with the wrong crowd, falls in love with Matts sister, Vicki.
  5. 5. However things turn tragic when Damon turns her into a vampire, and she attacksJeremy, resulting in Stefan staking her. Stefan and Damon bury the body and Elena asks Damonto wipe Jeremy‟s memory of the event. Elena and Stefan soon begin a relationship, when shefinds an old photo dated to 1864, that looks exactly like her. She is a descendant of both Damonand Stefan‟s former vampire girlfriend Katherine. The season then follows the story usingflashbacks of 1864, and how the vampires of mystic falls were all sent to their deaths by thefounding families and burnt in an old church. However Bonnie‟s ancestor, Emily, put a spell on atomb that kept the vampires safe. Damon, who is still in love with Katherine whilst also findinghim drawn to Elena, is on a mission to open the tomb and release Katherine so they can betogether forever. However when the tomb is opened, and it comes to light that Katherine wasn‟tinside, he faces the consequence that she is alive and never looked for him. When the tombvampires are then set free in mystic falls, its up to the group to make sure no harm comes toanyone. Elena then faces the truth the Stefan saved her from the crash her parents had, and thatshe is actually adopted, following the same bloodline as Katherine. When Bonnies grandma diestrying to keep the tomb shut, she secludes herself from Elena and Stefan and anything vampirerelated. The season ends with Katherine returning to Mystic Falls and causing havoc for all.
  6. 6. The appearance of Katherine in the second season, shakes things up between the on going love-triangle of Elena, Stefan and Damon. Throughout this season, Elena finds herself coming closerwith Damon, who seems to be going off the rails. Stefan, Damon and Elena plot to take downKatherine, however she seems to be one step ahead of them. However one of Katherine‟saccomplishes is Isobel, Alaric‟s “dead” wife and Elena‟s biological mother. Katherine turnsElena‟s best friend, Caroline, into a vampire. Finally they are able to lock Katherine in the tombfrom the previous season , trying to manipulate and extract information from her. She warns themof a greater evil coming and that they need to protect Elena. Tyler‟s uncle comes to visit, lookingfor a „moon-stone‟ which contains a spell called the sun and moon curse, which make vampiresslaves to the sun and werewolves to the moon. However when the original vampires come forElena as she is a petrova doppelganger , the oldest vampire being Klaus.
  7. 7. He is after the moon-stone as the real curse trapped inside is one that keeps his werewolf side atbay, as he is both a vampire and werewolf. To break the curse he has to make a sacrifice, killingfirst a werewolf, then a vampire, and finally draining all the blood from Elena‟s body. Damon andStefan then try and find a way to protect Elena, with Damon selfishly feeding her his blood so shewill come back as a vampire. Caroline and Tyler get kidnapped to be sacrificed, so Damon tryingto undo his mistake saves them, however Tyler turns into a werewolf and bites Damon, which isfatal to vampire. He keeps this from Elena. Klaus gathers a back-up werewolf, and turns Elena‟saunt, Jenna, into a vampire. Whilst the sacrifice is taking place, Bonnie and Alaric are findingways to save Elena, finally finding a spell which binds her biological fathers life, John, withElena‟s, so when Elena is sacrificed, John will die in her place. The sacrifice takes place, with adeal with Klauss brother Elijah, also an original, to kill Klaus during the sacrifice at his weakest.Elijah gets cold feet during the killing, and actually saves his brother. This results to Klaus killingElijah, and Stefan sacrificing his humanity to save his brother.
  8. 8. Season 3 delves further into Klauss family and the origins of the Vampires. Stefan is still missingand Damon and Elena have set out to find him, until hope is lost when they realise he has lost hishumanity. Klaus is hoping to harvest Elena‟s blood when he hears she is still alive, so he his ableto make an army of hybrids, which included Tyler. Klaus finds himself drawn to Caroline whichaffects her relationship with Tyler. Jeremy is now seeing ghosts and Bonnie loses her powersafter casting a powerful spell so finds her mother in the hopes of re-gaining them. Stefan andDamon are still hoping to find a way to defeat Klaus, and Katherine lurks around to help thebrothers with their plans. Klaus‟s family return, and his mum, a witch, hopes to destroy thevampire bloodline, eventually turning Alaric into the most powerful vampire hunter and linking hislife with Elena‟s. Rebecca stands in front of Elena and Matt whilst driving, causing them to crashinto the river. Matt gets saved, leaving Elena to die, however she dies with vampire blood in hersystem.
  9. 9. Elena Gilbert – Nina Dobrev Tyler Lockwood – Michael TrevinoStefan Salvatore – Paul Wesley Matt Donovan – Zach RoerigDamon Salvatore – Ian Somerhalder Jenna Sommers – Sara CanningJeremy Gilbert – Steven R. Mcqueen Alaric Saltzman – Matt DavisCaroline Forbes – Candice Acoola Klaus Mikaelson – Joseph MorganBonnie Bennet – Kat Graham Dr Meredith Fell – Torrey DeVitto
  10. 10. Carol Lockwood – Susan Walters Vicki Donovan – Kayla EwellSheriff Liz Forbes – Marguirite MacIntyre Kol Mikaelson - Nathaniel BuzolicRebekah Mikaelson – Claire Holt Luka Martin – Bryton JonesElijah Mikaelson – Daniel Gillies Anna – Malese JowJohn Gilbert – David Andes April Young – Grace PhippsMason Lockwood – Taylor Kinney Pearl – Kelly HuAtticus Shane – David Alpay Esther – Alice EvansKatherine Pierce – Nina Dobrev Richard Lockwood – Robert PralgoHayley – Phoebe Tonkin Andie Star – Dawn OlivierIsobel Flemming – Mia Kirshner Shelia Bennet – Jasmine Guy
  11. 11. Directed by Jon DahlWritten by Julie Plec & Kevin WilliamsonExecutive Producers Julie Plec & Kevin WilliamsonCo-Produced by James L Thompson IIIMusic by Michael SubyCinematography by Dave PerkelEdited by Land AndersonCasting by Lesli GellesProduction Design by Gareth StoverCostume Design by Leigh Leverett
  12. 12. • The pilot was shot in Vancouver, but the rest of the series was shot in Georgia.• James Van Der Beek was considered for the role of Alaric Saltzman.• Ashley Tisdale was offered an audition but turned it down.• Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino and Paul Wesley all originally auditioned for the role of Damon.• Neve Cambell was considered for the role of Isobel Flemming.• Nina Dobrev is actuall a year younger than Steven R. Mcqueen, although her character is 2 years older than his.• Damon drives a 1969 Chevy Camaro convertible.• Stephen Amell originally auditioned for the roles of Elijah and Mason Lockwood.• Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin previously worked together in another fantasy show called H20.
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