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Vasco de gama


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Vasco de gama

  1. 1. ByMrs Cummins
  2. 2. Vasco da Gama
  3. 3. Who was Vasco da Gama?Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who discovered an ocean route from Portugal to the East. He was born in 1460 and died in 1524.He sailed from Lisbon in Portugal around the southern tip of Africa to India. This was noteworthy because prior to doing this it was assumed that the Indian Ocean did not connect to other seas.
  4. 4. Where did Vasco da Gama explore?
  5. 5. Interesting FactsDa Gama’s father who was also an explorer was to have made the sea voyage from Portugal to India that eventually made his son famous. Unfortunately, Da Gama’s father died without completing this historically significant journey.
  6. 6. Where did Vasco da Gama die? Da Gama died in India in 1524. He was working as the Portuegese king’s representative.
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