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CPS Hyperion

  1. 1. Struggling with Hyperion S9 Migration? Let us make it easier for you!
  2. 2. two world leaders joined forces to create a new horizon in business intelligence tools and boost your business performance management
  3. 3. our goal is to help you project your business and create a sustainable competitive edge beyond tomorrow
  4. 4. through imagination, innovation and unequal experience to boost your results and make you flourish in the world of the future
  5. 5. one of the largest global networks: 400+ specialized BPM professionals 160+ Hyperion S9 certified experts 100+ Hyperion S9 Migrations delivered
  6. 6. we offer broad service capabilities C P S dominating the future Outsourcing & Support Centers
  7. 7. with offices in 9 countries and operations in 4 continents The World of C P S
  8. 8. over 300 recognized global clients and delighted references
  9. 9. why is System 9 so important?
  10. 10. the scenario today Source: Tower Group Research
  11. 11. your everyday dreams: faster scripts stay-of-the-art dashboard powerful integrated spreadsheets one stop shopping
  12. 12. what if you get the power to change paradoxes and start achieving your dreams? ©Hyperion Solutions
  13. 13. Hyperion S9 offers Comprehensive Performance Management ©Hyperion Solutions
  14. 14. one system to deploy, manage and maintain: <ul><li>support for all aspects of the management cycle </li></ul><ul><li>integrated, modular suite of financial management applications and a BI platform </li></ul><ul><li>shared services simplifies deployment and maintenance </li></ul><ul><li>common workspace simplifies deployments and reduces training </li></ul>
  15. 15. upgrade decisions are never easy Promised & Potential Benefits Versions Enterprise Strategy future-state architecture Implementation Approach Timing
  16. 16. concerned about the implications? how to preserve existing functionality? an outdated version? don’t have the time or the resources?
  17. 17. our team has the resources and the experience to guide you and to support you in every step of the process
  18. 18. our manifesto ‘ Z’ Shaped Thinkers challenge assumptions reframe the problem explore many perspectives synthesize information in order to: envision unseen opportunities
  19. 19. our goal is to help you complete your system 9 migration swiftly, successfully and cost effectively
  20. 20. facilitating your management in global environments and achieving benchmarks in your vertical by delivering sound solutions
  21. 21. to effectively reduce stress and workload associated with upgrading and integrating complex information systems
  22. 22. the right contact can create a world of differences: C P S dominating the future 800-258-6610 [email_address] m www.ciscorporate.com