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Augmented and Virtual Reality for the future of laboratories


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As you know, immersive technologies change many things in our way to work. Of course, biology and biotechnology companies are also concerned by this trend. In HCS Pharma, we use to explore these fields to improve the quality (and the readability) of our results. We think it's a natural behavior, to keep good relationships with our customers.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality for the future of laboratories

  1. 1. Biotechnology company specialized in cellular imagery which provides HCA/HCS services Augmented reality, Virtual reality and biotechnology Immersive technologies for the laboratory of the future
  2. 2. • 120 m² office and labs located in Rennes : – Equiped cell culture lab – automation lab & cell imaging lab: services: safety and efficacy assays, Cellular assay development, process automation, proof of concept/mechanism of action & consulting for your research program in pharmacology or cosmetology field HCS Pharma 2 ALH 3000 (Caliper) multiprobe (Perkin) Micro XLS (MDS) BD Pathway 855 (BD)
  3. 3. Team & skills 16 years of experience in IT (digital and data usages): image analysis, AR/VR, statistics, data mining & big data 3 Nathalie MAUBON, PhD in biology : CEO, CSO Julian BURSZTYKA, PhD in toxicology : COO 16 years exp in R&D (10 years in pharma): - AD & automation of robust models in in vitro ADMET & pharmacology field (HTS, HCS) - Project manager for drug candidate research program 10 years exp (6 years in a GLP CRO): - Study director in a regulatory environment - Service and customer relationship management Grégory MAUBON, PhD in astrophysics : CDO, CIO Méryl ROUDAUT MD in toxicology Technician (PhD Student) Skills on research drug program => consulting Assay development depending on your needs => custom study Study in regulatory mandatory => study in BPL spirit / consulting Image analysis & statistics expertise Pierre-Jean FERRON PhD toxicology Study director/ Junior scientist Kathleen JARNOUEN MD in cellular biology Technician Grégory BAUDOUIN PhD neuro Study director/ Senior scientist
  4. 4. Pillars of laboratory 4 People and skills Devices Data
  5. 5. Laboratory of the future ? 5 People DevicesData OK ! Training Optimization Usage Modification Maintenance Visualization Comprehension Modelization Validation “The big scope” Augmented reality Virtual reality Deep Learning Intelligence Artificielle Dataviz
  6. 6. Training 6 SOLDAMATIC : Learn how to weld safely and without raw material
  7. 7. Maintenance 7 PTC Vuforia use at Sysmex
  8. 8. The “white” laboratory 8 Laval Virtual 2017 XXII GROUP Virtual and cooperative laboratory of chemistry Tools : HTC Vive Arduino and some code !
  9. 9. Installation and virtual visit 9
  10. 10. 3D Visualization : From cell pictures to a real .obj 10 A good .obj model with segmented elements Stack pictures 3D pictures (voxels)
  11. 11. Tools to visualize and to collaborate 11 Interactive Virtual Reality Augmented Reality 3D printing Immersive collaboration « in situ » Distant immersive collaboration Web collaboration
  12. 12. Merci ! 12 Grégory MAUBON Digital Coordinator / CDO HCS Pharma @gmaubon / French association to promote augmented reality – RA’pro / @ar_fr