How to paint a car


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Do you want to learn how to paint a car? If your answer is yes, How To Paint A Car In Seven Days is the answer to your problem! With step-by-step instructional guides to lead you, you can now do away with expensive car painting and do the task of painting your car all by yourself!

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How to paint a car

  1. 1. How To Paint A Car In Seven Days Learn How To Do Car Painting With Step-By-Step Instructions By Andrew CarlsbergWant Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 1 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  2. 2. Copyright © 2012 All Rights ReservedWant Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 2 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  3. 3. Table Of ContentsLearn How To Do Car Painting With Step-By-Step InstructionsTable Of ContentsIntroduction Warning:Things You Will Need1 - Stripping The Paint2 – Metal Work, Fixing Dents & Removing Rust Fixing Rusts In The Car Patching Up Small Holes3 – Smoothing And Filling Types Of Fillers Applying The Filler4 – Initial Painting Sanding5 – Final Paint Options For The Top Coat Applying The Final Top Coat Final Buffing Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 3 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  4. 4. Introduction Painting a car is very expensive, but sometimes we have no choice but to have our carsrepainted. In most cases, you can consider yourself lucky if you are able to dish out at least$3000 for a “fairly decent” paint job. But in reality, you will most likely dish out twice or eventhrice that number if you want a quality paint job for your beloved ride. Of course, you can try to do things on your own, which is exactly why I created this bookto help you accomplish that task. How To Paint A Car In Seven Days is a complete, step-by-step instructional book material that will teach you how to paint your own car in under sevendays (assuming that the weather favors you of course). By following the instructions that I havelaid in this book, you don’t have to dish out tens of thousands of dollars for repainting your car. Ifyou turn out to develop your skill in car painting, why, you can even do car painting as your mainsource of living!Warning: Please consult your doctor before trying to follow the instructions on this book. Somepeople might be irritated by the chemical compounds included in car paint and other materialsthat are used in car painting and your health is more important than anything. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 4 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  5. 5. Things You Will NeedHere are the things that you will need for a car-painting project: 1. Gloves 2. Goggles 3. Face mask 4. Chemical stripper 5. Grit paper 6. Sander 7. Welder (not necessarily needed, unless you need to weld-in parts to replace rusty sections of the car) 8. Welding mask (for welding) 9. POR-15 Paint 10. Paint spray respirator 11. Paint gun 12. Masking paper / masking tape(for covering the car while painting) 13. Filler 14. Paint 15. Fiberglass cloth (just in case you need to cover in some holes) 16. Painter’s suitThese are the minimum requirements that you must have, but these are not all the materialsyou will use. More will be introduced in the book, and not all of them will be utilized becauseeach car will have its own different sets of problems.Having said that, let’s start learning how to paint a car! Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 5 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  6. 6. 1 - Stripping The Paint In any car painting project, the first thing that you must do is strip the car of its old paint.Decide on to take apart (to strip paint from underlying parts) andhow far you will go in stripping the paint. The best paint jobs must old paint strippedand as much as possible all moldings, trim and bumpers would be stripping the whole car to the shell, but for an paintjob it is not necessary. Strip the car in whatever means that Chemical strippers will do a nice job, butthey remove all residue (not to mention they also make amess on the floor). Any small stripper left in some corner can ruin a paint job. Andbesides, chemical strippers usually smelly and they burn the skin if not handled properly.Just to add so all filler must be removed andpapers, sand the car until you see the underlying metal, but do not sand it too much becauseyou might create some deep scratches or vents if you overdo it. job or you used a lacquer primer, a simple be careful. Once you hit the metal, use an 80-grit paper betterpaint adhesion. If theremoved and replaced. You can either use the 9- knotted wirebrush on a 4-1/2 inch angle grinder. I prefer the wire brush, but the choice is up to you finances. Mediablasting with Walnut shells or d but is not recommende hurricane. Youcan also acid dip the car which will remove al paint, but the car must be entirelystripped. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 6 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  7. 7. 2 – Metal Work, Fixing Dents & Removing Rust After you have the car stripped, the metal work should start next. Metal work meansfixing the small damages that he body of the car might have sustained. This is importantbecause paint cannot hide the dents and scratched in a car. this way done.Unless you are an artisan then you will have to use some dents. Be sure to nothave a bump in the final paint finish that cannot besanded down. Often,What you must do is to exchange the large dent or bum holes t through the holes.Fixing Rusts In The Car There is only one way to fix rust. Cut it out, - surface should be plain steel and must not have any coating (e.g. galvanizedcoat) weld. Usewire brush or sander to prep the metal. depression to the body metal for the patch to set in. A toolis Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 7 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  8. 8. The new metal must be completely welded inusing a good MIG (metal inert glass) curren tack themetal in place using s inches around the patch. a very slight pressure needed to hold the pieces together. to 1/2 inch stri surrounding metal gets too hotto hold your hand on lay your hand over the area that is being welded. minutes for a 6-by- rollingprocess. This process puts stress on the metal in the welding process which ca causewarping reduces this possibility. The welding spotted. Moisture can come in from the filler, rough up the metal with a 24 grit disk on a 7 inchgrinder s needed to cover up the patch.Patching Up Small Holes For surface rust in areas like the floor board where dents have there aresome Swiss cheese- scale and sand away paint from the surroundingarea for abou Clean up all dust with a vacuum etch the new metal that is not rusted. POR15 will not stick to clean m unless chemically Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 8 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  9. 9. etched, b coat of POR15 fiberglasscloth. After it has dried dries faster when it is damp out. It will not lift with the formatio to peel that fiberglass cloth off again. it paint for lack of going to top coat the POR15 then you need to spra through. I also recommend usingit under on the back side and over the back side of the welded-in patches. not the same as rust converters (e.g. "Extend") does not convert the rust,but instead covers it up which helps in getting to the rust which stopsany further rust spread. Don’t forget to w your hands you will wear it for about 2 weeks. (Toluene, Methel-ethel keytone, Tricholrethene, gasoline, Alcohol, Lac thinner, Carbcleaner, Brake cleaner with Hexane, s get it off. Nothing worked.) Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 9 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  10. 10. 3 – Smoothing And Filling Now that all the dented and rusted metals are fixed, we need to make the car smoothbefore we start painting it. And contrary to what most people believe, t long and are much and hard to find, hard to apply, hard to sand… really hard to use. And notto mention that used can cause corrosion and paint problems.Types Of Fillers There are several types plastic fillers and it is important that you get to know each andevery one of them. Fillers with Fiberglass threadsspe - - cracking. There is also a fine- imperfections and spots leftfro are made to be used either under or over the paintand they to do so. These fillers inch. The generic "Bondo" brand filler i sand.You will find the f any higher priced than the KmartBondo, but in my experience Bondo is much more tricky to sand.Applying The Filler Applying the filler can be somewhat of an art in itself. As a general rule and precaution,m than what you think you will need. (this takes some mixing; cures because it hardened too fast. Too Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 10 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  11. 11. for ever to harden or might not harden at all. This is a tricky situation and only time andpractice can help you perfect this part. will get unworkable (meaning, you can’t possibly use it anymore for filling) in 5minutes, become turn totally hard after about 2 hours. Fillersare edges to avoid over-application. Once the area is properly covered, fillerfrom the edges to the center using the plastic scraper tool, it as smooth as possible tothe final contour. Once sandable, use a 9- random orbit sander with 36 grit pa desired contour holding the sander almost totally flat to the metal. file and 80-gritpaper. Work the air file in random directions to also use a Dual Action (DA) sander with 80-grit paper. Neveruse finer than 80-g morerip primer will take care of them. If you have to ap I learned the hard way. Another thing to remember about painting, can see low spots but not high spots inthe finish. Therefore, filler slightly high and dont have a low spot. I learned this with a small sanding block. filler that will show You will then "feel" the high and low spotsth Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 11 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  12. 12. any more might require another book to get allthe information across. Note: do not clean your paint gun at once,you will soon paint will cure in the gun in a short time. ( setting up before I could get it all sprayed on). N more hazardousthan the old lacquers and enamels so wearing a sufficient. At the minimum,you should use a paint spra you are sensitive to chemicals or have somebreathing problems like asth then you need to wear an air- pump sits outside and pumps fresh air in to you. You could alternative wear a scuba or firefighters air tank. Most modern through the skin and just to be on the safe sidepainter’s suits when spraying paint. Paint can also affect and irritate your eyes, so do yourabsolute best to protect them. Those little swimming pool eye covers and goggles have a full face respirator. For most people, the paint exposure is low for asingle paint job that the respirator is a good enough solution on your healthcondition too. (Paint sick standing outside thedoor watching me). Use your own good judgment, but try to be on the “safe side” as much aspossible Just to add, mostseparate instructions from the paint store. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 12 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  13. 13. 4 – Initial Painting For painting you will need a paint gun. I use a Devilbis useless with todays paints. Theyare just too t out from a suction feed gun. (High volume low-pressure)HVLP guns may be used if yo using a baking oven to make the finish smooth out. we need to coverup the bare met what is underneath. I use Ditzler DP-40 epoxy primer. It mixes 1 the DP-402catylist. You could also use Dupont Variprime acid primer. the metal 2 good wet coats, should be top cosanding for proper paint bonding. I usually wait a - DU4 hardener, and 1 part DT860 reducer. each coat flash before applying the next. Let the and preferably overnight before you do the sanding prevent theshrinkage of the primer you sandings with lacquer toallow the reducer to completely evaporate. the old lacquers were usually nothigh quality be used with modern top coats as they may react and reduce p time. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 13 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  14. 14. Sanding of lacquer.This is called a "tracer". It is your guide to san paint. This procedure is called "Block"sanding. Use 180-g sand the first coat of primer. You may think this funny, but youcan use a 3x inch piece of Styrofoam about 12 inches long stuck back to a 180-grit paper forsanding by had has just enough resistance to not digin; just the perfect hand-made solution for you! By hand sanding,diagonal strokes trying to keep the sanding stroke at least 12 inch primer with a 180-g the paint,changing directions every so often.that you will see in the paint later. When sanding with a small b we are looking for when sanding the primer is theremoval of the entiresanding. Just see those massive sanding scratches go away. If, reach the thearea because it means you is real low oryou have some "chip" spots, these can be easily polyester filler I possible for the polyester fill to be perfect. Sand the fillerwith 80-grit using the 9- random orbit sander, the Dual Action sander or the Air file. Onc the 180-grit, add more primer. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 14 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  15. 15. If you still have tracer paint or you have more filler, then try to apply 2 heavycoats. Wipe or blow off all the car again and not just paint alittle heavier in the areas that you know are low (meaning, the dents are quite deep) have no tracer showing. If you have no more tracers showing, heavy coat. When itis already dry, sand it with 400-grit paper by b Use 600- By this time, you should already have a very smooth car ready for the final layerof paint! Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 15 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  16. 16. 5 – Final Paint Remove all the masking tape or masking paper from the car as you will need to add newones paint job so youwant to avoid this problem as much as possible has acouple hours to dry before painting. It will mask it off anyway. Use theair hose to blow air in all areas of the car; tcrevice somewhere done blowing all the dustoff the car, reapply the mas a well-ventilated area. If you are doing the car painting f hour after, let it blow all the dust that is airborne out. If youwant to clean the floor mess or sweep the floor, now is the perfect time for you to do so. Afterthat, you won’t be able to sweep the floor again until you are If you are having a calm andclear day, you can also opt to paint outside kicked up and carried by the wind willget in the paint, so a closed-area is almost always preferred for car paintingprojects. will make thedust on the floor unable to fly off and stick to your car while you are painting OK because the water makes it stick to the floor even after the water dries. B job. With our fan r Variprimeas a sealer. If you desire, 100% DT860 or 870 reducer tomake it a lot easier to then you will have to wait a couple of hoursbefore applying the color Non-reduced, you can go and apply the colored paint, then you may want to use the DP red Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 16 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  17. 17. instead of the #40-g - colorcoat.Options For The Top CoatLacquer You have several options for doing theonce the paint of Up into the 80s GM cars were painted with non clear coat easily with time. Most lacquerfinishes are clear coated but dont have t be. applications, use about 3 coats of clear. afraid to lay the paint on heavy. If youpaint too slow, they you will s wait about a month before sanding and buffing.Enamel The next paint you can choose is the Enamel will takes week to get really hard andthe whole t temperature reducer at about 100%. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 17 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  18. 18. Urethane Next choice is Urethane single- paint ma waxing and does not need to bebuffed.Basecoat By far the best top coating is the Basecoat-clear coat clear and D Too dry of coat and itwill not smo dry about an hour and sand with water and 1000-gapply a little more color to the area where the run is. Since and even aft flashed off, mix upsome Clear and get ready part. It took me about 2 1/2 Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 18 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  19. 19. Applying The Final Top Coat Spray clear with 2 very heavy coats, letting it dryminute w shops get all the orange peel out of t jobs so smoothwithout buffing. This clear coat hours of painting and should be sandedand buffed within 72 hours buffing. longer may le hour for the previous color coat to dry and those guys use to paintthose wild flames on cars. Sanding clear coat is similar to sanding the 400-g or 1200-g out the rough areas. If you dont sand enough, rough when youare Often, I dont even sand theedges of the paint for this reason. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 19 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  20. 20. Final Buffing to be very careful in buffing the car - in a small, 2x2 area. Run t medium pressure over the area until the compound starts to dry. drying, increase the speed to 1500 rpm and use light pressure in order to to a gloss. Often it takes doing this 2 oif necessary. A buffing wheel running onto an edge will rip the paint. If the bufferis not working the finish up to a shine, needs to be cleaned. away at thFoam pad. Use the Foam pad compound for th good. As a final finish, apply some type of a paint. Eagle 1 Carnauba was ispretty good and smells kinda neat too. Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 20 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  21. 21. To summarize, this is how your schedule will pan out if you plan to paint a caron your own 1 day to apply filler and smoothAll-in-all, the process only takes 7 days! (If you take your car to an auto shop, you will have towait more than a week for sure. Sometimes even months)That’s it! I hope you had a great time reading this guide to painting your own car. With all theequipments and materials included, you will be able to save a lot of money if you can paint yourcar on your own. This is the first step towards achieving that goal and I hope you appreciate andapply what you learned from this book! So long! To Your Car Painting Success Andrew Carlsberg Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 21 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!
  22. 22. Don’t Forget To Check Out This Amazing Set Of Car Painting Videos From Mario Goldstein Too! Spray Paint Secret is a video collection that contains literally HUNDREDS of spray painting video techniques that you can use to further improve your craft. Check it out by clicking the image below! Want Access To Hundreds Of Car Painting And Auto Restoration Videos? Visit 22 SprayPaintVideos Here Today!