Teaching with technology


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A presentation developed for ACT RGV on Teaching Effectively Using Technology.

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Teaching with technology

  1. 1. Teaching With Technology Presented by Homer Colunga for
  2. 2. Classroom Collaboration• LinoIt-Online Sticky Notes – Digital Bulletin Board – Digital Brainstorming – Classroom Collaboration – can be used to do KWL Charts
  3. 3. Classroom Collaboration• POLL EVERYWHERE: – Poll anywhere is a great way to bring in mobile devices into the classroom – Assess student knowledge during discussion
  4. 4. How To Vote via Texting E XA MP LE 1. Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20)TIPS 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do
  5. 5. Classroom Collaboration• CEL.LY: cel.ly – Collect responses to check for understanding – Have students share without them having any fear that they are wrong (because they can comment without classmates knowing who is commenting) – Engage students with each other in a manner in which they are comfortable – Respond to individuals privately without classmates knowing – You do not have to share your personal cell phone number! – SEND @actrgv to the number 23559
  6. 6. Create Digital Content• MindMeister – Create Mind Maps that can display trees of information
  7. 7. Digital Multimedia• VOKI: – Voki is a great way to have students share their knowledge of a topic in 60 seconds or less. – Makes students organize their thoughts to focus on key details.
  8. 8. Digital Content• Flickr – Go on virtual field trips – Display photography and art – Label Diagrams
  9. 9. Digital Content• BIG HUGE LABS – Create motivational posters – Trading cards – Magazine covers – Movie posters
  10. 10. Big Huge Labs
  11. 11. Create Digital Content• ToonDoo – Create your own cartoons with your own dialogue and messages
  12. 12. Sample Cartoon
  13. 13. Create Your Own Digital Content• QR CODE Generator: Add Codes to your assignments• Create a homework assignment that can be done on a mobile device! SCAN NOW!!!
  14. 14. Create Your Own Multimedia• Flip Your Classroom – Create video lectures that are viewed at home for homework – Traditional Homework is completed in class along with other hands-on activities• Jing – Can be used to record screen shots or make screen casts which can be viewed online
  15. 15. YouTube in the Classroom• ViewPure.com- – Watch YouTube Videos without ads and related videos – download videos for offline viewing.• TubeChop.com- – Allows you to chop YouTube Videos, so that you get straight to the point you were focusing on.• Meograph-Allows for 4-dimensional storytelling, embedding photos and videos.
  16. 16. Digital Dialogue• Ifaketext.com—Have students create a dialogue via “Text Message”
  17. 17. Teacher Tools• DROPBOX: – Share files across any computer – Drag and drop convenience – Eliminates the need for USB Flash Drives – Available on Mobile Devices
  18. 18. Web Tools• Bit.ly – Have a long website address? Use Bit.ly – Shortens long website addresses – Track number of views to your link.
  19. 19. Online Assessment• Quizlet.com – Create Flash Cards for your class, or have students prepare these to study key terms and ideas.• GoogleDocs – to create tests/quizzes/homework that are sent to you after completion
  20. 20. Teacher Tools• WorksheetWorks – Create worksheets, graphic organizers, etc. that can be saved as PDFs• Improve Google Searches• Engrade.com- – Free Gradebook – Classroom activities – Seating Chart – Record attendance
  21. 21. Share Your Digital Content• SlideShare – Allows you to upload Power Point Presentations and share with the world. – You do not need to have Power Point installed on your computer – Can be viewed on mobile devices