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Hung Chong Portfolio Cv

  1. 1. Hung CHONG Portfolio I'm a result-driven Game Designer who loves video games and who had various game genres and hardware platforms experiences. By working on small teams, I got used to carry diverse responsibilities on a project, ranging from design to management to marketing to test. I have the ability to quickly prototype a game/user interface with Flash in order to field test it to guarantee its value.
  2. 2. Range of competencies - Wrote more than 15 game design documents on templates approved by Nokia, Sony and Microsoft. Game Design - Wrote video game FAQs (See Gamefaqs) - Regularly summarizes game design articles (See blog). - Occasionally teaches Game Design at Supinfogame. - Level designed on racing games (Rainbow Racer, Beach Rally) - Level designed on casual games (Pulstar, Tiny war) Level Design - Level designed on a FPS game (VGM, a counterstrike map) - Level designed on action/adventure games (Cybernetik, Betrayal Of The Crown) - Edited a commercial for Microsoft China which is used to introduce the company to external partners. Video Design - Designed video cut-scenes on Obscure 2. - Produced all videos on Cybernetik (cutscenes, teaser, trailer) - Edit videos for fun (example: Equilibrium music video) - Modeled, textured and animated characters on Cybernetik. - Produced the graphic assets for Surface Whac-a-Mole. Visual Design - Designed ATC Surface team logo. - Designed posters for Microsoft ICE Fun committee. - Fully managed the audio asset creation on 5+ games. Management - Managed a 5 people team on different game projects in Microsoft. - Held user testing sessions on games to gather critical feedbacks. QA - Wrote test plan on Rainbow Racer and Beach Rally. - Creates small Flash game for fun (example: Bullet). Flash Prototyping - Drew a lot of Flash prototypes for Surface Chess and Rainbow Racer to explore the interaction design. - Wrote and implemented all the in-game texts in Obscure 2. Writing - Wrote and implemented all the dialogues on “Betrayal Of The Crown” Web Design - See website
  3. 3. Depth of competencies 1st project study: Kart game on mobile phone Position: game designer in Magus soft 1st iteration First concept. Because of its casual nature (we wanted to attract girls and kids) the first idea was to have a cartoon world with animals riding karts on famous scenic spots of China. Poster – 1st design Character – 1st design Poster – 1st screenshots
  4. 4. 2nd iteration - Hardware constraint. We quickly decided to make the acceleration automatic to avoid finger stress on mobile phone. - Game size constraint. We only had space for 3 maps but since we designed 3 tracks per map, we had 9 tracks. - Accessibility. In the first design, you could choose your character and your kart in the same menu (right/left shuffled through drivers and up/down through karts). User testing showed that players never use the up/down interaction so it was removed in the next iteration. 3rd turn: easy long right turn On the right: explanation of the first track design. There is a difficulty curve from easy to hard. 4th turn: quick left and right turns 2nd turn: easy right turn 1st turn: easy left turn Start 5th turn: 90 degrees right turn. 6th turn: The hardest turn is at the end of the track.
  5. 5. 3rd iteration - Improved look and feel. We improved the look and feel of the game to make it warmer and removed the Chinese elements to make it more international. - Power up system. You can stock several bonuses and every time you stock three of them, they evaporate and your kart levels up, creating an interesting choice for the player: “Should I use my bonuses as soon as I get them for a short-term advantage or should I stock them for long-term advantage?” - Visual jokes. We used every opportunity to make the game as funny as possible, see below: Pigs are obstacles on the road. When you collide with one of The chili bonus makes your them, they will crash on the screen. character sweat and gives a boost of speed.
  6. 6. 2nd project study: Chess on Microsoft Surface Position: game designer in Microsoft 1st iteration Where do you start when you have to design chess on a touchscreen hardware? I studied the rules and the competitors to get ideas and the first design of the game had a lot of features: Change Game skin Score button Clock and Captured button pieces Volume Ask for advice Undo Help Exit The problem here is: if feature-wised, it is exhaustive, visually, it looks too packed.
  7. 7. 2nd iteration Later, the producer visited us and gave some feedbacks. We understood that the most important thing for the game was to showcase Surface’s potential so a new round of feature design started, emphasizing the uniqueness of the hardware. “New game” button. You don’t want the “Computer” object. When you drag Pieces. User testing revealed that game to restart suddenly because your sleeve and drop this object on the board, the some pieces are difficult to accidentally touched the button, right? So computer will be activated and play. distinguish (ex: King and Queen) you have to touch and hold the button for This was a new exciting interaction one second to restart the game. However, model but user testing revealed that 2D physics. The more important feature user testing showed that people don’t know people are not familiar with this added in this iteration was 2D physics. The they have to hold the button because this futurist model yet. They simply think board and pieces could be moved, threw, interaction is too uncommon. As a result, that this is a button so they press and it rotated, scaled and they would collide with people simply touch and release it and and since nothing happen, think the each other as if they were real objects. because nothing happens, they think the button is broken. button is broken.
  8. 8. 3rd iteration It wasn’t harmonious to have chess pieces looking like actual concrete objects cohabiting with PC-like graphical user interface like buttons. We decided to make everything real-looking and put the buttons on the board. New keywords were also brainstormed for the look and feel: warm, luxurious, elegant and tactile. “New game” button. New interaction Turn on/off artificial Intelligence. The “Rule mode/free mode” switch button. This model here: every time the button is interaction was really simplified from the button is to switch between “rule mode” pressed, the black parts fill with a yellow last iteration: every time you press this where you must strictly follow the rules and light. When it’s completely filled (it takes 1 button, the difficulty switches from “off” “free mode” where you can throw pieces second), the game is restarted (you can to “easy” to “medium” to “hard” to “off”. everywhere. User testing showed that when cancel the restart process by touching the User testing showed that users never use players press the button, nothing happens button before it completely fills up.) this icon because they think it’s the visually (even if you can now move the User testing showed that people volume control button. pieces freely) so they think that the button understand this system. has no use.
  9. 9. 4th iteration This is the final iteration where all the issues have been ironed out and the visuals improved. Turn on/off artificial Intelligence. There is a little Rule mode/free mode switch button. In order slider on each side of the board that allows you to for users to understand this button, we added a slide through various difficulty setting. Another way short text feedback every time it is pressed and to adjust the difficulty is by touching the human or people understand its function now. computer icon. Moreover, a text informs you of your selection. User testing showed that players Below is a button to lock the board from understand this system. accidentally moving when playing.
  10. 10. Final Result Microsoft Surface Chess in free form mode
  11. 11. Track record (list of games I’ve worked on) In Microsoft Surface Whac-a-Mole Microsoft Surface Checkers Microsoft Surface Chess Dodge! – Arcade action Pulstar – Casual multiplayer Tiny Wars – casual multiplayer Oxford - Educational 24 Points – Puzzle Below are three game concepts personally developed with Flash Tell me a secret – “talking” game Fingertips – Drawing game Interactive comics
  12. 12. In Magus Soft Beach Rally Rainbow Racers Mini Cooper Rush 3D In Hydravision Obscure 2 Dead Flesh In Supinfogame Cybernetik Video Game Museum Betrayal Of The Crown - Coded in DarkBASIC - - Counterstrike map - - Neverwinter Nights mod - WildLife VS DarkDome Bob Marley’s adventure - RPG Maker Map - - Warcraft 3 map -
  13. 13. Highlights Obscure 2 on Wii, PS2, PC Position: game designer, writer and storyboarder in Hydravision  Designed the combat system and the characters special powers.  Wrote and implemented all the texts of the game (dialogues, diaries, clues...).  Storyboarded cut-scenes.
  14. 14. Video game museum on PC (Counterstrike map) Position: Level designer and 2D artist.
  15. 15. “Betrayal Of The Crown” on PC (Neverwinter Nights map) Position: Game/level designer, writer, scripter. Collaboratively designed the game. - Wrote and implemented all the dialogues of the game. - Implemented the level design and scripted some events. -
  16. 16. Cybernetik on PC Position: Game/level designer, 2D/3D artist, sound/video designer. You can express your emotions in the game (joy, sadness, anger or neutral) and this affects the world and the gameplay. Example: if you are happy, the sunshine comes and you can jump higher. If you are sad, it rains and you become smaller and if you’re angry, everything turns red and you get stronger.
  17. 17. Conclusion It takes time, energy and dedication to deliver high quality video games. I’m happy I had the chance to work on so many various projects. Different games, but same passion… and same high-quality standards. What do I use to achieve my goals? Theory (game design rules and theories) and practice (user-testing). If you are looking for a friendly, self-questioning and committed to excellence game designer with a passion for crafting fun and polished video games, just contact me ;)
  18. 18. Hung CHONG EXPERIENCE (3 years) Microsoft Advanced Technology Center, China, 2007.5/Current Chess and Checkers on Surface  Wrote the specification document for both games and kept them updated. Executed pre-visualization works (mock-up pictures, Flash animations…) to explore the user  interface and user interaction.  Managed the work of a 5 person team (visual/game/sound designers and one programmer).  Collaborated with the team (producer, programmers, testers and artists) to implement features, solve design issues and fix bugs. Regularly tested the game with external play testers to get critical feedbacks about the players’  pain points and then brainstormed solutions to address the issues and ensure quality.  ACHIEVEMENT: Games successfully developed. Casual games on Surface  Held regular brainstorming sessions.  Wrote specification documents for the selected ideas and drew pre-visualizations sketches.  Collaborated with the team to implement features, solve design issues and fix the bugs.  Provided some audio and graphic assets to the team.  Regularly play tested the games to improve them.  ACHIEVEMENTS: In 10 months and while working on Chess and Checkers, we generated 200+ ideas and successfully developed 5 playable demos. Educational game on PC (English teaching game for Chinese kids)  Wrote the specification document and closely collaborated with the producer in the US.  Collaborated with an outsourcing company in Shanghai to develop a prototype.  Made a focus group and tested the prototype with kids to collect intelligence. Magus soft, China, 2006.8/2007.3 Rainbow Racer, 3D kart game on Mobile Phone  Wrote the game design document and kept it updated. Also designed the online features: chat, customization, matchmaking, buddy list, player profile and rewards.  Drew the level design and implemented it with 3ds max.  Collaborated with the team to implement features, solve design issues and fix the bugs.  Wrote meeting notes, risk evaluation, priority list, manual, test plan, alpha and beta checklists.  Tuned and balanced the game.  ACHIEVEMENT: Beta version successfully developed. Beach Rally on Mobile Phone  Wrote the game and level design document from a template approved by Nokia.  Collaborated with the team to implement features, solve design issues and fix the bugs.  ACHIEVEMENT: game successfully shipped to Nokia.
  19. 19. Hydravision, France, 2004 and 2005 summers (7 months) Obscure 2, Survival horror (Xbox, PS2, PC, Wii) Collaboratively designed the combat system and the characters’ special powers.   Wrote and implemented all the texts of the game (dialogues, diaries, clues...) with 3ds max and a proprietary tool.  Storyboarded cut-scenes. Dead Flesh, beat them all (PS2)  Designed the inventory system.  Wrote the game design submission document on a template previously approved by Sony. SKILLS  Excellent knowledge of game design theory: goal/reward system, learning curve, level design, strategy, design layers and sense of fun. Occasionally teaches Game design at Supinfogame.  Capacity to conceptualize gameplay and to formalize it in clear and precise documents.  Can manage the work of a small team and coach other game designers.  SOFTWARES: Word, Excel, Photoshop, Visio, Premiere, 3DSmax, Flash, Dreamweaver.  LANGUAGES:  French: native.  English: fluent.  Chinese mandarin: conversational level.  German: primary level.  Japanese: primary level. EDUCATION 2003-2005: Master of video Game Design and Project Management – Supinfogame – France. 1996-2001: Bachelor of Law degree - Robert Schuman University - France. PERSONNAL DETAILS Address: E-mail: Mobile: +0086 (10) 136 8157 0494 Yuelanbaodi appartments Age: 30 (DOB 27/07/78) Building 2, unit 1, 2402 Full driving license Chaoyang district, 39 Nanmofang road French nationality Beijing 100021, China Website